Is it possible to get written summary for lakorns?


sarNie Hatchling
Hey, is it possible to for you guys to type in the lakorn summary? i looked at all the screen caps but i still can't seem to understand what's going on. I'm trying not to rent anymore movies for a while since i'm so broke now plus i don't have much time. But i still want to know what happen in which lakorn. So please if you guys can, type up summaries for me. I'd love to know about nai gra jok, song rao nirun, hua jai chocolate, and what else is new that's good?


sarNie Hatchling
okay gurlo
Well i can only give you hua jai becase that the one i can remember. Well Aom found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her and ever since that day she kept on eating choc. she said that it was the only thing that could cheer her up. Aom work at a hotel of course own by Moss family. Moss also had a hard time with his girl I forgot her name... he talked to Aom one night and she told him that to change his relationship he should ask his girlfriend hand in marriage.
So he decided to take her to dinner and for a surprise he told the people to hide the ring in the cake and he thought that she was going to be happy once she uncover it. It was the total opp. She yelled at him asking him why didn't he ask her about the proposal and placing the ring in the cake was a big mistake and he shouldn't do so. She made a big fuss about it and went to the hospital because the ring is now in her stomach.
well after the hard time his dad force him to go to Alaska i think to learn more about the resturant thing and that were he met Aom again. The other thai people there wanted to make friends with him but he seems to be in his own world and not getting along with anyone.
He got in to it with Aom one day and that's when people started to turn there backs on him.
Aom friends went on a tour and she was left behind she decided to take a walk and on her way there she met with Moss. They got stuck and went to find a cabin, Typical thai movie they slept together.
Moss couldn't eat choc. And Aom made him white choc. To surprise him his girlfriend from thailand gave him a visit. On her way there she saw them hugging and she ran as fast as she could to get away. Ever since they went back to Thailand the nangrai started blocking Aom and moss from seeing each other.
One day Aom found out that she was preg and since Aom was going on her vac. with her friends there she wanted to tell him the truth. Her first attempt didn't work because of moss fiance. The sec attempt was when Aom was on the beach thy both has something to tell each other but Aom gave Moss the right to speak first and he told her that they should forget about each other.

There thai tour lady who they all respected dies and Aom recieve a letter, In that letter she told Aom to tell moss that she was preg. And moss has the right to know. When moss came from behid her she was mad and thought that he read the paper.

She burnt the paper but he kept what was still left of it revealing that he had the right to know.
HE went to comfont her and she said that it wasn't anything and that she didn't love him so he left.
One day something happen she went to the hospital and they found out that she was preg. Moss got upset that she didn't tell him.
He went to her room demanding why she didn't tell him that she was preg.
She then bust out in anger that the child is not his and that it was her friend child ( one of her guy friend likes her) he too said that it was his kid MOss got upset and left.

He was going to get marry to his fiance. His fiance told aom to make a heart of white and choc. heart.
She did so on the wedding moss eat the choc and he was rush to the hospital that when aom left.

Later she have birth to a baby boy who was also allergic to choc.
NOp the friend dies so she had to take care of her baby.
Moss saw a lil boy playing by himself and so he also played with the lil boy.
He went to go buy some candy and the boys reveals that he can't eat choc. and that's when he shared his white choc with the man. He meet aom they talked spilled there guts he found out that it was his child. happy ever after!