Japanese High School Musical


sarNie Hatchling
It was a stage show that Kei did a couple months back, just like the American High School Musical haha
Kei played the male lead :D
I don't think it's ever been officially recorded and released on DVD or anything, but I think there are some fancams on Youtube. I"ll try and find the links~


Are you serious! I love High School Musical! Hey don't hate, I am still young at heart. LOL!

Now it would be wonderful to see a Japanese High School Musical!

So is it confirm yet!!! I am so EXCITED!!!


sarNie Hatchling


sarNie Egg
xD thats kool~!! i love hsm lols ^^" the original is probably better... and the jap one looks weird -_-"


sarNie Hatchling
why didn't this suprise me?.... not to be mean but I though HSM was kinda cheesy = perfect for a Japanese version ; not hating on HSM or anything its' just while watching HSM, it reminded me a lot of Japanese drama because of all the exagerated stuff that they usually have (which I loved and enjoyed watching).