J-Pop princesses in dirty duel

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    J-Pop princesses in dirty duel for chart queen crown
    Kumi Koda: She sells CDs by being sex-sure.

    Dirty diva Kumi Koda seemed to have the Japanese music world at her feet thanks to an arousing amalgamation of sexy outfits and racy tunes, but a new rival has emerged to threaten her position -- even within her own record label, according to Shukan Shincho (8/31).

    Koda, last year's winner of the Nihon Record Taisho -- Japan's equivalent to the Grammys -- is aiming to double up in the country's most prestigious music award, but Ai Otsuka has come out of virtually nowhere to usurp Koda's title as J-pop's heir apparent to the throne currently held by Ayumi Hamasaki.

    Making the rivalry even fiercer, like Hamasaki, Koda and Otsuka both belong to Avex Inc., Japan's most powerful popular record label.

    "When an artist makes a name for themselves at Avex, the company sets them up with a support team of their own. The number of people in the team reflects the popularity of the artist. (At the start of the year) Ayumi Hamasaki had the biggest support team, with about 30 members, Koda's team had around 20 and Otsuka was in third, with a team a little bit smaller than Koda's," an entertainment beat reporter tells Shukan Shincho.

    Things have changed a little recently that have got Koda and Otsuka at odds.

    "Otsuka's team has been increased to about the same size as Koda's. The music industry is in a real slump at the moment.

    Avex is feeling the pinch and needs to find new ways of making money. The company's emphasis is shifting toward its movie-making division. That's why Otsuka appeared in the movie 'Tokyo Friends.' This was a straight-to-DVD product.

    In a line where sales of 10,000 units is judged to be a huge hit, 'Tokyo Friends' sold 50,000 copies," the hack says. Otsuka ripping up the charts inside Avex has got Koda cringing.

    "They're both 23, but Koda spent a lot more time working her way up through the ranks. Otsuka's rise has been meteoric in comparison. And (unlike Koda) she's now making movies," a TV network insider tells Shukan Shincho. "Koda was popular last year for being behind the erotic-cute phenomena, but she's still doing the same thing now. Some say she knows people are gonna get sick of her gimmick eventually. Koda's rivalry with Otsuka has more than a little jealousy in it."

    Trailing behind Koda not so long ago, Otsuka has now moved on to equal footing.

    "Avex held a concert for its shareholders in June. Ayumi Hamasaki took the top billing, but Otsuka was given second billing, with Koda after her. Koda was furious," the TV insider says. "Koda and Otsuka are bitterly opposed to each other and make little secret of their rivalry. Koda goes around saying that Otsuka has no talent. And Otsuka says that Koda is 'vulgar' and 'acts like a cheap, nightclub hostess.'"

    Their battle has made Koda's quest to repeat her Nihon Record Taisho win even more desperate than ever.

    "Winning a second award would restore her place in the pecking order. But Otsuka is standing in her way," the entertainment beat reporter says.

    Avex, however, disputes the accounts.

    "They belong to the same record company, so there's no question of a dispute," an Avex spokesman says.

    Music critic Masaaki Hiruma says that the problem is not whether Koda and Otsuka are at each other's throats.

    "It's the ridiculous way they both desperately want to win the Nihon Record Taisho. It's a really tacky fight," the critic tells Shukan Shincho. "Unfortunately, it's also a sign of how far the prestigious award has fallen." (By Ryann Connell)

    credited to http://mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp/


    I like Ai compared to Koda. Ai deserves it. She doesn't use sex to sell. As for Koda, no comment.lol.
  2. kitkat

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    Ayumi looks old! But her voice is awesome!

    Anyways, back to point- I don't really know Otsuka since I'm still a beginner of JPop. After reading this article, how Koda and Ostuka fight for the title ... wow~ they really show their desire but its stupid how they are at each others' throats. =/ oh well, that's real business then. ^^

    Off point- dang what happen to everyone? I mean Japanese section has been dead for so long...
  3. pink mafia

    pink mafia sarNie Juvenile

    ai otsuka didn't come out of nowhere...she started out popular..i think. it's koda kumi who came out of nowhere...she was almost a one hit wonder....koda kumi has not had an original album sell over 800,000 copies yet...ai otsuka has...her "Love Cook" album. i wouldn't pay too much attention to this article...i believe that website is a tabloid website...they're just saying stuff cuz they both have a new single out on the same day...although for sure koda kumi is going to get number one...cuz she's hot at the moment.
  4. 1-lUv3-y0u

    1-lUv3-y0u Sticky Rice

    Otsuka had always been popular!! her music is awesome Koda had just had a big hit when she sang the song "A thousand words" in FFX

    well i think they are both really great singers I like them both and they both have great voices :D
  5. LDi

    LDi sarNie Hatchling

    Now I don't really listen much to any of the girls, but Otsuka really caught my eye more after I watched a jdrama 'Tokyo Friends that starred her in it.
  6. snowflake

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    i think they're both talented singers that shouldn't be fighting over this but setting a example for the kids by being "nice" to each other. i have both of their songs and i don't believe that "1000 Words" was the song that made koda kumi popular, <_< although yuu may be right. :lol: i've liked her since before. :)
  7. pink mafia

    pink mafia sarNie Juvenile

    it was 1000 words and real emotion that was a hit..because of the tie ins..although i wouldn't say they got her popular because..like i said before...she was almost a one hit wonder...it took her a few years and a new image to come out with another hit and stay popular. You guys know that max matsuura didn't let her go on tv before because he said she was too fat?...she's like on a really strict diet nowadays to stay skinny...she eats nothing but fish.
  8. Yume

    Yume sarNie Hatchling

    NO WAY!!!! the queen JPOP is ALWAY AYUMI HAMASAKI lol

    i like Koda Kumi and Ai Otsuka ..
    but Ayumi was one my favorite ever ^^

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8pdjeO1rFU new song from Ayumi i'm upload it

    LOVE LOVE it!!

    like Jewel too ^^

    ayumi not look old ..but she seem pregnant .......
  9. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    Koda Kumi is very pretty although her mv pretty much sell ''x"..but oh
    well she have a pretty nice voice too..^^as for ayumi, i think she's
    getting old too..cuz she's not that very pretty like when she first
    debut..she need more botox..^^
  10. yui15

    yui15 sarNie Elites

    I like Ayumi's new song "Momentum". I knew about Koda Kumi after she sang for Final Fantasy X for the Japanese version, then Jade from Sweetbox sang the English version. I don't know much about Ai yet, but I think in every music industry you will have competition from newcomers all the time. People come and go quick in entertainment.

    Also I like Miz and Utada Hikaru's songs.
  11. dfemc

    dfemc sarNie Adult

    whoah! u can dye ur eyebrows too?! that's craaazy, never knew that.
  12. pink mafia

    pink mafia sarNie Juvenile

    yah..it's common..celebs do it all the time..especially the ones that go from dark to light...for light hair..your brows should be a little darker..and for dark hair..your brows should be a little bit lighter...


    i'm happy someone is overthrowing ayumi..haha..i mean it'll be hard to achieve what she did..but someone else needs to be on top now...so that ayumi fans know what us namie amuro fans went through..haha.

    namie amuro...original jpop queen all the way...haha!

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