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I MARRIED ... '๑'
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December 24 - - -
*I know...haven't even finished my other two yet, but I had this idea & I wrote some of them down & need to start posting before I lose the concept. This will probably be my most rated R fiction...I am writing in '1st person' and hope it will turn out okay. Will post prologue later tonight. I need to edit it, even though I suck @ editing my fics cause I get lazy


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‘๑’ Prologue ~A~

I’ve always asked my mom since I was 12, will I find the one? She told me that someone is out there for me. I waited and waited. Someone finally appeared in my life... Or, perhaps it’s more accurate to say somebeing appeared…

It twas a dark stormy night, the night I decided to walk down a familiar path. One that I had walked through thousands of times before. I believe I was 13 years old at the time. My curls were no longer curls because the rain drenched it to nothing but rags. My friend and I attended our midsummer ball at the middle school that day. We left for the party together, but when her biggest crush asked her to dance she didn’t hesitate to leave me at the punch table all by myself. She completely ignored me for the next 30 minutes. Yes, I wasn’t the prettiest girl in school and I was kind of what you would call a loner. I couldn’t stand being left out any longer; standing all by myself with no one bothering to greet me or to try to start a conversation. So, I left the party. As I stepped out of the school gates, I stopped to look at the sky. The clouds started to form and I knew it would start to rain soon. At that moment, I thought, “I’d rather get sick in the cold than bear to stay at this dance any longer.”

As I continued to walk along the path, I felt uneasy. My stomach began to turn. Somebody or something was watching my every step. As my heart raced and the thump grew so strong I can hear it in my ears, I knew I had to stop walking and just stand there and take in the sounds of the night. I guess I wanted to reassure myself that I was just imagining. “The only way to stop this fear is to face it,” I said. The crickets chirped and the night owl hooted. I began to relax a little bit, but then I heard another ruffling sound. I decided to count to 10 and run for it in case I was imagining things. I was only a couple minutes from home now. All I had to do was run the rest of the way.

“One…two…three…” I held my breath. Then I took in a huge breath of air and continued to count. “Four…” I heard some twigs shuffle behind me. “Five…six…seven….” the sound got closer and closer. My heart began to pound again. This time, louder than seconds before. I decided to count faster so I can take off. “Eight, nine, ten!” I screamed and my right foot took off.

Not a second later, I fell to the ground as a tight squeeze put pressure around my ankle. It felt weird. Something was curling up my left leg. I was flat on my stomach and all I knew was that adrenaline was rushing through me and I had to get whatever was squeezing me off; immediately! With my free leg, I began to kick at the thing and was able to maneuver onto my back. I lifted my upper body up to look at what was wrapping around my leg.

My eyes grew 10 times larger as I saw the biggest snake I’ve ever seen. It crept up closer and closer to my waist. I continued to kick and scream. I shouted for help as loud as I could. Just as I was about to give up hope, thunder echoed through the night sky. It lasted for more than five seconds. Five seconds later, lightening hit the ground a couple feet away from the snake and I.

I heard another shuffle and turned towards it. A tall figure about 183cm appeared where the lightning hit. A misty fog screened the figure. The figure looked as that of a man.

“Get away from her PhraWarin, she’s mine.”

It was the voice of boy; perhaps a little bit older than I. But, the voice was far more than just that of a boy. It echoed in my ears and the snake obeyed. It released its grip on me and slid away. It slid past the man, or boy, or thing and suddenly the snake turned into another man-like figure. The snake man kept walking away from me and finally disappeared.

I looked over at the figure who told the snake to go away. He started to walk towards me, but I panicked more than before and quickly got myself on my feet and ran home; never looked back.

December 25.....
*Thanks for your interest(s) :] I didn't post a status update or pm anyone for this prologue because my eyes can't stay open any longer. I will let you know when I post Ch. 1 :]


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i lOve iT!...
Eww..i cAN fEEl tHE sNAke wRaPPiNG arOUnd mE aS i rEaD tHIs sToRY..
OmG...i'm lOvIN' it sO fAR!....
pLZ uPdaTE mE oN tHIS..
i wILL bE gAld tO rEad mOre..
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ooohhh.... it freaked me out when i read the prologue lol. I hope you update soon :)

I always thought Mark & Dan had some resemblance hehe.


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Funny :) Because I think both DAN & MARK have similarity features. I love them both!


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ooh,i love your prologue!
it's so catchyy and interesting!
Sounds really good,cant wait for you to update!


Eh, snake! That's my least favorite. Creeps me out. I could actually felt the snake curling up on me as I read the prologue. EEEEKKKK >.<

I for one, always though Mark & Dan does have resemblance. My first love, Dan and my current love, Mark in a fanfic together. Should be interesting! ^_^


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oh gosh the snake ruined it for me...I HATE SNAKES.SO SCARED OF THEM! :hide: I cannot look at a picture of a snake, anything that has snake skin, not even toys of it...lol what do you call that phobia...ugh...i'm like shivering right now....I had to skip that section lolz


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Chapter 1.1/1.2 ~A~

“Ahhh, he’s gripping me! He’s gripping me!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. My mother ran into the room and gripped my arms and shook me out of my nightmare. I opened my eyes and saw my mother’s worried face and immediately wrapped my arms around her. “Honey, sweetie, that nightmare again?” asked my mother as I nestled against her chest. My eyes are swollen and I can hardly breathe. Ever since that night, I’ve occasionally dreamt of a snake squeezing my body so tightly I could hardly breathe. Sometimes I even doubt that the incident was real and only my imagination.

The first couple of weeks after the incident I had nightmares every day, but then I learned to cope with it. My parents took me to the temple to find answers and for the monks to bless me with holy water, but it deemed not very helpful. It did lessen my nightmares to only a few times a month. The nightmare is so vivid that I just can’t ever forget it. Another dream I can’t seem to forget is one that is very clouded, but pleasant. It makes me feel good and I can sense a warm feeling from it, even though I can’t see his face and our dream environment is exactly like my nightmare ones. These dreams came about when I first learned to meditate before bedtime. I miss these relaxing dreams because they’ve been gone for a couple years and I miss it. I’d rather dream these dreams than have no dreams at all or a nightmare.

Now that I’m 23, I managed to get a job at the local newspaper company two years ago. I’m a staff editor. Or more correctly stated: a copy editor. I correct all the spelling and grammar errors of other writers. I got the job because my father had connections to some guy I’ve never met in my life. He always told me that even though we are a middle class family, he does have people he knows. I never questioned him because sometimes our family would somehow get money to make big purchases at the most random times. My father used to be a chef at a hotel but he quit the job because he got a better offer cooking at a restaurant. After several years working there he fell ill.

It has been two weeks since my father’s passing. That day I was interviewing for entrance into a prestigious school for my master’s degree. My mother gave me a call after my interview was over. Her words tore my heart apart. Agony swept over me as she told me my father had passed at home in the comfort of her arms and a few friends who visited. I’ve never seen any of his friends or the so called connections he had told me about at his memorial services. My mother kept telling me we have to wait for someone before cremating him. We’ve waited for two weeks.

After a few more tears, I can finally get up and shower. The warm running water helps me to relax. Everything has been so stressful and I believe that is what triggered my nightmares these past few days. I love the way my mirror fogs up after a hot shower. I guess I stayed in there a little too long. Today I am wearing my black turtle neck dress with white polka dots to perhaps lighten up all the dark clothes that I’ve seen for the past two weeks. My father was always so cheerful and I hated how everything isn’t as lively as his life. My aunts and my cousins always teased me for being unpleasant to look at when I was younger and my father always told me I was beautiful. Now, they don’t tease me anymore, perhaps I’ve gotten better looking? My father’s warmness always came with a wonderful sense of humor. I miss him so much now.

“Sara, ready to go?” asked my mother after she finished dressing. Our car ride to the temple feels extra long. “The guest we are waiting on will be here today,” stated my mother. “Finally,” I said. “Some of your father’s coworkers from the restaurant will also be here,” said my mother.

A few hours into the day, I started to feel chills. My mother let me rest my head on her lap as we sat commencing my father. Several guests arrived and left and I wondered who we were waiting on. Then, a little pass 7 pm my mother turned to look towards the back entrance. I quickly sat up sensing this may be the guest we are waiting on; for the past two weeks. My mother’s eyes widened and she stood up and smiled as five men approached us. My mother seemed frightened of these men. She wasn’t frightened in the sense of being pained by them, but rather a fear of the wrath you’d feel from a higher power. She respects them highly and I can tell that was the kind of fear she felt. None of the men are smiling. One is an elderly man, a bit older than dad. His gaze is suddenly piercing at me. His eyes lit up to where I can sort of see flames in his eyes. I didn’t know what to do except to turn around and look the other way. My fear is definitely real fear. But, now I can’t resist the urge of not turning to look at him again. It is like a curiosity of mine to look back. Except that one day, this is probably why I still have nightmares.

This time, his gaze is back on my mother and I can see a gentler side of him. His hands touched my mother’s hand to comfort her. I started to sense a warmer feeling from him. “Honey, this is Khun Arthit Natas, your father’s boss at the hotel and his childhood friend. He was also the best man at our wedding,” introduced my mother.

Khun Arthit gave me a kind smile. A smile that shines so brightly that it looked like it sparkled. I must be really tired to see the sparkle and the flames in his eyes. My imagination is just crazy. “Good evening,” I greeted. Khun Arthit seems so different from seconds before.

The other four men who walked in with Khun Arthit excused themselves and walked to the back wall. They are now standing so stiffly, they remind me of the guards at the British castle that I read about online. It is strange to see this kind of thing since I’ve never had rich friends. My father really does have connections.

I raised my hands together to give a proper bow, but Khun Arthit gently placed his hands on mine. “You are such a proper lady. What great manners Krai and Sai taught you, my dear,” said Khun Arthit. He smiled some more and I still swear I see sparkles in his teeth. He sat down next to my dad’s boss at the restaurant who also showed up for the first time today. The two seem to know each other and I just can’t believe that I really didn’t know my father’s friends at all even though I am really close to him.

A few minutes had passed. I feel a little bit awkward again. I feel like something is slithering against my legs. My head is filling up with thoughts of a snake again but I don’t want everyone to think I am crazy right now. Perhaps I am going crazy. Perhaps this is just another nightmare and I am really asleep at home. “Are you alright honey?” asked my mother.

Suddenly, a gust of wind brushed against my hair and some of the guests stared at me as I looked around to see if anyone else was affected by it. My mother and Khun Arthit didn’t seem to notice the wind like everyone else. “Ah, my sons are here,” smiled Khun Arthit as he turned to look towards the back door. I wonder how he knew if he never turned to look back once, nor did I see him pull out a cellphone.

Chapter 1.2/1.2‘๑’

I never really had a mother growing up except for my nanny and the queen. The queen, I rarely saw until I was 3. She always treated me kindly and she is pleasant to be around. But, she too seems too busy at times to comfort me. Plus, I didn’t want to bother her and make her hate me for needing her. My father was always insanely busy with work and I only had the servants to please me, play with me, comfort me, and supposedly love me. It was when I was 7 years old that my father informed me that my brother would be coming to live with us. I knew I had a brother, but I never got to see him, nor did I get to see my mother. I guess my parents split up and they divided us up among themselves when I was 3. I don’t know why my father suddenly decided to bring him to live with us, but I hated the fact that he got to have a mother to run to and dad visited him often as I was left to train in the dungeons and corridors without his presence.

My brother, PhraWarin, is only a year younger than I. When he first arrived, I sensed a devil child in him. He misbehaved like no other. I was different than him. I always obeyed father and I rarely disrupted those around me. The only person he is afraid of is my father. Everyone is afraid of father.

After only a few weeks that PhraWarin lived here with us, his disruptive behavior rubbed off on me and I decided to become like him. This way, I got the attention I needed. Behind everything, I was extremely jealous of his outlandish behaviors and his daring character. PhraWarin didn’t like to play with me at first, but we learned to enjoy each other’s company. I went into secret training as ordered by my father shortly after my jealousy lessened and he began to show fear in me as his older brother as my training progressed.

At one point I didn’t get to see PhraWarin for a whole year during my training and I also heard that he too had to undergo a secret training. Our dad tried to be fair I guess. Finally, when I returned from training, my father requested a meeting with me. I walked up to his copper throne and bent down on one knee to hear his wise words. He summoned me to stand up and look at him straight in the eye like a soldier would. “No son of mine will bow to anyone,” he stated. Although I knew this excludes him and the queen and that he was just using this as a metaphor. I quickly stood up and followed his orders.

My father stated, “Son, you are to look after Saratan. She is your future mate.”

A screen popped up against the limestone wall next to father and up popped a live silent film of a 14 year old girl. She looked very plain. I have to admit I wasn’t very pleased with her lack of beauty at the time. But no one breaks his orders nor does anyone break the lineage tradition. Marriage is predetermined or in other words “arranged” ahead of time. The married mate would be the queen or the ‘legal wife.”

In my father’s case, the queen was unable to bare him any children. She soon found several other maidens for him to mate with, but no luck. Then, she gave him permission to be with my mother, who my father fell in love with. Did I ever mention that my father isn’t human? I guess you know by now from my mentions of dungeons and corridors and screens popping out from limestone. My father is who you can call “Satan.” Am I Satan too? Not, quite. My mother was human, purely human.

After chatting with father, I returned to my corridor and laid in bed. I don’t understand why she is chosen for me. Nanny told me that perhaps because my father couldn’t marry the woman he loved, he has broken the law of only demon and demon courtship for me. Perhaps he wanted to change tradition and bring in modern movements and ideas to our world. I couldn’t keep Saratan off my mind for some reason, so I turned on my screen and watched her some more. I sensed loneliness in her that somehow made me attracted to her. For some reason, I felt like I wanted to meet her and be a friend to her. In no way was I attracted to her in the sense that ‘lovers’ do.

Prior to my father displaying Saratan’s picture for me, I dated many other demons here in the underworld, none of them really satisfied my needs. PhraWarin always hooked up with many of them and he introduced me to some women above us. Including the naughty angels that haven’t been caught. Some of them were pleasant to be with and PhraWarin was careless about their hearts. I on the other hand, felt horrible for dumping them or not returning to them but, I stayed away from most of them after intercourse just because I don’t know how to deal with them. My brother and I are even closer now because I help him resolve his issues with women. I just wish he’d care for one for real.

When I rested that night, yes…we demons do sleep contrary to stereotypes, I only dreamt of Saratan. She wasn’t my ideal girl, but something about her really had me curious. I couldn’t believe my fate had been decided to be with her out of any other beautiful swans.

A couple days later, I watched her again. She was getting ready to go to a school dance. Her friend placed an ugly bow in her hair that I had to look the other way. It was horrid. But that friend of hers still told her it was cute. I guess I just don’t understand females. Now you’re probably wondering if I spy at her naked. Hmmm, not back in the day.

Later on in the night, she left the party. I kept an eye on her, when I noticed something off. I knew right away to go to her rescue. I saw PhraWarin following her. He will take my woman. That concept just jumped into my head and at the time I couldn’t let that happen. Father told me she was mine…she is mine.


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oops double post. I will add comments here to fill up this post.

What made me write this fiction? Well, I had this dream once that gave me the idea. Then I had to brainstorm who I wanted to play my imaginary characters. I too saw the resemblance and decided on Dan and Mark. Another thing that made me choose Dan was that his single was coming out & this made me Dan crazy :) So, I looked up pictures and wah lah!!! He looked hot in em. Then of course Mark is flaming hot with the 'mountain' drama so his pictures are popping out all over the place. Perfect timing :) At first I was going to make them cousins in this, but then my other fic has cousins so I figured...why not make them brothers? So I changed that in my story. Otherwise everything in my brain is pretty much the same as before. As for Teya, I enjoyed some of her lakorns in the past and thought she's interesting, haven't seen in her a while...so stick her in as lead in my fic.

Oh, and the snake thing...I am scared of snakes myself, so I knew I had to include it because when I think of snakes I think of serpents & the likes.

This style of writing is different for me. It seems I keep changing my writing style, but my poor grammar still sticks around lol. But, this fic will def be an adventure for me because like I mentioned before, will be my most 'rawr'.

Note: I will have 2 point of views in this. If you see the devil character...it's from Dan's point of view---I don't think I intro his name yet, so I'll keep it to myself for now in case I want to change it. If you see the angel character, then that is Saratan's (Teya's) point of view.


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ooh ooohhh.... Me likey! I can't wait to read more! :D I love the whole devil/satan concept... very interesting & when you said naughty angels, I laughed :D

This is off topic but I always thought Teya and Yaya has some resemblance too lol. I feel like writing a FF about those two :scratchchin:


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Oooh.i just love it!
i like your writing style too;)
it just seems to get more and more interesting!
i cant wait to read more,omggg<3


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Chapter 2.1/2.2‘๑’

I wanted to approach Saratan that night to tell her I will protect her. But, she ran off without looking back at me. I knew then that it probably wasn’t the right time for us to meet and wondered why PhraWarin had attempted to seduce her. I know, his way to seduce a woman is weird, I’ll explain later.

Usually I never cared about what PhraWarin does with women, but when I saw him curl around Saratan’s legs I felt something I never felt before. Just days after seeing her on screen, I went from not being interested in her to being mesmerized by her even though I knew nothing about her. I felt like I needed to protect her so that she won’t be hurt by people. I felt like I needed to protect her from any harm. That night, I felt like I needed to protect her from PhraWarin’s lust.

PhraWarin sat in his giant red velvet chair sipping on champagne when I walked in. He grinned at me and said, “I see you really have an eye out for that ugly duckling of yours.” I wondered why he even attempted to touch her if he thought she was ugly. PhraWarin usually goes after the prettiest human. Not an average looking woman. “Who would’ve known that she is the one father assigned to you? I would’ve begged for a prettier girl if I were you,” said PhraWarin. “Brother, I won’t mess with her again, especially knowing how much you possess over her. Just wanted to test your reaction, that’s all.” He took another sip of champagne and kept his legs crossed, enjoying his tease. I glared at PhraWarin and said, “You already messed with her life and now she’s going to have nightmares about you.”

“That’s what I want,” smirked PhraWarin. “That’s what you want?” I asked. “Yes, I want her to remember me,” said PhraWarin. “But, you said you didn’t want her anymore,” I responded. “No, I said I won’t mess around with her anymore,” said PhraWarin. PhraWarin wants Saratan to remember him, but I don’t know why. He shouldn’t want her this much. I still wonder to this day, “What if Saratan wasn’t fearful of him that night and if I hadn’t shown up? Would she have given into temptation?” It made me cringe at the thought. PhraWarin had touched her before I ever did. The most I ever did was watch her on screen. Perhaps seeing him touch her made me go and chase him away that night. I also wondered how he even knew that she was assigned to me beforehand.

“How did you find out that she is to be my mate?” I asked. He got up and walked over to his bed and laid down and closed his eyes. “Brother, the only people I fear is you and father. But the only people I tend to rebel against is you and father.” He drifted off to sleep and I walked out of his room quietly. I didn’t want to believe that I was jealous of this average looking girl.

Our father not only manages the underworld, but he owns worldly things such as several hotels. My father ordered me to train to run his hotel years ago. Father once again tried to be fair and gave PhraWarin one hotel to run and keep him busy so he won’t get into as much trouble like he used to with some of the women he messes with. I guess everyone knows that he isn’t going to be the next to reign. Maybe that’s why he is so rebellious.

Father also had me go on several missions for our world. One mission reminded me of Saratan after not thinking about her for several weeks. I turned on my screen and saw her lying asleep on her bed shaking. I wanted to go and calm her down, but I was afraid I’d cause another nightmare if she caught me. I wanted PhraWarin to go and fix what he caused, but then that would mean that he will have to face her and see her and she might forgive him. What if she falls for him? But, then I shouldn’t care if she does or not, but if she is going to be my mate, I don’t want her with anyone else. Plus, the more I watched over her that night, the more I wanted to comfort her. I don’t know why I wanted to do that, but I decided to go and visit her.

I stood staring at her as I watched her face tighten up with fear. I couldn’t stand not comforting her anymore, so I crept up on her bed and laid down next to her. I gently slid my arm under her so that she can rest on it as I grabbed hold of her with my other arm and pulled her towards me. At first she resisted resting her head on my chest, but then I felt her breathing slow down and she reached around me and hugged me tightly. I never felt this warm before. When I slept around with other women or deities, I never felt like that. My stomach felt like it was churning, my mind racing, my heart pumping faster than usual, my body aching and longing for her to hold me like this…forever.

Towards morning, I knew I had to leave her side or else I would’ve exposed myself to her too early. I never forgot that night, those feelings that I had with her. When I returned home, father called me to his corridors. He looked a bit angry and he said, “Son, you weren’t supposed to visit her already. She is still young and you need to let her live her life before she is supposed to find out about you.” “But father,” I said. He cut me off. “Son, she is destined to be with you, so why fear that she won’t be yours?” asked my father. “She is yours and nothing will change that, so stop fearing. Prepare to multitask and prepare to be able to support her in all ways before presenting yourself to her. Do not fear that she will be taken from you. When the time is right, I will guide her to you. We will show ourselves in front of her when she is old enough.”

I decided to trust my father. But, I still feared that she will be taken away from me because of how rebellious PhraWarin is. I do not want him to take the warm feelings I had with Saratan away from me. Like he once had our mother all to himself.

Father took away my privilege to see Saratan on screen. I couldn’t keep an eye on her anymore and I couldn’t protect her like I had hoped. I am glad she never turned back to look at me that night because I would’ve broken my promise. I continued to work and follow father’s order by not seeing her. I wonder how she is doing and I wonder how much longer I have to wait to see her. My father had told me “when she is old enough.” She should be around 23 now and that seems over the ‘old enough’ mark. My father preventing me from seeing her has made me long for her in more ways than I can describe. I never thought I would ever want her more than I ever did.

While I worked at the hotel, I met Krai Nawas. He was a chef who made excellent meals for my father and I since I was young. Then, he decided to leave to go work at a restaurant. I really wanted him to stay, but father told me it was best for him to leave. A month ago, father mentioned that he fell sick. I went to visit him at home and realized it was Saratan’s home. Father later told me he is her father and I couldn’t believe I treated my father in law as an employee and not in a more respectable manner. I didn’t see any family photos out in the living room and father told me not to creep around their home to find her. “It isn’t time,” he would say.

Now, I’m standing next to PhraWarin ready to enter the memorial service. “Brother, I’m going to check things out before we make our grand entrance,” stated PhraWarin. Off he went before I could stop him. He returned within seconds and looked at me and stated, “You know, your mate has gotten prettier. I might just have to take back my words to you.”

Chapter 2.2/2.2 ~A~

Two body guards opened the back door and my eyes are glued on the entrance. Two tall men are standing there and I am in a complete trance. Both are wearing a black suit. Both are wearing sunglasses so I can’t see their eyes. The man on the left is wearing a red tie and his wrist watch is very shiny. The sparkle is reflecting onto the man on the right’s sunglasses. I heard Khun Arthit say, “Kraisorn had to wait on Warin again.” He chuckled as I kept watching them. The two men stepped forward and I can see them walk in sync with one another. How perfect rich people are. They walk at the same time and everything. Khun Arthit responded, “Don’t think too highly of either one of them. They’re not perfect.” I wonder how he knows what I am thinking. But, I am too mesmerized at his sons to ponder his words. I feel like dropping my jaw or even drooling, but that will be too unlady-like and I can’t embarrass my mom in front of all these people. Plus, I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of the two men.

The young guests at the service are probably amazed at the site just like I am. But, their hearts are racing, whereas I feel like my heart just stopped beating. It must be skipping beats as I feel like I can’t breathe efficiently and at a lost of words. Something is different about these two that I just can’t describe. I feel like I know them or have a sense that I’ve felt their presence before.

Woah, the two men are standing in front of me now. Both bow to Khun Arthit. Their voices echo in my ears. Mother greeted them, “You two have grown up a lot. Oh my, time flies.” The one on the left looks at my mother and smiles. What a perfect smile. He says, “Mother, I apologize for showing up late. I am always trouble for father.” I never knew mother knew such a person. Maybe I’ve been so busy with my own thing to notice that my parents go out or that they have lives to meet such perfect looking people. Then the one on the right pulled off his sunglasses. He is looking directly at me. His eyes are pierced and fiery. It is dark and black. It startles me a bit, but I am somewhat attracted to them. I wonder how long his gaze has been on me. My eyes had gazed at the son on the left talking to my mother that I took my eyes off of the son on the right. Suddenly he turns to my mother and smiles, “Mother, I am sorry for not forcing him to come earlier. It is all my fault.” He starts to turn his gaze back at me. He is still smiling and I can see his dimples. He shifts to look at his father a bit and Khun Arthit speaks up, “Oh yeah, I forgot that I hadn’t introduced you to my sons. Saratan, these are my sons. My eldest, Kraisorn.” Kraisorn held out his hand. I assume he wants me to shake his hands. I am a bit nervous to touch his hands. My hands are sweaty from looking at him, but I can’t let fear hold me back.

The other son suddenly grabs my hand instead. His hands are soft for a guy and my eyes are dilating because his smooth lips just touched my hand. I’ve never been kissed on the hand before. The feeling is amazing, but butterflies are flying everywhere in my stomach right now. My heart stops beating again. I know it just died. Suddenly, Kraisorn grabs the other son’s wrist and pries it away from my fingers. “Sorry about my brother’s gesture. He has no manners,” said Kraisorn.

Khun Arthit chuckles and points his hand towards his other son. “And, this is my disobedient son, Warin.”

“Please, have a seat,” my mother stated. I waited for everyone to seat. Mr. Arthit made sure he sat between his sons. Mother insists that I sit next to Kraisorn and her. I don’t know why my mom insist that I sit next to a guy. Is she trying to marry me off? I thought she’d be more protective of me and sit next to him herself. Kraisorn didn’t really acknowledge me, so I still feel awkward sitting next to him. I’ve never sat this close to a handsome man before. Instead of looking straight ahead, I can see his pants are perfectly ironed and cleaned before he put them on. Not even a single piece of lint. His hands are so masculine. The veins pop out, but it is still so nice. They are in his lap and he is sitting perfectly still. I feel awkward staying this still.

By the end of the night my neck is stiff. Mr. Arthit and his family got up and we are heading to our cars at the same time. I don’t have the strength to say much my brain is exhausted from silence. I just bowed a goodbye and thanked them for attending. Warin picks up my hand again, caught me by surprise. His soft lips once again touches it. But, I feel as though he shouldn’t kiss me so much after just meeting. I pulled my hands back.

Kraisorn already entered his car without saying much except goodbye. Sitting next to him was long. But, I felt like I’ve been close to him before. Perhaps I pulled my hands away from Warin because I don’t want Kraisorn to think I am easy. Kraisorn jets his car off into the darkness. Warin turns to me again and says, “We shall see each other again. Sorry for my directness today. I tend to say whatever I feel and do whatever I feel.”

*In the morning -“Please don’t let me go. Hold me in your arms,”are the last words I remember from my dream. I didn’t dream of a snake last night. I dreamt that a well dressed man reached for my hands and kissed it. At first the man looked like Warin, but when he looked up at me and smiled, it was Kraisorn. Suddenly, Kraisorn pulled me closer to him. Our bodies touching. We looked into each other’s eyes. I can see the darkness in his, no reflection whatsoever. Then I move my head towards his and I can feel his hot breath millimeters from my lips. My heart began to pound loudly. “Please don’t let me go, Hold me in your arms,” I said without hesitation. He pulled his face back from me and his lips curved into a smile. Before I could get my answer, my alarm woke me up. Why do I still feel warm right now? As if he is still holding me? Someone is holding me. My eyes are open now. Ahh, the sunlight. But, someone really is holding me right now.

It is him. It must be a dream. How can he be holding me?

Jan. 5...
Thanks for reading everyone! Once I finish my other ff, I can go faster on this one :p I have Ch. 3 done too, but it is sooooo short!! So I'll wait and see if I want to add anything else to it b4 posting.


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I just love it so much^^
Geez,Warin sure is flirtatious~
Kraisorn sounds so sweet and protective;)
Update soon<3


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Chapter 3.1/3.2~A~

Instead of screaming, I decided to feel him. It must really be a dream, there’s no way he could really be in my room. They say if you linger on something you’ll dream about it. And I guess he just stuck in my mind. But why does this dream feel so real? It’s so comfortable and warm in his arms. I dreamt of someone holding me like this once in the past. The first time I dreamt it was a day or two after my first nightmares. I haven’t dreamt it in so long. Now here I am dreaming of that comfortable feeling again.

His face is so perfect, skin free of blemishes, and his hair still perfect from the last I saw him. I guess I really paid attention to his appearance yesterday to make out such a handsome face. I’m just going to stare at him. I can only do this in my dreams. In dream world I guess I can’t feel his breathing. Nor can I hear his heart beat. Weird. I thought in dreams you can pretty much manipulate it to your liking and I want to hear his heart beat. If this were the real world, he’d wake up as soon as I place my head against his chest. I just want to laugh at myself for being so naïve. I guess you can’t get what you want in dreams after all, that’s why nightmares exist. I hope this doesn’t turn into one.

Kraisorn is starting to twitch and I wonder if he’ll wake up in this dream. If he does wake up I don’t know what I’d say to him. He didn’t say anything at the funeral for me to entice me. He’s just good to look at. He probably doesn’t have a personality in real life. Why didn’t I dream of Warin? He’s livelier. The one with a personality? He’d be easier to talk to in a dream.

The annoying alarm is still going off, I don’t know why I didn’t shut it off. Why isn’t it turning off? Can’t I just tell it to turn off? It’s ruining the mood. No matter how annoying it is, I can’t seem to keep my eyes off of Kraisorn. He just looks so peaceful sleeping. “Ahhh!” he opened his eyes. It is black. Very black. Like it was last night. He looks shocked. Where did he go? He just vanished! Darn dream turned into a nightmare!

Weird that I’m not waking up yet. I’ll just shut my eyes and maybe my real alarm will go off now. Okay, so it won’t turn off. Maybe my alarm has been on for a while and I just wanted to keep dreaming a moment ago. Why does it seem like what happened moments ago was real though? I don’t even feel like I really woke up from slumber or anything.

*At breakfast table - “You didn’t have a nightmare last night?” asked my mother. “No, I didn’t mom,” I responded. Perhaps my guardian angel was here to comfort me.

Chapter 3.1/3.2‘๑’

“What?” asked my father as I explained that I didn’t want to go to the funeral service today. “You told me you were going to go today. Why aren’t you going? You need to establish a relationship with Saratan. It’s time to reveal and marry her,” stated my father.

In the end, he managed to get me to go to the funeral. My father is right, I can’t hide from her. She had seen me this morning. If only I hadn’t been so tired from staying up during the day, I wouldn’t have fallen asleep that deep. She caught me.

“You went to see her last night?” asked PhraWarin. “How do you know?” I asked. “Because I went too. You know how I told you I’d stop messing with her?” asked PhraWarin. “Well, I couldn’t keep my words and I sort of checked up on her a while ago and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, so I visit her sometimes.”

“You bastard! Did you touch her? You kept her nightmares going all this time? I told you she is my woman!” I shouted.

January 8...
Decided to go ahead and post this. Made some minor changes and it is still short. Will speed it along soon. I plan to finish CICL soon. Unless I can finish Type B first, and then focus more on this.