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    Synopsis credit to DramaWiki

    Ryutaro Asada is enjoying his peaceful life in the countryside, when he is visited by Akira Kato, assistant professor of the Faculty of Cardiac Surgery at Meishin University Medical Hospital.

    Ryutaro is a genius surgeon who used to lead "Team Medical Dragon," a world-class NGO medical team. In harsh environments that lacked medicine and electricity, Ryutaro witnessed many lives pass away. At the same time, he saved many other lives, helping his matchless skill overwhelm other doctors.

    As a female doctor, Akira managed to become an assistant professor. She has ambitions to be promoted to professor by succeeding in a surgery using the Batista technique — an extremely difficult type of heart surgery — and also by writing a paper on it. A year ago, Akira witnessed Ryutaro's skills when he was an NGO doctor. That's why she recruits him and asks him to use the Batista technique. Since Ryutaro's arrival, urgent patients who would have been abandoned in the past, are miraculously saved by the "hands of God."

    But Ryutaro's actions cause a stir in the closed university hospital, where power struggles happen everyday and the priority of doctors is to protect themselves. This environment doesn't stop Ryutaro from following his beliefs. Ryutaro's existence also bothers Dr. Noguchi, professer of the Faculty of Cardiac Surgery, the power broker of the hospital.

    There is a man keeping a very watchful eye on Akira and Ryutaro's Batista team. It's Gunji Kirishima, Akira's boyfriend and assistant professor at a rival hospital. He and Akira have promised each other to carry on Japan's cardiosurgery. Gunji has also confronted Ryutaro in the past.

    Other characters include Miki Satohara, an extremely brilliant nurse who looks up to Ryutaro and has more medical knowledge than the average doctor; Noboru Ijuin, an intern that first opposes Ryutaro, but is gradually influenced by him; and Professor Kito, who is looking for the opportunity to recruit Ryutaro away to the Emergency Room (ER). --Fuji TV

    i'm really enjoying this sreries... it's really good.... I'm only to part seven... but it's really good... it makes you want to watch the next part... All parts are out, but i haven't download it... Also i'm hardsubbing this too... so it's good... I just wanted to share a great series with everyone... You won't want to miss this... this will be coming up on the download section under the japanese.. but i'll have to upload it first.... So check it out soon....
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    I have part one and two up at the download section.... part 3 and 4 will be coming up soon... So enjoy while it still last...
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    7 and 8 is up.... 9, 10 and 11 final won't be up until a couple days.. check back in a couple days for the three last parts... enjoy.. i love this series....
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    thanks for posting it up. i'll check it out.
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    I just put the last part up.. So enjoy...
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    thanks meenia, I just finished watching it...I really did enjoyed it

    for that I gave u a plus...hehe...thanks again for ur time...

    btw..main guy look similar to Por N. at moments...

    but yeah...I wish there are more surgeons like him...even's almost unreal

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