Ideal Lover, Descrbe that person!

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sarNie Adult
Ok people lets describe our ideal Lover, from detail! Keep in mind, we end up loving somebody totally different, yet we are happy anyways...and that is all that matters.... :sweat:
Lets go!

Birth Place:
Current Place:
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Hair Style:
Skin Colour:
Body Shape:
Sense of Clothing:
who would they most likely look like if they exist:

Name: a nice simple yet unique name, possibly a cute name hehe
Sex: she'll be female!
Age: roughly my age or 2 years younger which is 18-20
Nationality: well she can be 100% laos, I dont mind other asian nationalities
Birth Place: hmm maybe Laos or australia like me!
Current Place: She'll be 20 minutes drive from my house I am lazy to drive far!
Eye Colour: light brown!
Hair Colour: Light brown, but I rather stick with natural black
Hair Length: neck length
Hair Style: neck length and tied at the back and layered at the front now that is cute!
Skin Colour: hmm well white skin, but not tooo white, example zhang ziyi white is nice
Looks: she'll look cute nice and simple, someone who I can take home to meet my mom hehe
Body Shape: the nice simple shape, not the hot sexy look, not my type for some reason, I prefer the nice simple decent look, but thats me....
Voice: I dont mind a cute voice hehe
Accent: american accent, WOOT! but then she'll have to be born in america! not australia or lao....
Sense of Clothing: hmm, jeans abit flare and a baby t shirt, maybe tank top, i dont mind skirts as long as they are knee high!
Personality: she'll be caring and truly kind hearted, someone who smiles when the world closes the door on her, someone who doesnt always have to think positive but never thinks negative, someone who is trustful...and most of all honest.
Qualifications: doesnt matter....
Job: she'll most likely be studying in university like me and work part time at some flower shop haha!
Extra(others): she can be whoever she wants if she takes my breath away.... HAHAHAHA corny but true!
who would they most likely look like if they exist:
And this who she'll look like

I long for her love!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lmao:


sarNie Adult
Sex: female or male any one thats hot :p
Age: 15 - 21
Nationality: Thai , or chinese or korean
Birth Place: asia
Current Place: bangkok
Eye Colour: brown
Hair Colour: black / brown
Hair Length: hmm not long if they a boy
Hair Style: i have many
Skin Colour: natural tan
Looks: hot n sexy
Body Shape: fit
Voice: sex voice lol
Accent: thai english
Sense of Clothing: gangsta , or casual
Personality: well they gotta love meh lol and understand me
Qualifications: not to be dumber than me
Job: business or singer actor
Extra(others): dunno
who would they most likely look like if they exist:

lol hmmm dunno i find someone soon


sarNie Egg
this will be FUN :D

Name: Taylor, Tye or some cool name like...Ratthasart, Atichart or Nattapol ;) lol...nah, doesn't matter really, though its nice to have a nice name. :)
Sex: Male!
Age: preferably older than me! if younger, he MUST be heaps mature!
Nationality: doesn't matter. he has to be willing to understand our traditions and culture though :)
Birth Place: doesn't matter :)
Current Place: somewhere near, nowhere far. i'd hate being far away from the one i love.
Eye Colour: Brown or blue
Hair Colour: Dark Brown/dark blonde
Hair Length: Long or short, doesn't matter as long as it's neat ;)
Hair Style: Neat and tidy hehe though i don't mind the messyness when the guy's hair is short. gosh, this quiz is really making me think. i don't even know what i want lol oh well.
Skin Colour: doesn't matter, but I prefer fair skin :)
Looks: always smiles, and is genuinely cute
Body Shape: tall and hunky
Voice: cute, sincere sounding.
Accent: Australian of course. hehe nah, whatever.
Sense of Clothing: Casual. Shirt, jeans, shorts. must be neat and know how to dress appropriately.
Personality: Good hearted, loving, loyal, honest, sincere, funny, understanding, responsible and someone who is himself and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in :wub:
Qualifications: doesn't matter
Job: doesn't matter as long as he's doing something, as long as he knows where he wants to go in life. if he doesn't, as long as he's thinking about it and not just sitting around letting the world go past!
Extra(others): has to have a passion for something in life even if it's just life itself. no smoking, pref. no drinking. he has to be himself, no changing when he's with friends, no sweet talk if he doesn't mean it and he must keep his words when he says he's gonna do something.
who would they most likely look like if they exist: some guy named Tye.

(woah it took me a real long time to fill this out :blink: )


sarNie Adult
Name: uhh...never thought about this. Who does?
Sex: Male...durr
Age: MUST be older than me (even if its by a day) lol.
Nationality: For some reason im more attracted to asians
Birth Place: now isnt this one being a little picky?
Current Place: in each other's heart...^_^
Eye Colour: any
Hair Colour: black all the wayyy!
Hair Length: look below
Hair Style:
Mannn, despite that its wonbin..the hair is totally HOTT! I just wanna put my hands through it
Skin Colour: urmm....asian? lol
Looks: as long as he's good-looking to me
Body Shape: of course hes got to have the muscles (not WWE steroid crazy muscles though...thats too scary) and he's gotta have the perfect height....not too tall so as we dont look weird slow dancing and not too short so as he can get me the stuff i cant reach (cause im shortttt)
Voice: hotttttttt
Accent: ~_^ You people have put alot of thought into the ideal type, eh? lol.
Sense of Clothing: i loveeee preppy dress style in guys. and i loveee punky guys. either or both...he'll look hott. O yeaaa...and hes not gonna be afraid to wear pink
Personality: loyal to the love of his life ---> me; down to earth; no weakling (i dont wanna babysit); good sense of humor is a must; smarter than me or at least a little; gonna take good care of me of course (like chakrit in kadeedet with pinky..... :wub: ); wont spoil me (im not looking to get spoiled); a good debate partner (or at least hes gotta talk...quiet-no-talkers wont pass); sweeeeeeeeeeeet and has to be gentlemen
Qualifications: charming and passes above
Job: rich would be nice but average is all i ask for
Extra(others): will wash the dishes and take out the garbage!!
who would they most likely look like if they exist: i havent come to a decision yet. lol. too much to pick from. :sweat:

btw....i feel like im on a dating service. :huh: Am i? :lmao:
Name: ...
Sex: male of course
Age: my age or 2 years older then me
Nationality: perfer asian, but doesn't really matter
Birth Place: America?
Current Place: in eachother hearts (stoled that line from busy. hope she doesn't mind. lolss)
Eye Colour: doesn't matter
Hair Colour: doesn't matter
Hair Length: bald, short, or long?
Hair Style: doesn't matter as long as they look cute with it.
Skin Colour: my skin color would be nice or a lil bit darker
Looks: hot/cute/adorable?
Body Shape: fit
Voice: cute
Accent: ...
Sense of Clothing: whatever he looks cute in.
Personality: nice, sweet, funny, honest, talkative, down to earth, loyal, and all the other cool stuff. haha.
Qualifications: taller then me? i don't know. T_T
Job: doesn't matter as long as he can take care of himself and me.
Extra(others): perfer a guy that knows how to cook and clean.
Who would they most likely look like if they exist: no one. T_T


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YooOh kids are silly :p if you describe the person exactly the way u want them then thats basically creating your own human being! :p lets face it no one is going to have everything u want in them :p


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Must You Always Clash With My ideas? lol why why why why why why ! lolssss sheesh ... mr. I'm always right :p


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To Be Honest Me No Ideal Guy... Just What I end up with.. not exactly settling what what I get... but as long as that person is resepectful.. and kind then thats all, but as for all that other stuff above scratch.......


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Me Admits he's hot but no... lol sorry Tina don't Do famous... I'm beyond that point =x .............and wow u have some hot pictures of him :p lolssss dork....... *pinches cheeks* what a cutie


sarNie Adult
KhoOnxNouxWanxJai said:
YooOh kids are silly :p if you describe the person exactly the way u want them then thats basically creating your own human being! :p lets face it no one is going to have everything u want in them :p

Exactly! Thats why im doing this. lols. To create my own human beings. Of course i know my ideal might not be out there....but thats what makes it so fun to just think about it. lols. But i think we all know better than waiting around for that ideal to come .... although you can always dream....but i think most of us know better and are more down to earth. least i hope so. lols.


sarNie Juvenile
Name: devon tristain ____
Sex: male (all male, completely male)
Age: no more than 3 years my senior, 1 year my junior
Nationality: 1 quater black, 1 quater thai, 1 quater european, 1 quater hmong ( i love mixed people, they're so beautiful)
Birth Place: anywhere
Current Place: ny
Eye Colour: perferrably a green that reminds me of ireland and it's pristine beauty
Hair Colour: black
Hair Length: no longer than neck
Hair Style: not too overdone, shaggy in a controlled way
Skin Colour: tan
Looks: hot
Body Shape: rippling with sinew and muscle! lolz
Voice: deep and penetrating
Accent: italian
Sense of Clothing: i have a thing for thuggy and stylish guys
Personality: funny, ambitious, passive..lolz
Qualifications: bA working on masters or CEO of some company that is thriving..lolz
Job: see above
Extra(others): did i mention the muscles?
who would they most likely look like if they exist:

they dont exist and if they did i dont know if i'd want him anyway


Sticky Rice
Name:Something cute that whenever i see something would always remind me of him
Sex: female..I mean...male of course =]
Age: a couple years older than me
Nationality:i prefer asian or asian mixed
Birth Place:doesn't matter
Current Place:not too far from me not too close either lolz
Eye Colour:doesn't matter as long as when i look in his eyes I can see my own refelction and see how mucho he loves me
Hair Colour:I like a little light coloured hair maybe a blondish/brownish?
Hair Length:short long hair guys....not really my type
Hair Style:gotta look good but not too conceited about their hair
Skin Colour:fair is fine =]
Looks:hot, cute
Body Shape: 6 packs woot!
Voice: a sweet voice I'd never get tired of hearing
Accent:doesn't mattter
Sense of Clothing: gotta have style ;)
Personality:funny fun and cool
Qualifications:hm...not sure....
Job:something that I can go visit and bring him lunch everyday <33
Extra(others): THAT MY DREAM GUY IS BETTER THAN YOU ALL!! LOL j/k I dont know if someone like this even exist....
-Oh and he DOES NOT SMOKE!!!!!

who would they most likely look like if they exist:
I dont know if someone like this even exist.... -_-


i'm bored and u asked, so here goes...

Name: dunno as long as he has one
Sex: i guess he means male
Age: anything that isn't 5 years more than me
Nationality: asian
Birth Place: anywhere
Current Place: hopefully near me?
Eye Colour: anything... but i like them chinky eyes :D
Hair Colour: anything
Hair Length: short and straight
Hair Style: if not skin head please gel
Skin Colour: off tan and not too pale
Looks: he looks shy, doesn't like to speak
Body Shape: tall, slim but built
Voice: gentle but not feminine
Accent: anything soothing...preferably aussie but none is okay
Sense of Clothing: b-boy, skater boy, punk rock, preppy, casual
Personality: shy and quiet
Qualifications: asian, chinky eyes and at least 5'7
Job: something more than minimum wage
Extra(others): has to be a nice and genuine person...
who would they most likely look like if they exist:


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as long as the person doesn't lie to me and tells me the truth regardless of how bad it is for me or themselves then that sounds just about right ;)


KhoOnxNouxWanxJai said:
as long as the person doesn't lie to me and tells me the truth regardless of how bad it is for me or themselves then that sounds just about right ;)
I agree with you Tina


you brought happiness into my life, your the one who make me smile, your the one who brought back the color into my eyes and you.... you brought back I thought I never ever get and that is "love"
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