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Discussion in 'Japanese' started by Nameless, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Nameless

    Nameless N i n j a

    Visit this link to see the before and after images of some Japanese stars which includes, Ayumi, Goto Maki, Gackt, Namie Amuro and etc.


    credit goes to Naver
  2. DEGacktmoon

    DEGacktmoon sarNie Hatchling

    oh my!!!! gackt and takashi and tetsu are sooo cute!!!!!!!


    but they mainly have girls only... *sighs*... i want more guy pictures!!!! ^0^
  3. sueko

    sueko sarNie Egg

    *blows whistle* damn they reallie change. their like a ninja in disguise :ph34r: ^_^
  4. ongtine

    ongtine sarNie Hatchling

    they look so different back then....
  5. amikaX

    amikaX sarNie Hatchling

    its kinda weird..like in their before pixs...they got like small eyes and then now they have big eyes...hehehe...lol...but yes, they look so freakin different now!
  6. KawaiiTennyo

    KawaiiTennyo THE KT OF SARNIES

    I want PLASTIC surgey too!! >.<
  7. chibichaos

    chibichaos sarNie Egg

    lyk woah!! :shocked: thats all i hav 2 say

    thats just so weird...^_^
  8. thaistarfan

    thaistarfan sarNie Egg

    face off
  9. pink mafia

    pink mafia sarNie Juvenile

    i don't know why namie amuro's on there...she looks the same..she's always had double eyelids...since she was small...and her nose has always been pointy...they just contour her nose more nowadays...cuz they have better make up.
  10. ow_and_cow

    ow_and_cow sarNie Egg

    in korea and especially japan plastic surgery is really cheap compared to anywhere else plus it's so widely available with high in demands its price goes down too. koreans are fixing their eyes to be bigger and such and at such young ages too. but do u dislike them more or now cuz u knew of their upgrades. its like someone saying this is so good, but what if i said that had bulls penis in it would you still say that now since i just told u ahahah. okie i digress; carry on.
  11. kayti

    kayti sarNie Egg

    omg goodness not we can't complain that they're all pretty cause we know there plastic now where the pretty ones..haha j/k
  12. maiv

    maiv sarNie Hatchling

    interesting...so many of them had their eyes fixed...but some still looks the same
  13. max

    max sarNie Elites

    Hee hee. I always like to see these Before and After pictures. It is such a dramatic change, no offense.
  14. NosePicker

    NosePicker sarNie Egg

    just goes to show that if you's ugly, you can be hot
  15. ChenrukNote

    ChenrukNote Goddess

    Nicely stated Nosepicker.
  16. dfemc

    dfemc sarNie Adult

    damn where can i get my face done like that? so i take it, it's not a compliment when someone says u look japanese? :huh: i won't tell ppl they look japanese from now on, even if they do, cuz that would be like assuming they were once ugly before right? :mellow:
  17. Keomany

    Keomany Music.heal.All

    lol wow theres is a lot of differences
  18. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny


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