I need your advices because I want to kick my sister-in-law out of the house

Discussion in 'Hmong' started by mydeepscar, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. mydeepscar

    mydeepscar sarNie Egg

    My sister-in-law is almost 25 years old this December and she is the oldest child in my husband family. Her husband sends her back to us in March because he does not want her anymore ( I don't know why at first but then I learn why...read on to find out why). Anyway, She stole my make-up, start to dress like me (buy the same clothes and shoes I buy...so I return them..I don't take her shopping anymore) and always tell me that I'm fat ( I gain a little weight after I give birth and I know that I'm fat but I still wear size 1 and 3) and I am feeling bad about my body already and I don't need her to keep remind me all the time. She is lazy, can't cook or clean, on the phone 24/7, love to stole other people stuff, can't drive, has her permit but almost expire ( I know I'm mean by taking about her but i just got to do it to make me feel a little better or else I'm going crazy)

    Anyway, she always fight with my mother-in-law 24/7...I need some peace in the house after a long day of work and school but I don't have that peace anymore. Her son will always cry because he always wants to eat candy or drink soda so she beat him up every 10 to 20 minutes. Everyone in the family hate her and I always keep my mouth shut because I don't want to be a bad nyab but now I can't take it anymore...I can't sleep at night because she talks soo LOUD in the bathroom with her ONLINE boyfriend who she never met before....my husband and her always fight because he can't sleep at night but she will take even lounder....errrrr

    Last week, Someone stole my mother-in-law $800.00 and I knew it's her because I heard her telling her boyfriend she will lend him $800.00....She doesn't work and her child support money is only $500.00 a month....ok...I can go on and on about her....but I got to go to class...I will add more later.....BUT Can someone take her away????? [​IMG]
  2. yaksoh

    yaksoh sarNie Juvenile

    sad for you

    hope she leaves on her own soon
  3. hmongSTER

    hmongSTER sarNie Egg

    you said she is from your husband's side of the family.. then he should step in and set some rules. and if he wont do it.. yea.. your pretty much screwed.
  4. mokka

    mokka sarNie Adult

    Or you and your husband can move out of the house, but then your mil will be the one stuck with her. But yeah... you should ask your husband to talk to her or your mil and fil should talk to her about her attitude...

    good luck with it.
  5. ddawbb

    ddawbb sarNie Adult

    that's a really tough one. you don't want to kick her out because she has an innocent child... You don't want to hurt him.
    Secondly, it's probably ok to tell her she's fat if she thinks that it's ok for her to tell you that you're fat.
    don't you have a father in law?
  6. AsianFemale

    AsianFemale Mrs. Kim Junsu

    Girl, that sound just like my husband sister. they dont even work but they got money to spend and go shopping while our stuffs missing and the parents stuffs missing. lmao..My brothers wife sound just like them too stealing from my parents and my brothers hes too chicken to do anything acting like thats the only p4ssy in this whole world. Hope everything goes well with you. She has a innocent baby but she shouldnt be doing stuff like that shes an adult now should be a good role model for the kid not going aroung and stealing from family members. KARMA WILL COME RIGHT BACK AND BITE THEM IN THE ASSES..:angry:
  7. mydeepscar

    mydeepscar sarNie Egg

    I hope so too, but she can't take care of herself because she doesn't know how to drive or doesn't have any work experience (I guess spoil kid are like this) she can't find any job...she finish high school but always failed interview (the way she talk) so we have to help her till she can do things on her own and I know she won't be going away soon....errrrrr
  8. mydeepscar

    mydeepscar sarNie Egg

    I do have a father-in-law but He doesn't talk much and my mom-in-law seems to be the man of the house...
  9. mydeepscar

    mydeepscar sarNie Egg

    My husband tell her to do things around the house and she just give him the look...and bitch about my husband to our in-law saying that she is older and he has no Respect for her....she will cry for a long time and annoyed everyone...Gosh my husband and her always fight in the house and Now i'm sooo sick of it too...cause she never listen...
  10. lakorndemon

    lakorndemon sarNie Hatchling

    i defenately think that if she was in my mother's house, she will be kicked out immediately cause my mother doesn't like lazy people :angry: ...and she wouldn't care if she has a child or not...she will just keep the child if she has too to freaken kick her out...lol...but your situation is bad :huh: ...i suggest talking to her to make her understand you guys and give her some pointers on what to do and what not to do on interviews so she can get a job easier and live her life...also tell her not to talk to her internet boyfriend, seems like a scam to get money since he did ask for $800.00 (wonder what he is going to do with that anyway? <_< )...also, tell her if she needed something for her just to ask so she wouldn't steal anymore...and just be patient and help her for she's in a tight spot and also in her darkest hours...or you and your in-laws can just report her child abuse and keep her child and kick her out...i mean...if she keeps on beating her child, something will bound to happen when that child grows up...i know cause i got a friend like that (but it's vice-versa)...and you can also report her for thief because she always steal...and also stand up to her as well...i mean...she doesn't have the right to call you fat and thinks that she's the only important person in the world (know you're trying to be a good daugther-in-law but she must also know your limits but don't yell at her for you don't want to begin a heat argument, instead use soft words or use reverse psychology...lol...i always use reverse psychology to annoy the heck out of my brother:example-my bother calls me fat but i said "yes i am fat, why? don't you have any fat in you? i just wonder how you survive?" :lol: )...i hope she's ugly to begin with and will always call you fat when she's jeolous that she doesn't have the life you're having ^_^ ...lol...and it looks like she's going to break the family apart since you don't have any peace anymore :angry:...
    Well, that's all i have for advice...lol... -_-
    see ya...
    oh yeah, and people...read my friend's fan-fic because my friend wanted feetbacks on his story :lol: ...lol...thanks and good luck mydeepscar...if these advice are of any help... :mellow:
  11. YM_gurl

    YM_gurl sarNie Oldmaid

    okay, explains why her husband don't want her no more. so sad for you guys, now your family & you will have to deal
    with a ignorant person like her. gosh, i know how you feel!!!! i have one in my family too. (Your family and you will live in misery w/this kind of person, thank god i moved out from living w/a person like this!)

    ok, does she have a job? if she does, she needs to move out and live on her own. if she can't afford it, she needs to apply for section 8 or those cheap apartments where you pay only 30% of your income. People like her, does not need to live with your family, since she has really bad habits. wait, not just bad habits but she steals too. that is even worst!!! Your in-laws needs to kick her out. she is divorced but doesn't make her life better by coming back but worst and to talk to guys online. i can already see where she is going to go. OMGGG!!! (*she is not going to care for her kid, might hit the clubs, chat, talk on the phone everyday.)

    of course you can't kick her out, its your in law's that will have to tell her. if your in laws's continue to shelter her, she will never learn. some people, they learn it the hard way to be a good person.

    If you can't sleep at night because she is talking on the phone too LOUD when everyone is sleeping, simple! Get up and go tell her. **knock knock** "It's late, can you go to bed and not talk so loud, we can't sleep." i know how it feels when you are trying to sleep and someone is talking on the phone. Irritating! or if you don't want to, tell your husband. it's his sister. he should not be afraid, he needs to do something about it.

    The thing about you feeling bad because she calling you fat, it's okay. you are yourself and not looking good for anyone unlike her. who tries hard to please others hehe so don't worry.
  12. mydeepscar

    mydeepscar sarNie Egg

    She just stole the three skinny jean i bought as a gift for my little sister about 2 hours ago...my husband went into her room and took it back...errr....I really want to talk bad about her but I can't, anyway...thank you for all of your advices!!!!!!
  13. AsianFemale

    AsianFemale Mrs. Kim Junsu

    I hate b|tches like that. yeah thats right go in there and took it all back. I locke all my stuffs in my closet now. lmao
    Dont tell me she still your bras too? My brothers wife steal my undies and my husbands sister steal my bras...lmao....
  14. mydeepscar

    mydeepscar sarNie Egg

    OMG...how do you deal with these people? No one ever steal anything from me when I use to live with my family...we can leave money on the TV and no one touch it...but in my husband family, since she is back...I don't know if it just me being mean but she always steal my stuff....no she didn't steal any of my bras or undies....her boob is too small and she is too big for my undies lol...but she stole money, Dvds, all my HMONG DUBB lakorn....and wrote her name in the dvd cover and lied to me that she bought them a while back...so now i wrote my name on the dvd cover and on the dvd lols....errrr...today i took her to go apply for food stamp so hopefully she can get some money to buy junk food so she won't steal the food and hide in her room...seem like she is the nyab in the family now....my in-laws want to kick her out but she can't take care of herself and her son....errrr....how can a person failed the driving test four times...???? Should i really report her for child abuse??????? Her kid always have cut in his little body.....my in-laws will be mad at me for reporting her
  15. lakorndemon

    lakorndemon sarNie Hatchling

    mmmmmmmm...if your in-laws are going to be mad then maybe they still love her and wanted to give her a second chance...so, i think you shouldn't report her until that child abuse gets really serious and out of control...and she couldn't pass that driving test...omg...i only took it once and i pass it, i mean, it's not that difficult and i'm was only 16 when i took it...lol...and it must be a pain in the ass to have her steal your lakorn dvds and wrote her name on it...lol...at least you learned and wrote on it before she gets all of it...which ones did she took anyway??? jw... :mellow:
  16. mydeepscar

    mydeepscar sarNie Egg

    Yes, she failed the driving test 3 times already...GUES WHAT? she failed the writing test 7 time, so she paid this HMONG GUY who work at the DMV for her permit...lol...I found out that from my mom-in-law when she yell at my sis-in-law that she's not pay anymore "under the table" for her to pass the driving test....ANYWAY.....I'm a big fan of Thai lakorn...so i got most of the lakorn dubb in hmong when i go to the new years...She took about 10 of my lakorns: she took "Kuv Nplooj Siab Nyob Ntawn Koj" ( loved this drama), "Pauj Kev Chim Vim Kev Hlub", "Tseem Tos Hlub" "Tus Hlub Nyob Pav Tus Las" (gosh I love Weir in this one)...too many to remember...errrr...oh well, I love to collect thai and korean drama, so this past summer I bought all them again....I have soo many thai drama...i need a place to lock them up..lol...
  17. kiaalor

    kiaalor sarNie Egg

    Seems like this is something that you can't run away from. You will have to face it. People like HER will NEVER learn from their mistakes.

    I am a NYAB myself too, and I understand that as a NYAB you can't really do much about things like this especially if she is your husband's sister. You don't want your in-laws and the HMONG community to gossip about how bad of a daugther in law you are or what you did....(Hmong people tend to gossip a lot - by the time you know, everyone knows about it).

    *Do you thing that reporting her will make you feel better? I think that it's going to make everything worst because it's gonna come back right at YOU....people gonna say that you are the one that report her.....Therefore, just annoy her for now. LOCK all your stuff in your room.

    A size 1 or 3....ISN'T FAT!!!!!! Sometimes, people like to call other people FAT just to make them feel better......

    Sometimes, some people just don't know when to STOP!!!! They just want to have FUN.........

    Well...goood luck w/ things.....let us know how it goes....
  18. mydeepscar

    mydeepscar sarNie Egg

    Thank you for your advice....I will try to be as patience as I can...
  19. lakorndemon

    lakorndemon sarNie Hatchling

    lol...you got so many good movies there...well, i love watching thai lakorns myself and i would kill anyone who steals mine...lol...anyway, i can't believe she brides (if that's the correct term) just to get her permit...i mean...how will she drive and make sure that she doesn't get in a car accident if she doesn't learn and pass it first...mmmm...i'm guessing she's just desperate just to get that permit...lol...anyways, it's also good that you also helped her out too so she can get on her feet and leave faster...hahahahaha...well...i wish you the best of luck then...
  20. HuabNag

    HuabNag sarNie Adult

    I heard a similar case like yours but vice versa and I know there are always dramas between in-laws so I am not suprise. When different people come to live together there are always conflicts and we need to deal with these conflicts. Think as an experience and opportunity for you to learn and to grow so your mind wouldn't explore because of her...But sorry, I have to ask some questions, is she really on the phone 24/7??? that's a little too much, how could a person talk on the phone that much? and if she hits her son so much then your in-law should have done something about it?...sorry I have to ask you question...I am just curious about it that there are such a person like this exist too...maybe my world is too small and I had not met people on the phone 24/7 so it's a little difficult for me to understand. Also if she keeps stealling your stuffs collect evidence and prove to your in-laws, I am sure they will do something about it with the evidences you provide. Get the evidences to prove that she is stealling so if you want to kick her out, no one can't blame you. If you don't want to go the harsh route then you can just move out on your own. There are always two paths for us to choose in any situation...when they are bad to us...we do the same back to them or we take the other route and move away from them...it all up to you to choose because you are in the situation you know better than anyone of us...I hope you good luck and get over this situation...so you can find your peace.

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