Is Hmong music dying?


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Are there any new (or old) Hmong singers that have good songs? I think I have been living under a rock for far too long to know lol? The only Hmong song I've liked recently is Maa Vue's Lub Hli Puag Lub Hnub.

I still like listening to Muaj Kub Yaj, Boun Mee Lee, The Kong and Shu Project, New Breed. Any news about any of them, btw? I swear if Muaj Kub Yaj or Boun Mee Lee come to perform at a concert in the US I'd so be there. Well, here are a few songs from the artists that I like:

What a cute song this is even though I'm not from North Carolina. :)

Love his voice :)

Love his voice too :icon12:

Don't know this drama or movie, but the song sounds good to me :)

Have you heard of any new songs or you have a favorite song you'd like to share? Thanks ;)


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I wouldn't say Hmong music is dying. It's just that on this site there isn't much Hmong users online.

Ooh! But for me I kind of like this new covered song by Yaya Moua. It sounds really nice! <3

Love this one too!

I still listen to Muab Kub Yaj TOO!
I strongly think his voice fits covering chinese, korean and thai songs!! XD
I believe he covered some of jay chou's song and also Jiang Nan by JJ Lin.

And he also covered Dome Pakorn's thai song Love never dies.
Which is one of my favorite! <3 Couldn't find it but it is in the following clip above and here.
TKV covered Muab Kub Yaj's version of Love Never Dies.

Another song I like from Muab Kub is called Neeg Siab Muag but it is no longer on youtube. :(
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For old songs..Hmm...these ones :)
This one is my all time favorite by Destiny.

And Paradise XD

WhyteShadow! <3


And the newest young singer that I like would be Kevin. ^^
Hmong music is definitely not dying they have really progressed through out the years. But I mean Hmong that's dying. =(

p. Zoua

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I like Yaya Moua's Nplaim Taws Hlub song here but it sounds more chinese song than Hmong but it's still pretty good. Just sharing. Lol But I think Hmong Music and Medias/movies have come a long way you know.


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Ooh~and one of Sounders recent song has been gaining many views and that would be the song called, "Koj".

But I would have to say I love Kevin's & LadyLuna's version!

Another song that recently caught my attention is by Youa Xiong.
The song was originally written by Maa Vue.


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Currently loving this song, not sure what year it came out but back in the days:

Wish I had a good voice so I can sing a cover :sad6:


Let’s run away.
I like this song sung by Yasmi! Koj Yog Thib Ib.. I think she got the music from a Chinese song? Still I like the song and MV too.



Let’s run away.
Wow,, this song is very good. The lyrics are nice. Nice, strong voice too.

Credit Musiv Records


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I think the most underrated Hmong songs are kwv txhiaj; I'm serious about this even though it may sound like I'm being sarcastic. It's true, listening to them can be dreadful, but when you listen closely, the art of lyrics that those poets are able to come through impromptu is beyond talented. If anything that we Hmong people should listen to, it should be kwv txhiaj because trust me, you learn a lot of metaphors, idioms, and alliterations through those types of singing. In which most of which are not documented into any form of tangible object. Just a belief of mine, nonetheless.