"Inseparable"- A Koo Gum FanFiction- ONE SHOT (COMPLETED)

*Wrote this out of my love for Koo Gum.
A Koo Gum FanFiction- ONE SHOT
Cast: Noona and Bie
"If dying is the only way for me to hear the words 'I love you' from you, I am happy to die in your arms so I can hear those sweet words. Knowing that you love me and that I will die in your arms makes me happy. I want you to know that I love you, Hideko. I love you with all my heart and soul and I will always be here for you. I will always be by your side to protect you. In return, I also hope that I will always have a place in your heart."
"Kobori! Kobori! KOBORI!"
Angsamalin cried and cried but Kobori did not open his eyes. He was gone.
"You will always be in my heart," Angsamalin sobbed.
She pressed her face against his and cried on him. She wanted him to feel her sadness and pain because she too, loved him with all her heart. It was all too late though because he was dead.
Angasamalin sat upright on her bed. Her heart was racing and there was sweat all over face. She was breathing heavily and somewhere inside of her belly, the baby kicked. She placed her right hand over her seven month belly and began to cry. She had just had the same dream that she has been having since Kobori's death.
No matter how much time has passed, Angsamalin still thought about him. She remembered the first day they had met and all the things they've been through together. It was all fate. It was meant for them to meet but it was not meant for them to be together. They were the ill-fated couple.
"Oy, it's okay my child," said Angsamalin, panting.
The baby kicked a few more times.
"Oy!" yelped Angsamalin in pain.
It wasn't the ordinary pain that she had experienced before but this time, each kick was strong. Angsamalin gasped for breath and tried to get up but to no avail.
"Kobori, I need you," said Angsamalin, quietly.
She was still crying.
"Ang! Ang!" her mother called out.
Angsamalin's mother was banging on her bedroom door outside.
She really couldn't handle it now.
"Kobori," cried Angsamalin. "Where are you?"
"Ang! Open the door! Are you alright?!"
As much as she wanted to get up and open the door, Angsamalin could barely sit herself up. She collapsed back on the straw bed and massaged her very pregnant belly. Angsamalin tossed and turned until she finally fainted.
"Kobori! You're here!"
They ran up to each other and hugged tightly. She cried onto his shoulders and he cried on hers.
"I missed you so much," sobbed Angsamalin.
"I missed you too," said Kobori.
"Our baby," said Angsamalin.
She looked down at her belly.
"Our baby needs you," said Angsamalin.
Kobori kneeled down and kissed Angsamalin's belly. Then, he wrapped his arms around the mother and unborn child and cried.
"Kobori," said Angsamalin. "I need you to come home."
"I am back," said Kobori, through tears. "I'm back now."
Kobori stood up and held onto Angsamalin's hands.
"Promise me you will be happy," said Kobori.
"I will be happy," said Angsamalin. "As long as I'm with you I'm happy."
Kobori steadily began to back away.
"Kobori! Don't leave me!"
He was further and further away.
"Kobori, come back! I need you!"
Soon, he vanished.
Angsamalin opened up her eyes to find herself still in her bedroom. Tears covered her face and her whole body was in deep pain.
"Kobori," said Angsamalin, weakly.
"Ang, are you alright?"
"Kobori, where are you?"
Angsamalin squinted her eyes a few times and blinked back some tears. A blurry figure was peering over her.
"Ang, please talk to me."
"Mae," said Angsamalin, recognizing her own mother's voice.
"How are you feeling?" her mother asked.
"Mae, what happened?"
Angsamalin fully opened her eyes now. She saw the bundle in her mother's arms.
"It's a boy," said her mother. "You delivered a baby boy. The doctor performed Caesarean section on you while you were unconscious."
"Mae, I saw Kobori," said Angsamalin. "Where is he?"
Her mother did not answer. That was when Angsamalin realized that it was all just a dream. 
"I want to hold him," said Angsamalin.
Her mother placed the newborn baby next to Angsamalin.
"He's very precious," said her mother.
Angsamalin turned her head to look at her son for the first time. Tears trickled automatically from her eyes when she saw his face. She saw Kobori in him. Just then, a warm feeling traveled up Angsamalin's spine. That must be Kobori's embrace.


:cry: It got me to tears thatsouthernasianchick. It's so sad to think about Kobori gone. Thank you for this. :)


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during KG down time, this is want us sappy kg addictees are doing to pass time. i've been very busy na. i have a major KG surprise coming up for you ladies!!!
OH!!! btw! i was expecting a smoking hot sex scene for this one shot, but i got shot down instead!!!


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*sniff* why do you have to make me sad ..
I love it .. beautifully done ..
I wish she expressed more and loved him more while he was still with her -- things would have been different ..
he might not take off to Bangkok Noi that night .. if and only if ... she stopped him earlier ... FATE is too cruel for the lovers!
Just when things start to go the right way ... everything comes crashing down T_T


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Super sad and depressing, I don't want Kobori to die. Thinking about the ending is making me cry already.