Japanese Drama's [Recommendations]


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yes it's good :) if u like action/suspense .. then BM and BM 2 is quite interesting :) and of course...miura is in it..lol

btw, is there any worth watching lakorns with eng subs besides PNGRT that u're watching now?


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action and suspense eh.. i like.. i guess im prob gonna start on bloody monday soon then ^_^... for miura .. lol..

hmm any eng subs lakorns im watching? erm.. there's not that much since im watching the raw ones.. argh.. i hate how thai lakorns have no eng subs.. im so thankful for the subbers.. T_T.. well lets see.. im watching kularb neua mek.. i like it but its kinda draggy.. lol.. and if you like cat fights.. it'll be entertaining.. but i kinda feel that it was a waste for aum and noon to be in there T_T.. sigh.. i love those 2 ladies but the lakorn was a waste.. big time.. still entertaining to watch though.. lol..

hmm.. im also currently watching taddao bussaya .. im likin it so far.. im growin onto por and i've loved punch for the longest time..

im watching like everything raw even though i dont understand much.. xp

what kind of genre do you like? sadist? lol ^__________^ *whistles* .. comedy? romance? ..


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kularb neua mek? haha .. and catfights? hmm im not a big fan of lakorns with lots of catfights...the last one i watched, fai chon saeng has some catfights...haha

im glad there are those who actually take time to sub lakorns! :) but thing is, it's really hard to find HQ or at least medium quality videos with eng subs! *_* the ones i saw on youtube are mostly LQ i think coz it's kinda blurry and if i enlarge the video to read the subs, it gets even blurrer..
where do u usually watch lakorns? wow..u're watching them raw? the quality must be quite good then?
ha..i bet u understand more thai than i do? hehe after watchin PNGRT, i decided to take some thai classes so i can at least watch some lakorns without eng subs! lol XD

LOL...sadist? like JLR? ^^; i like anything interesting .. hehe...from comedy to romance to sad melodrama kinds.. :p
HAHA we're talking about lakorns in this thread for jap dramas! >.< lol


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I don't really watch japanese drama. The only one that I had watched in my whole entire life would be Battle Royale and it's pretty intense.


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my list

1 Litre of Tears
Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2
Hana Kimi

Gokusen 1 - the ones after are good, but not as good as the first one
All of Trick Series
Summer Snow (Old) but good.
Heaven's Coin (old)

My Boss, My Hero
Long Vacation (old)
A Million Stars falling from the sky
Densha Otoko
Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru
Orange Days

Nodame Cantobile
Nobuta wo Produce

The bolded ones are the ones I really enjoyed. There's more, but these are the ones I can think of on the top of my head.
Good list! :) I definitely think that 1 Litre of Tears, Hana Yori Dango, and Hana Kimi are worth watching. Even though later on in the series, Hana Kimi was kind of weak. I really love the beginning and the middle, but the last few episodes weren't memorable.


sarNie Hatchling
Recently I just watched Ai wa mieru and i love it! it's really touching and sweet, about 2 blind people who married each other. I kept rewatching it. its a movie though.. :p


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^ OMG C123!!! it feels forever since i've last chatted with you around here lol...

but i must say Ai Wa Mieru is really a romantic touching story indeed.. the cast was great!! i grew to love aya ueto & koide keisuke even more :D .. even though they're blind, their love for music brought them together.. how sweet.. it really is a good movie!

it's also romantic how it's based on a real life blind couple :)


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aikoden! i know right! haha..esp knowing that its based on a real life blind couple, so i know the show wasnt exaggerated in such way that they purposely had the storyline to have 2 blind leading cast. instead, it was something that really happened in real life, which made it more touching, and sweet and romantic and cute (thats when the little boy came into the scene, hehe)

ah they always have really good looking blind man on screen, i rmb there's this lakorn where Tik acted as a blind man? cant rmb the name of it already, haha... anyway what u been up to these days? im on a jap drama marathon (dont know what happened to the thai fever LOL)