!!japan...runner-up for Miss Universe!!

Discussion in 'Japanese' started by d2bnarak, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. d2bnarak

    d2bnarak sarNie Hatchling

    not much of a japanese fan..but i just wanna to drop n to comment that whoever wuz the japan lady that got 2nd place for MIss universe...she cool and prrrrrretti.....so i wuz wondering if anyone caught the show and can tell me a bit bout her....name...info...thankz in advance....by the way Swizterland won...did i spell that cooountry right...oh well
  2. hnub_khaab

    hnub_khaab sarNie Egg

    I thought MISS PUERTO RICO won.
  3. `moey_

    `moey_ Siwon & Donghae =

    Miss puerto rico did win miss universe.. miss swizterland won 3rd runner up

    man i wanted miss japan too win..... she was much prettier then miss puerto rico... but at least she got 1sr runner up :D
  4. kazee

    kazee Guest

    really.. that's neat!!.. gosh! now i wanna watch it.. i never miss it.. but i did this year!!!!
  5. Nameless

    Nameless N i n j a

    yeah, she is pretty hot.
  6. d2bnarak

    d2bnarak sarNie Hatchling

    puetro rico did won....people say it was because of her dress and all...i believe japan won for the best costume...yeah and her question was jack -up but her translator was even more jack-up...she should've won...thinging about makes me mad...she's hot man...that just suck to dirt man.....T_T
  7. Natsume

    Natsume sarNie Adult

    Miss Japan Kurara Chibana, 24 years old
    She is so pretty X3


    Japan's national costume

  8. exp0

    exp0 sarNie Juvenile

    Sorry for bringing this thread back up... but damn, that's a really nice shin guards that Miss Japan is wearing. lol
  9. STIMA

    STIMA Guest

    yeah i really liked her from last year too.
    ALMOST everyone thought she deserved to win.

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