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    well, this story has been bugging me almost a year, in my mind like a dream. And here i managed my courage finally to try and write it as a fanfic so it came to a closure. i hope u will like it and be patient with me on it as i'm writing my theses in the same time.

    It's always been you

    Nadech Kugimiya as Pitt
    Taew Nataporn as Patarin
    Mai Davika as Rose
    Deaw Aroonwattanakul as Dan
    Gun Kantathaworn as Paul
    Boy Pakorn as Peter

    they met at a club when he was still struggling with his new company and she was a med student, he flirted but she didn't want a relationship, they became friends and best friends since then but life got busy and they got separated for more then 10 years. Circumstances changed and they grow up, she needed his help and he was there as a friend again. how will their relationship evolve? how much life can change a human being? do we really change or we simply adapt? for how long can someone close up on his feelings?

    Characters: (little introduction)

    Pitt kugimiya: a self-made billionaire, CEO of Kugimiya corp. the n°1 high tech company in the country and very known internationally. He used to be a sexy nerd in his early twentieth and at the age of 35 he is the playboy n°1, his only commitment is his job. He doesn't trust anyone except his best friend and vice-president Peter.

    Patarin Nataporn (Rin): GP devoted to her job, basically no social life other than her co-workers. she decided to leave her family home so she can be completely independent. She is already 30 years old, recently engaged, she wants to be on her own before she commit to a marriage. Loyal, compassionate, independent and feminist.

    Rose: a very famous super model and Pitt's girlfriend. she is a sweet girl with her head in heaven and fairy tales. she wishes that he BF will someday realize that she is the one for him and propose.

    Dan Wattanakul: Rin's fiancé, used to be her co-worker they dated for a while then he asked for her hand from her family. a little bit too much possessive and have angry management issues. he didn't like her seek for independence.

    Paul Kantathaworn : Rin's new co-worker. a charmer and honorable doctor.

    Peter Pakorn: Pitt's best friend and his trustee. married to Kim and have a kid. a family man.

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    8 years ago, at a night club:

    She took her fist Malibu red sipping it slowly while taking in her surroundings with a tired eye, she really doesn't belong here, coming alone was a mistake but she wanted for once trying something new. after all she is celebrating her 22th birthday and her success in her third year of university. None of her friends accepted her invitation for a night out, well it is summer and each one have already either a boyfriend or a fiancé. she was the only single between them and the not so fun girl. So she gathered her courage and went out to a night club on her own, but it was not the best decision of the year, coming alone to these places especially not wearing on the code is definitely not helping. She looked at her drink and it was already over, so she took a way to the bar for a second. trying to walk through the dancing crowd, she didn't notice him.

    Pitt adjusted his glasses and looked around for a new girl, he was fed up no novelty , all the girls seemed the same. his new company was finally getting on its feet, everything was going the way he wanted and very thoroughly programmed. At 27, his friend Peter is already married to his highschool sweetheart, but he refuses to commit to anything, only his job matters and his new company is his only real relationship. he refuses to be like his father, ignore his obligations to his kids and only focus on his wife. Pitt's mum died when he was very young he doesn't remember her at all. And his father was barely present in his life, consumed in his job and his new wife. Again he have to stop thinking about his father, all he need right now is a new bang for the night. he lazely looked around again, and there he spotted her all alone wearing a very casual jeans and worn baskets. does she even realize where she is. she was cute with her hair in ponytail and white shirt, she is definitely new here, maybe even her first time. oh! how much he love newcomers. he watched her looking around barely seeing anyone, so she is not here to flirt and neither a heartbroken girl, interesting. when she started to go to the bar, he went there too all eyes on her. he didn't know why but she was captivating and interesting, a new sample he never saw before and he definitely want a taste of it.

    Once she reached the bar, she tried to get the bartender's attention but vain. She smelled his cologne right before she sensed his presence on her back and then next to her. he felt so exotic and wild. Rin...Rin... stop it with yr fantasmes!!!! and then she heard a very soothing and masculin voice.... oh just the tone she likes. Again....Rin.... what is wrong with u, u just had one drink!!!! " One Malibu Red for the lady and one scotch for me, Mark" " right away, sir" , she looked at her side and she couldn't breath. he was not only breathtaking and he wears glasses for the matter. NO....NO.... Rin you can't drool on public... wait till you get home. she gulped slowly trying to focus. She then noticed that he was smiling at her and was way to close for comfort. she step aside and his smile grew wider and certainly more dangerously enticing. She tried to look at the bartender who put one scotch in front of the hot man next to her. but she was here before him, she glared at the bartender and was about to yell at him for ignoring her when he put her drink in front of her " a treat from the guy standing next to u" he said to her and he was too close. then she turned to the unbelievably hot guy next to her, and she was angry. "thank u sir, but i can get a drink on my own" she said while pushing the glass to him and turning to the bartender " One Malibu red, Mark" she said with half look the the now unbelievably irritating guy newt to her. "Ouch! that hurt, miss" he said while touching his heart wearing a painful expression on his face. Oh! that was cute..... FOCUS Rin. " i think i'm developing a little crush" he whispered at her ears and she felt all red. Oh... no!!! this is not happening; she slowly gulped and stepped back while saying "Nice try, Mr handsome but every short dress here have successfully got ur eye, No thanks again but i'm sure y are a nice guy" and she took the drink that Mark just put in front of her and walked away not without nudging his side while passing, all smiling. Rin.... Rin.... that was cool girl.... hihihi..... my friends won't believe me when i tell them. she smiled to herself while returning to her spot.

    Pitt couldn't help but smile. tough, this girl is tough, all confidence. he looked at her back, she didn't look back even once. he liked her already and he didn't like a lot of girls. he bed them yes, enjoy them but he never liked them. this is totally new to him and he took the glasses and walked after her. he needs to get to know her, she is definitely the most interesting thing that happened to him in a while and he's going to pursue it till the end. he stood next to her on her table, she was so cute and petite too. putting his most seductive smile he started: " ok, i admit that went totally wrong, can we start from the beginning, Hello, I'm Pitt Kugimiya and u?" she smiled back and held his hand " yeah that was very cheesy, don't ever do that again! i'm Patarin u can call me Rin, nice to meet u Pitt". she have her witts, enchanting and totally new to him. this girl is a keeper, he thought to himself deciding for the first time in his life to try to befriend a girl.
    "now will u accept this drink from me as a friend" he genuinely smiled at her and she smiled back "yes as a friend, i gladly accept".

    Rin hadn't felt the hours passing, they were talking and talking about everything and nothing. he was so easy to talk to now that he abandoned the seductive ways of his, well still handsome and breathtaking, but who knows she thought she made a very interesting friend this night. it was not a waste night after all. when he asked her why she was single yet, she said that she loved her independence and doesn't do well in relationships and that her med studies are taking all her time. and when she asked him the same question he answered that he was busy with installing and growing his company and that he has a lot of goals he wants to achieve and that relationships will be hard to handle. she totally agreed with him and conversations went to no end, they forgot the time and where they are and she was quite enjoying herself.

    Pitt found her not only interesting but also a girl with brain and understanding. it was very easy to tell her everything and for once he felt free from trying to put a face for society. there were no prejudice with her and when he talked about his attitude regard women she didn't judge him or back away, she just laughed and said that he is a genuine playboy and that it will get him back one day, then she whispered to his ears " just don't forget protection, as a futur doctor i need to warn u, don't get STD or unwanted pregnancies, Ok?". she smelled so good like sunshine and a hint of strawberries..... Pitt ...nO don't go there , don't ruin it. he the smiled and ensured her that he always carry his own condoms with him. And they laughed together. for once in his life he felt content while talking to a girl. oh he really liked her. a tap on his shoulder brought him to his surrondings, it was his friend Peter, he then introduced her to his friend and his wife. and it was the start of a good friendship.


    this song describe well their encounter, hope u enjoy it
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    Nice start !! And it true guy carry condom in there wallet though!!
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    chapter 1

    Present time
    Train station
    "where the hell is he? he said he'll be here to pick me up?" Rin said putting her hands on her chest, she's being waiting for him for more than 2 hours, with all her baggage. "i bet he is still asleep , he never wakes up before 10 am, what was i thinking?". She pulled her hands, grapped her cases and walked to the taxi station, took one and ahead to Pitt's house. She calmed down on the road, thinking there is no reason to get angry at him, after all he is already doing her great service welcoming her at his house, even if it has been more than 5 years since they talked. their friendship didn't last that long after all especially after what she had done; it's really miracle he even picked up after her mail. she was at a dead end and he just said he can help, he was her last resort to her and he was there for here. she wasn't even serious when she typed the mail and sent it. she thought that he will ignore her and refuse to talk to her like 5 years ago, he was damn angry back then. she needs to ease it down with her anger, she always get angry around him, he brings the worst in her but he was always understanding ; well not that understanding after all, for he just cut her out one day.
    the taxi was slowing down and then stopped, she is already there. After she payed the taxi driver and got her luggage, she turned and her breath was taking away. "WOW, this is definitely not a house, the dude lives in a mansion and he said a house; no wonder we have different standers". the assumed "house" was huge and that is the least she can think off. Through the entry gates, she can see the two stores house with a beautiful entry that reminds her of some hotels, with its white marble pillars and large wooden double door. the mansion was vast and she for a second thought of turning her steps back.
    she gathered herself and pulled her right hand in a fist up "fighting, RIN". She was stopped by a security agent at the door and when she gave him her name he said that his master is expecting her and he took her luggage from her and showed her to the front door saying that she should wait for him here. "HERE, thank u" she said while looking around her, nothing and she means nothing prepared her for all this extravaganza that he called his house. and she only saw the entrance so far and yeah the spiral stairs. "well, Pitt is living well at least" she thought. there were no sound at first and out of nowhere she heard a shriek, a very loud one and feminine one too. "tsk, tsk,tsk he will never change will he? the playboy of his era" she said shaking her head and smiling.

    Pitt's mansion
    Pitt tried to cover his ears with his hands, if he knew she had this kind of voice he would not have not picked her from the bar yesterday; but how could he? she had a sweet voice when flirting and her moans didn't sound like this. "HUSH woman" he can't even remember her name, what was good in her he can't even remember that . 'You need to stop screaming, start to pick ur clothes and get the hell out of here" he said raising his voice trying to reach her small brain. "No; i'm not going anywhere, u took advantage of me and u don't get to shush me like this so easily" the brunette said pulling her hand on her chest and looking like she just said her last words. her last words my ass, i'll call victor, thought Pitt while taking the way down to the entrance where he can call his security guy and he will handle her like he used to. he walked down the stairs knowing she will certainly come after him. WOMEN always predictable, if it was not for her sweet and delectable curves....... and then he knew she was here; his friend from so long time ago, how he still do that he doesn't know, he just feels her presence before he sees her. Damn, he forgot she was coming today; all because of the girl that is walking behind him still screaming. when he reached the bottom he looked for her found her beautiful as ever, shining as ever, nothing changed still the jeans and simple shirt but for him she is the most beautiful woman. he walked to her smiling and took her in a bug hug "oh i so missed u girl" she giggled ans said " i missed u too buddy". yeah she is still the same, calling him buddy and returning his hugs with the same ferocity. and while he was enjoying her hugs, the brunette that he totally forgot about her came and tried to break them apart. " WHAT?" he turned to face her, " Who the hell is she?" "Why do u care? i told u to go home, u are no longer needed" "i'm going nowhere until u tell me who is she?" he looked then at Rin and saw the twinkle in her eyes, she was enjoying the scene after all it's not the first time she witness it and now that he remember it, she used to save him back in their old days. he looked with his renowned puppy eyes to Rin but she shook her head smiling her eyes saying u are on ur own buddy. Damn and then it just came to his head and acted on it, he looked at her lips, oh yeah succulent pink lips and bent his head to her and whispered just right before their lips meet "play along with me" and he kissed her.

    He is kissing me, his lips are on mine. Rin freaking out ant tried to pull him away from her but he was stronger than her way stronger. she heard the girl yelling and then all she can sense were his lips aggressive at first then possessive and greedy, she gasped when she felt his tongue and he took it as invitation and deepened the kiss. her brain was not functioning anymore and her hands that were pushing him, now are gasping his shirt and a sound came from her she never knew was possible, she heard him groaning at the same time and she let herself enjoy it. and just how it started it ended. they were both gasping for breath, he put his forehead on hers smiling with his dimples showing, she could do nothing but smile back. and then all came back to her, where she is, who she was kissing and why and she pushed him. he stepped back still smiling and putt his hand around her shoulders and said " she is my woman, now back off and go home". What!!!!! she felt the world spinning and felt so angry she can kill him at that moment. how can he manage to bring her from heaven to hell in seconds; she is going to get back at him. "yeah darling, i'm his fiancee" she said showing her hand with the ring on it to the woman still standing there gaping at them, the poor one started to cry and yell all the while cursing them both and took the way out. and then she turned to Pitt all fuming and looked at him.
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    OOHHhhh kisses scene ! continue soon !
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    Chapter 2

    “what was that?” she said noticing the tremor in her voice, fighting the fear and excitement within her heart.

    “you are engaged?!!!!” Pitt asked back looking astonished “how come? When was that? And who the fuck is he?” questions kept coming in his mind but he couldn’t mouth it. Rin engaged, why didn’t she tell him? He was supposed to be her friend right!! He looked at her hand and saw the ring, and he felt his heart twist for a second, he blamed it on how she didn’t bother to tell him something so important in her life; it’s nothing more than that….a voice in his head “keep telling urself that”.

    Rin looked at her hand and shrugged her shoulders “Ah that! it happened last week, a small family party and it was all.”

    “oh no no no no, it’s more than that, spill it. What happened? What’s wrong?”

    Rin sighed and looked at him seeing her friend their after so long time, damn he always knew when something is not right with her. It’s always been like this as if he can read her. “well a long story, how about u show me ur kitchen and invite me to breakfast as an apology for not coming to the train station, how about that? and then u tell me about the girl…” she gulped remembering the kiss and her heart took a leap and her eyes swept to his mouth, his sensual mouth; she always thought he is a good kisser and now she know he is a wonderful kisser, god sent from heaven kisser; and she kept her hands down from touching her lips. “mmm…. And then I will tell everything that happened to me, how about that?”

    Pitt saw the emotions playing on her face and cursed himself, Rin was and will always be the only pure thing that ever happened to his life, no matter how tempting and hell of sexy she became he should never touch her again, if he want her to be still in his life he should never do that again; good thing she reached for him again after his previous mistake. Best thing to do now is to pretend that kiss never happened and to never ever ever do it again.

    “it seems I have a lot to apologize about so breakfast and lunch are on me today, this way” and he walked in front of her knowing she will follow, giving himself moments to ease his mind and rearrange his thoughts to know how to handle the situation… holy mother, she is engaged.

    They entered the kitchen and Rin couldn’t suppress the “WOW” coming out. All marble and black, the kitchen was relaxing and intimate not like the hall and still spectacular and grand. She saw Pitt ushering for her to sit and he put a bowl in front of her saying “sorry, it’s the cook’s day off, so….”

    She smiled “yeah yeah, so only keelox choco for breakfast as usual, tell me u have milk at least”.

    Pitt laughed and looked at her softly “yeah I have milk, friend. And I can make coffee too, yours is black with two sugars”.

    “u still remember, mmm impressive but then it’s not u who makes the coffee technically, it’s the coffee machine”

    “mean girl, ha ha ha” this feels like all days thought Pitt when they shared meals and talk about everything and anything.

    Pitt graped the milk from the fridge and the keelox box and another bowl for him, put the coffe machine on and sat in front of Rin at the table. She smiled at him and he couldn’t help the smile on his face, her smiles were contagious all sunshine and hope.

    “So I’m sorry, it was hell of a day yesterday at work and” he started but Rin cut him saying “yeah, I can see how hell it was yesterday for u”

    “No, not like that. u know how I vent my stress” and he looked down “still I’m sorry, I should been there to pick u up”

    “still the same Pitt” she said shaking her head “sex u know is never the solution to ur stress, there are other ways to vent ur stress away”

    He laughed at that “you too, still the same, I remember u always say this to me when I get into trouble with girls. Ah the old days”

    “yeah the old days!” she said and looked back at her breakfast and then heard the click of the coffee machine, then she stood up and walked to it “where do u put the mugs?”

    “what are u doing? I can do it, sit and enjoy my humble breakfast, u’re guest for now” he stood next to her, barely touching her back and Rin felt all hot and her cheeks red. Without thinking she turned abruptly and he was there right in front of her, their bodies touching in the right places and she felt a shiver running all over her, she gulped for air and looked up at him. And for a second she saw it there, a desire for here fierce and strong, it disappeared so quickly she thought she imagined it and Pitt stepped back. “go back to ur seat, I’ll bring the coffee to y”. Rin mumbled to herself and gained back her seat.

    Pitt busied himself with the coffee, not turning to see her. The way her cheeks blushed when they touched made him ache all in the wrong places, it’s not right but his body responded to her without consulting with his mind. He breathed in and out trying to calm himself, took the two mugs and headed back to her.

    “now, tell me about the engagement thing and why did to move out so suddenly?”

    “Well, this lead to that”


    “u know what I think of marriage, we’re practically alike on that matter”

    Pitt gulped his coffee and said “so, how come u have a ring on ur finger?” he felt a pain in his heart seeing the ring of another on her finger, it should be his finger she is wearing, where on earth that idea came from? Pitt shake his head and looked directly to Rin waiting for an answer.

    “here is the story, he is a co-worker and was my boyfriend for a while, we broke up but he kept pursuing and he got close to my stepdad and that was when I got engaged, u know how my mother is she always listens to him and I couldn’t say no, she is sick with a heart problem. I can’t cause her stress”

    “I’m sorry about ur mum; u shoul’ve spoke with ur mum, if u don’t want this, I know aunty she will understand”

    “I can’t” Rin said shaking her head and looked at Pitt and he saw the sadness and helplessness in them, he sighed and said

    “what is it that u are not saying to me?” Rin looked so devastated and he wanted to struggle this fiancé of her.

    Three weeks ago, at her stepdad study,

    “stepdad, u know I don’t even like him, how could u accept his proposal without asking me?”

    “keep ur voice down, child; I don’t give a damn about how u feel about him, it seems the boy likes u enough to marry u, even though I don’t know what he sees in you but then who am I to judge his taste” he shrugged and sat on his desk and then looked at her with fury and so much hate and said “child, u will marry him whether u like it or not; it’s the best u can do and I need this union for my business.”

    “I knew it, it all comes to u at the end. But I won’t marry him no matter what u do. It’s my life and I’m free to do whatever I hell want with it” and Rin turned around and walked to the door, before she had the chance to turn the knob she heard her stepdad

    “u need to think about ur mum, Rin before u walk out that door”

    She turned to face him, barely holding on her anger “what does mum have to do with this?”

    “ u are a doctor, and u know that any stress could cause her to go on another episode again”

    “so, I still don’t follow” she looked at him confused and frustrated

    “well, if u don’t go with this marriage, I don’t need u or ur mum anymore. If it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t want a sickly wife”

    Rin gasped, she knew her stepdad is a manipulative son of a bitch but this, this is the devil himself. Blackmailing her, her happiness or her mother’s, she never thought anyone could be this selfish and mean. She can’t find the world.

    “what are u saying? U know my mum loves u and it will devastate her if u leave her, she could die on it” she hissed at him clenching her fists.

    “exactly, ur choice child. Now this Saturday should be fine, u don’t have a night shift so u can be present at ur engagement party” and he laughed, HE LAUGHED … how did my mum fell for a man like this, she hated him. Rin walked back to take a chair, her legs can’t hold her anymore. She needs to think fast, what will she do? She can’t marry without love and she can’t risk her mother’s life too. She was at an impasse and the man smirking at her is the main cause of it.

    “Ok, but what can I get from this?” she asked

    “Other than a rich husband and a still living happy mother, what do u want?”

    “I don’t want to get married right away, I want two years before I get married”

    “NO two years is too much, I want you to get married within this year.”

    “I want a year for myself and away from this hell, I will marry if u agree to this”

    He looked at her and laughed “ yeah, u can have this, u can’t run away after this. U know what is on stake, be careful”

    Present day, at Pitt’s kitchen

    “and so here I am, set to enjoy my last year of freedom. And I decided to spend it with people I love” Rin lifted her head up and looked at Pitt who was already up pacing the kitchen floor.

    Pitt, while listening to her , felt his blood boiling and wanted to kill someone so he stand up and kept walking to vent his anger; when she finished he said without looking at her “why didn’t you come to me then? I would’ve known what to do”

    “But we weren’t talking for more than two years now, I wasn’t even sure you would answer my mail” she said and brushed the tears on her face.

    “What the hell!! Rin…..” and the words run away when he heard her sobs, he looked at her seeing the tears and without thinking he sat next to her took her in his arms and on his lap, stroking her hair and saying soothing words, letting her empty all that he knew she kept inside. This is the second time he saw her crying, first time was because of him and he turned his back on her; but this time he will be next to her, he will never let her go. He promised himself that he will keep here there because that is where she belongs, next to him. And damn him if she doesn’t fit so well in his arms, she was just perfect. He cupped her cheek and raised her face so she can look at him, and brushed the tears with his thumb “we will work it out, everything is going to be fine”.

    She looked at him and then her eyes were on his lips and then back to his eyes, he bushed his thumb on her upper lip, brought her closed and took her lips so gently. Rin closed her eyes, forgetting herself and her problems in that soothing, genteel and sweet kiss of his.
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    Oh wow. what a mean step dad. I wish I could read about Peter soon! also Paul. He seems to be an interesting guy.
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    Hi I like your story. I am curious on how this story unfold...will you still be writing? Lol. Thanks! What a player Pitt is. How sad for Rin and her sick mom! How nasty is that stepdad!
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    It’s been 4 months now since she moved in this sweet little house that Pitt settled her in. Two bedrooms, one small kitchen a sweet heaven to her, she was very impressed with it. She so liked her independence in this little sanctuary of her, dreaded the day when all this will be over and she will be under the mercy of a man she hates. Let’s not think about that till its time Rin! She told herself sipping her morning coffee before going to the Clinique, her shift starts in 20 mn and her very landlord-best friend and the one who is supposed to give her a ride is still not here yet. She closed her back-door and walked to wake Pitt, old habit don’t die easily no matter how old we are. She walked through the garden and heard a car passing by and saw its driver and waved to the woman that she came to know lately. Rose was a very beautiful woman, after all she is a top model and the very much close to the definition girlfriend of Pitt. She met her and liked her immediately, she seemed sweet and adorable even though that little punch in the heart she feels everytime she see her with Pitt. If she is leaving it means Pitt is already up, that means little trouble for Rin, she smiled thinking that even if she doesn’t agree with her friend behavior she liked this new girl a lot better that the one that she met on her first day here. Let’s not think of that day or the kisses or Pitt ………AHHHHHH. Rin wanted to scream her frustration out loud but she knew better.

    Rin stepped in the kitchen and greeted Ploum, Pitt’s housekeeper.

    “sit, child. Breakfast is ready and Pitt will be here in 5 mn…….. no no don’t say u already had one, coffee doesn’t count. Now sit and let me feed u.” Rin obliged with a smile, remembering her how mother used to fuss about her before marrying the jerk. Those were the sweet old days. She sighed and started eating.

    “mornin’, Pa you need to stop harassing her with food or she will blame me when she gain weight.” Rin left her head from her plate and her breathe got taken; her heart escaped a beat just like everytime. There he is standing by the door smiling at her teasing his housekeeper like every morning, wearing a dark blue suit and a white tight shirt with a matching tie. Blast and damn that shirt, she should burn all his shirts before she burns and buy him a size larger. She sighed when he sat in front of her and smiled, Ahhh those dimples…. It’s all her hormones fault and that kiss too.

    4 months ago,

    She felt like floating, being carried on clouds and blessed. Her hands had mind of their own, they reached for his neck bringing him closer to enjoy him all. Till she felt his hardness and his hands so close to her most intimate place, she was in a la la land. Feeling that, her senses came to her and the gravity of what was happening hit her hard and guiltily she finished the kiss and rose on a wimbling feet. She didn’t dare look at his face less she sees him composed and cool as ever; not like her, that kiss rocked her world. She felt the heat creep to her face, she said “sorry, I was distressed and I didn’t know what came over me; please let’s forget about this ok?” too embarrassed to look at his face she kept her eyes down and left the kitchen.


    “About time to go to work. Hurry up with ur breakfast, will u?” Rin woke up from her fantasies by Pitt’s voice, and looked at her watch, yes she was late. “Ok, ok, I’ll grab a coffe at work then, shall we?” she said rising up from the table and walking to the front door.

    Pitt parked his car and looked at her, she smiled and opend her door saying her thanks as usual, this became a ritual of everyday practicly one of the constant routine in his life; and somehow he who hated predictability, loved this. This felt so normal, so easy and so real he wanted to do it for as long as he lived. And here we go again, she is hugging and touching this friend of her like she is not engaged. This Paul is driving him mad everyday, even though he can’t say why he feel tight in his chest. He sighed and drove to his work.

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