Is Mark Prin Dating Mint Natwara?

Discussion in 'Mark Prin' started by Cupid Candy, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. rakcharm

    rakcharm sarNie Juvenile

    he wasn't really clear when he answered, but you can tell they're seeing each other. don't worry; i don't think they're going to last long lol
  2. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid

    Yeah, they're still young. Lots of years to come. I think Mark should've stayed single longer since he's a newbie. Get more girls to fall for him and let us see him act with more n'eks before declaring his relationship with someone. But, time has changed and daras are more open about their relationships now. Best of luck to them... I kinda lost hope in most of my fave dara couples :( aka New and Jui.
  3. p.smilez

    p.smilez SMiLeZ

    Thanks to Minttwix, I would've never done my research when it comes to Mint N & P'Mak :p



    "When asked about his sweethear, “Mint” Natwara, he exclaimed that “We see each other more now because we’re under the care of the same person. Our parents know about their situation. As for us being boyfriend and girlfriend, the elders don’t forbid it because you can’t stop love. One thing you can’t stop is me being a private person, but I can assure everybody that I’m still single. About other matters, we’ll just have to wait to develop and see what happens.”

    OuUUU OU OU ! Mak is single !!!!!!!!!!
    Does the reassurance apply to us MTEAM shippers? LOL

    Hrm about his answers, I'm not surprised at all.
    They aren't dating, but they are still studying learning each other, i suppose

    source to:
  4. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew

    Ehh...We don't know the BTS. lol
    But If it's true, I do hope he is single cause I want Mteam still. Just like how I want Bargie & Yadech. :p
  5. shengvg

    shengvg sarNie Hatchling

    I said they both match each other and hope they last!
  6. pink-lily

    pink-lily sarNie Hatchling

    I think they're too young n just bc they starred in one drama together they might've confused their feelings toward each other only. to me it's kinda like you're first love applies to your first partner in ur first drama lol if you know what i mean LMAO

    i like Mint C n Mark together dramas but i dunno about reality relationship wise LOL but if they are suited for eachother than i'll be like yeaH!!!
  7. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny

  8. AsianFemale

    AsianFemale Mrs. Kim Junsu

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......I was going to say that too. She reminds me of a man with make up on....... :facepalm: :nailbiter:
    sorry fans....... :coverlaf:
  9. chubbycheeks

    chubbycheeks imma kick ur-ass-aya !

    Oh Mark boy! He seriously needs to get his act together and learn how to give straight forward answers. He's basically the main reason why I'm no longer an Mteam shipper since I feel like Chalida can do much better.
  10. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    more rumors
  11. lovestar

    lovestar sarNie Adult

    mark is disgusting!!!! y do boys have to do that? eew... but cute in a weird way.
    rumours again?! im going to kill someone!
  12. p.smilez

    p.smilez SMiLeZ

    Rumors will be rumors. Aishhhh !
    & Daras will always be daras....
    we'll never know the truth !

    LMAO at lovestar
    I found the pic rather cute too (=
  13. chubbycheeks

    chubbycheeks imma kick ur-ass-aya !

    Yep, rumors will always be rumors and I get the feel that these three will always have news together no matter what. I'm just annoyed for Chalida's sake because all she's trying to do is become a good actress & work hard on her studies but Marky boy's answers are always left hanging so the media can bug her. You know I totally adored Mark in the very beginning, even more so than Nadech. However throughout the long run, I just lost all my love for the guy.

    I appreciate Nadech for the fact that he respects Yaya in every way possible regardless if he has real feelings for her. They're always in love news together but Nadech knows how to respond and he does so without putting Yaya in a hard position. He's also a gentleman for always keeping a look out on her and helping her answer questions when they're being interviewed.

    I dare say, anyone can ask Mark about Mint and he'll stumble for ahwile until he actually replies. I've seen progression with his answering skills at one point so I'm no longer taking the excuse that he's just shy or whatever. I just don't get why he can't be a straightforward person. Sure his original personality is like that and he's obviously a playboy but come on! Have some dignity and learn to respect all the girls that end up being in love news with you. Seriously

    HA! I feel so much better after ranting 555. I just had to get it off my chest. So yep that is why I'm no longer an Mteam shipper but rather juat a Chalida fan. Someone can be an amazing actor but if you don't have a good personality and overall nice aura, I won't waste my time supporting them. I still think he's a cutie in many ways but his attitude towards women just makes me :sick: All I can say is I feel sorry for any girl who had/has true feelings for him because clearly he is in denial with himself. Good luck Mark boy and this is the very last post I'll ever make about him or Mteam. Buhbye!

    **Sorry if I offend anyone in any way. This is just my own personal opinion towards everything.
  14. p.smilez

    p.smilez SMiLeZ

    You totally just offended me ! JK (= :grouphug:

    It's all good ja. I love reading rants when it comes to the RAK SAAM SAO that was created from the rumors and Mak's indecisive confused answers...
    He's still -.- BLAH to me when he answers the questions
    but what you stated about YADECH made me realize,
    that is true. Nadech is truly a man :) HHAHAHAH not that Mak isn't but
    you should know what I mean :highfive:

    I will always be a MTEAM shipper lol Keeping it strong !!
  15. p.smilez

    p.smilez SMiLeZ

  16. lovestar

    lovestar sarNie Adult

    I love u smilez! As much as mark does this I will always be a mteam shipper. Even if I go through heaven and hell mteam will be one of my koo kwans. I know mark has changed many peoples opinions about himself but I still think he has that aura that no one can quite explain. But a bit improvement would work p'mark
  17. Dal

    Dal ***LOVE, LOVE YADECH***

    My friend that lives in Chiang Mai, where Mark and Mint Nawara are from, said that they may have dated before, for sure. Now? Who knows. LOL...
  18. Libra078

    Libra078 sarNie Juvenile

    For some reason on the asianfuse wiki it say Mint C. is dating Mark instead of Mint N. ??????? Kinda confused here who's dating who, and who's stll single?? :/
  19. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    That's just a crazy fan wanting them together too much. He's for sure with Mint Natwara.
  20. chubbycheeks

    chubbycheeks imma kick ur-ass-aya !

    LOL, an Mteam shipper must have done that but it's not good to give out false information because those who don't follow them will really think Mark and Chalida are dating. It's pretty obvious that Mark and Mint N have something going on.

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