If I Live in/Visit Thailand...


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I'm not sure if there's a thread or game already dedicated to this, but since this is a Thai dedicated website (mainly) and I'm sure that we all would love to live or visit Thailand someday, it'd be awesome to share some of the things that we would do if we were to go visit Thailand or live in Thailand. 
P.S. you can give the reason/s if you'd like to :D
If I live in Thailand... I want to live along rivers and just have my house be right there on the water. It'd be so cool wouldn't it? LOL. :D
For those that don't get it this is what I mean by living along rivers.          CREDITS to Unseen Tour Thailand FB. 


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If I were to go to Thailand again. Which I will always want to do repeatedly first thing I would do is hug my grandma for the longest!! I miss hugging her.. Then I would go visit my grandpa's grave yard site to go "wai" Then I'll find Gun Napat's schedule and go stalk and take pictures with him.. LOL.. This sounds doable right?? HEHE


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If I was to visit Thailand, I would go and find Bie and do things to him that should not be mention. 555 Just kidding. 
But yeah, I'll go searching for Bie. :D

And if I was to live in Thailand, I want to find where Bie lives and live in the same place too. 555 #stalkeralert 


ImQueen said:
If I visit Thailand I would go to Phuket! One of the things that got me into Thai stuff... you know. LOL. 
Phuket captured my heart and took my breath away. I would love to vacation there again.
If I visit Thailand again, I would make sure I get to meet JMA and tell him that the first time I was there, he was the hardest to try to meet and the only one from my Top7 who I didn't get the chance to meet lol


I was heartbroken leaving Thailand knowing that I didn't get to meet him :( I hope you get to meet him when you travel there. I might actually vacation in Thailand next summer too (;


@jana; my parents worried sick about me when I was in Thailand so extending my stay would've made them crayyy lol I seriously got too carried away when I was there so I forgot to inform them about my whereabouts lol oh boy, let's hope we get to meet him hehe I'll probably stutter so much hahaha


If i get to live in thailand, I would buy my own piece of land near Bie or Mark's house and build my own little house just for me to live in. then i'd make sure i can follow Bie and Mark around everyday. But before that i'd have to save up enough money to last over a lifetime. LOL
If i get to visit thai land, I would go visit my grandparents first because i've never gotten to see them my entire life and want to be a good granddaughter to them for once in my life. Then i would go find all my favorite actors and actresses so i could take a picture with as many as i could and make them sign it before having to come home. Also i would as Bie and Mark if i could give them a peck on the cheek even though i know they might not accept. LOL.


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If I were to visit Thailand again, I'll do lots of shopping and celebrity hunting LOL when I went there in 2012 I only knew Mario and Baifern. I'll also attend mall shows/concerts/charity events/visit all tourist destinations as possible

If I'll be living there, I would like to work in Thai ET or anything related to Tourism/Hospitality. :)