informations please


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can someone give me some info about jieb like if she date with someone ,her age ,if she study etc.
tanx for advance


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Here's her profile :) Thanks to HUnny, Noiki, Memory Club Forum, and

Name: Chompoonuch
Last: Piyatumchai
Nickname: Jieb
Nationality: Thai
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Birthdate: October 3, 1983
Birth Place: Bangkok
Status: Single
Siblings: 3
Pet: Dog & Cat
Occupation: Actress
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Personality: Fun / Talker
Special Abilities / Talents: Singing, Dance Jazz & Thai Dance
Hobbies: Read / Study & Play with her dog
Favorite Artist: Will Smith
Favorite Music: Will Smith / Paradox
Favorite knd of Music: Pop-Rock
Favorite Color: Blue, Pink, Red & Black
Favorite Attraction: Beach / Sea
Favorite Sports: Swimming, Fitness & Jet-Ski
Favorite Dish: Chicken Wings with Red Alcohol
Favorite Fruit: All
Her type of guy: Good personality, Happy & Wise
Mottos’: When you fall, it doesn’t mean you always lose. / Don’t discourage yourself to something you haven’t even tried yet.
Aspect of love: If we want to be loved we first have to show the love.
Message: Come, write & talk on Dara Webboard
Awards: Dutchie Girl 1997
Close Friends: Noon Woranuch, Ning Panita, Bee Matika, Pinky Savika & Benz Punayaporn