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let me think .. not good at summary but since im free tonight i might as well spend time wiht ya buddies in teh forum ...ok enough with my la la la...

It a revenge lakorn .. humm Ann's sister was a mistress to Chaichat's father and his mother is very mean to her and even poison her trying to make her lose the baby . The baby live but she handicap ..so she on the wheel chair and her sister went missing . So , the lakonr open when Chaichat was getting marry and he didnt' want to but his mother force him and on his wedding day Ann disguise as the bride she have her vile on so nobody supect anything till Chaichat and Ann sign the marriage liscene thingy .. bang she reveal her self ! All thru the lakonr she wasn being bitchy and stuff to Chaichat 's mother .. ya know trying to make her remeber the evil deed she done to Ann's sister blah blah . O' yeah Ann have a boyfriend but she set dat a side and countine her regenge ....somewhere along the line ..or one stormy night Chai "r" Ann .. yeah. Chai wasn't a bad person or anything later on he find out who Ann is and his sister dat handicap blah blah ... it a happy end :shock: i hope u understand girl ! whoa !


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one of anne's best lakorn!!!..her acting was so amazing..she dominated everyone in this lakorn..lol..i liked ann/chatchai together too..i hated when it was his turn to get back and anne..good thing she was still strong..

an la

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yeah this is definitely one of my favorite lakorns, i just love how anne kicked but and didn't take crap from no one. the storyline was good and i like how everything turned out good at the end. not to mention the slap/kiss and other stuff.