[Jdrama] 1 Litre of Tears


Expired Sarnie
Because of the ice bucket challenge, I was reminded of the deadly disease SCA and went to watch some clips of this drama. I don't want to rewatch this since I know I would cry another litre of tears. \
This is one of my favorite fanmade MV of the drama. 


- Marina ♥
I would love to watch this Jdrama, I've been pondering it for a while now.
It would be my first Jdrama, too but I'm unsure. It looks very depressing T_T


I can't watch the mv lol.

This was actually one of my first jdoramas. My best friend was raving about since 2005 but I didn't watch it till like 2011. Lol. (Watch it as soon as you can)


Staff member
Marina, it's a good sad teary jdorama... :(  If I recall, I cried more than a litre of tears... *sniffsniff*  Oh the innocent Erika & Ryo...
I couldn't get the courage to watch the live movie one though.. because this dorama alone was enough.. :(


sarNie Adult
as for me i think i cried on every episode..lol..still remember the next  morning i have class then me and my roommate went to our class with swollen & panda eyes coz we watch all episodes in 1 night..haha
such a good memory. ^_^
their coir song always have the power to make my tears flow.add also the scene when aya tried to called her mom but she can't since her movement became slow and also the last scene when her mom called her name when she was dying.that time definitely my tears flow non-stop.
this is my top fav jdorama & definitely worth to watch.