inside pics of Cherrys new nail salon "La Ferrie"


sarNie Coma
omg, its very nice. i wish her the best!

i wonder what the title mean

credit to


sarNie Hatchling
omg so nice! very europeanish...i would sooo go when i go to thailand! thehehe...i love how its hands on for her! sooo awesome...i love cherry!


sarNie Juvenile
It's look beautiful from the pictures. Very nice and comfortable looking. I wonder if she's will be working there herself with her busy schedule.


sarNie Adult
wow it looks like a very relaxing & beautiful looking salon. i like how cherry makes it looks so homey instead of the typical salon looks. she is so creative and love how she hand made/painted her own sign. you can tell she puts a lot of thoughts/works into it. i hope her salon is a big success for her. :)

i think cherry is a smart actress ... she's capable in so many things ...
i totally agree with you. she is smart and versatile in her acting and many more. i love her so much! :wub: