I hate it when...

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  1. ohitsnoyyy

    ohitsnoyyy VIP ♥

    Come share some things that tick you off...

    I hate it when I'm driving on the freeway & some dumbass cuts in front of me & then instead of driving fast, they drive slow! OMG it ticks me the F-OFF. <_<

    I hate it when I'm having a good dream & then the alarm goes off & it wakes me up & then i forget about the dream :lmao:

    I hate it when my friends text me & when i text them back they don't respond! <_< Especially when they text me with a "what are you doing?" Arghhh.

    I hate it when I tell myself not to forget something before I leave the house & i end up forgetting it anyways!
  2. n_naruk

    n_naruk TOOMTAM :: CHALiDA

    OMB! Girl, I know what you mean by those!

    I swear these days, people can not drive. Especially for me, I get so mad, like super mad that I would just started b*tching and yelling in the car "Dude, do you not know how to drive?!" pissed me off big time! I have really bad roadrage!

    Alarm clocks are always the ones that ticks you off from the good dreams! and I so hated it when that happens!! Cus I mostly likely wont remember much out of it.

    And people forgets. I'm one of them. I blame my best friend for that. Lol.

    You basically said what's on my mind when I read the topic to this thread. Lol

    Oh and I hated it when people asks me "what's wrong" and I answer "nothing" but they would still keep bugging me about it. It's just so annoying. Like leave me alone already you know. If I wanna tell you I'll tell you! Like stop being so nosy! hahaha
  3. ChenrukNote

    ChenrukNote Goddess

    OMFG Noy I so totally agree with you on friends who text you asking what's up and then when you respond they don't text back. One of my friends always does that to me. Last time she text me with her new number and ask me how's college life and I respond and she never text back! I was like what a biatch, forget dinner at Red Robin's when I get back home this Sunday lol. Argghhhh.

    I hate it when I find hair in the shower stalls in the dorm bathrooms...clean up after yourself freaks!!!!

    I hate it when the dinner menu looks appetizing but the food is nasty.

    I hate it when I wait in long lines only to find out they ran out of what I want lol.

    I hate it when it's rainy and windy at the same time.
  4. luvgolf

    luvgolf sarNie Hatchling

    I hate it when I'm broke...
  5. n_naruk

    n_naruk TOOMTAM :: CHALiDA

    I 2nd that. Lol.
    I'm always broke the day of my pay day.
    Bills were waiting for me!
  6. shachibasha

    shachibasha psychotic

    i hate it when people drive so slow up the gosh darn hill
    ohh i hate it also when dream and someone wakes me up and blah blah
    i hate pretenders that think they know everything and in actuality they dont so S#!t
    i hate my freaken slow internet
    i hate waiting
  7. amikrazie

    amikrazie sarNie Oldmaid

    LMFAO...OMG you girls crack the heck out of me...i can so totally relate to ALL of the above I HATES....

    gosh i always find myself broke too..

    oh heres one some..i hate it that my parent think i should have more money saved up...like NoyV mention ..those damn bills are waiting, to gobble up my next pay check.

    i hate it when the guys leave the toilet seats up..(dont ask, it just bug that crap out of me)

    i hate it when i finally wanna eat cereal and goes to get the milk, that its gone! arghhh

    i hate ppl who drives and when they need to turn they dont signal (what the heck are the blinkers for???)

    i hate it when im having fun the time goes by so fast ...and when i am bored out of my mind the day seems to drag on and on...

    i hate it that i am forgetful too...ex today i left my driver license and time card for work at home...and i knew i had it in my hand but i dont remember what or where i put it..(however, i did find it when i got home from work)

    i hate it when i go to set my alarm for whatever the occassion but only to find out in the late morning that i forgot to enable it (what a dork...and i did that a lot of times too <_< )

    i hate it when i think im done with one bill but then something else comes up...(like my dang toothache that cost me about 2k..)

    i hate it when i wake up with a headache and it last all day

    i hate it when i try to remind myself to write down good dreams (which i usually dont by the way) ...only to wake up and not remember anything at all. (trying to get some good lottery numbers ..lol jk)

    i hate it that i usually remember all of my bad dreams...esp of broken tooth (the death dream)..which happen to comes true! :(

    ps noy .. i have a lot of I HATEs...and my list will just get longer and longer lol and this is just part of what i can REMEMBER :lol:
  8. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    hm, the list up there are stuff i hate too ..
    one thing i hate is .. PPL CUTTING IN FRONT OF YOU WITHOUT SIGNALING :angry:
  9. Quarter

    Quarter Tell me about it.

    er i'm guilty for that one right there. like when im in a rush and the car beside me is too slow. i quickly turn. sorry! :ph34r: .. actually i do that all the time. sorry sorry!

    umm here goes my hate list.

    -when people go "ewWwwWWwW" when i tell them i take showers every other day. what is wrong with that?! it's good for my hair!

    -when my dog wakes me up in the middle of then night

    -when i can't sleep till 5am then pass out till 12pm and miss everything

    -pms fo sho

    -when i have something plan out but SUDDENLY two or THREE humongous zit pops on my face

    -when im being called short (yes i know im short but dont call me that. you may think its cute but i dont think so)

    -when i get all these FW: text mags (dont have unlimited dude)

    -when i wake up with my hair looking like its the end of the world and can never be fixed

    -when suddenly my make up "skills" are gone

    -when i suddenly forgot how to spell the easiest words in the world

    -when friends plan out a party and then backed out at the last minute and i'm already all ready

    -when my computer freeze

    -when i found out i needed glasses though i refused to get it because its gonna screw up my vision more

    -when i "think" i have nothing to wear

    -when my dog pees in my room

    -when i dotn get enough sleep

    -when the time seems like its going backward

    -when people tell me im hella photogenic. thats an insult since i know i look better in a photo. thats why i dont take much pictures bc the PICTURE looks better than the person

    -when i forgot to brush my teeth because im such in a hurry

    -when i keep thinking about ghosts at night even though i dont want to

    -when people blow smokes in front of my face

    -when i have to wear 3+inch heels/boots all the time because im short

    -when people ask me to be their bride's maid

    -when i have to fake a smile because i dont want to seem rude

    -when my mom does things for me out of her own free will then nags about it later telling everyone im a bad daughter

    -when someone shit and dont open the bathroom window

    -omg when my sister wears my panties and returns them unwashed -dude i dont even want it back in the first place

    -when people borrow my clothes then brings them back stretched

    -when i open the door thinking its someone i know but ends up being a family talking about god for hours (no offense)

    -when my mom cleans my room and misplace my stuff

    -when my straightener keeps dying on me

  10. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai Staff Member

    Lol You girls are hilarious .. but I have a few "I hates too" ugh...

    I hate when I lay in bed for only like 10 minutes feeling like I've been up for hours

    I hate when people cut me off to the point where our BUMPERS TOUCH! (Freaken Texas Drivers)

    I HATE when people drive out blocking the road trying to turn into the other side

    I hate when people freaking honk at you at a RED LIGHT! (Damn Son it's RED FOR A REASON!)

    I hate when people run stop signs and when you look at them they are all bitching because they almost hit you NOT TO MENTION RETARD IS ON THE PHONE LOOKING THE OTHER WAY!

    I hate when people PUT ON MAKE UP and TALK ON THE PHONE and try to drive at the same time

    I hate when someone almost hit you completely their fault and they blame it on you

    I hate being carded when I buy cigarettes for my friends (I don't smoke ew)

    I hate When I have to remind my roommate every freaking month that the rent is due .. When they are grown and should know!

    I hate when my roommate drinks and leave the empty beer can's in the kitchen expecting me to clean up after them and their friends (That's sick dude.. I am allergic to alcoholic beverages because of the high yeast and I start getting sick off it!)

    I hate when People call me during the time they know I'm driving to pick up my sisters (Damn yo... that's a ticket in a school zone! For driving and being on the phone!)

    I hate when I tell people, "Oh I have to drive here I'll call you later" FREAKING minutes later they text me! "You can't talk but I can text you right?" (OMB im driving arse how in the world you expect me to text!)

    I hate the old perverts at the laundry mat who sits there and stare at my ass (sorry for the language)

    I hate the old perverts at the laundry mat who check my sisters out (they are your daughters age freak.. I am your daughters age!)

    I hate when my team members are late and I get in trouble for it..

    I hate when I'm being told what to do.. I do it.. GET Bitched at for doing it the way they told me to do it!

    Lol Penny?! You think you have it bad! That's not so bad!

    I HATE when I walk into a photo studio with my husband and they ask "Do You need a Stool for your daughter?" (Beeeeep!) LOL

    I hate when we go to a restaurant and they ask, "Sir do you we need a kids menu and a booster seat for your daughter?"

    I hate when girls come up and pat me in the head... "Aww that's so cute .. how old is she?" (Lady .. I'm his wife!)

    I hate when WE go to parent conferences for my sisters and Teachers go, "Hey Jennifer/Lisa .. are you here with your dad." Looking at my husband ... Me: I'm not Lisa/Jennifer.. I'm their older sister and that's my husband " =/

    I hate When I drop off my little sisters and I get in trouble for trying to drive off "I don't even go here!"

    I hate When I have a job interview and the first question they ask after my name, "Are you 16 or older?" (Well if I wasn't why would I be applying for this job yo.) LOL

    I hate When weird people hit on you...

    I hate when people come up to me speaking spanish and when I don't respond ask, "habla espanol?" and follow with, "Are you chinese?" Eff dude .. if you think I'm chinese why would you be talking to me in spanish ... and NOT every ASIAN has to be CHINESE!

    I hate when people shower and leave the drain clogged and don't clean up after themselves there's bunches of dirt (wth!) and oils all over the bathtub!

    All I has for now -.-" LOL
  11. 7270

    7270 7270

    i hate it...
    when someone calls my pup a boy dog. she's a girly pup. a girl. <_<
    when someone says they like me and is all over me but can't remember how to spell my name. wtf?
    when Rosie O'Donell dissed Michelle Kwan.
    when people throw meat away. since the animal already lost its life, at least, eat it. damn glutton.
    when i see an animal caged. yeah. that includes the zoo.
    when people get all bent up, when you treat them the same way they treat you. hypocritical much?
    when people get in their own way and come to me to whine about it like they're helpless. -_-
  12. ohitsnoyyy

    ohitsnoyyy VIP ♥

    LMAO. Y'all are just too funny! I thought i was the only one who had problems with the world :lol:

    Ami!! I agree with you on the cereal! LMAO. I'm out of milk today! :lmao:

    I got some more! I hate it when:

    people turn at the last minute without signaling!!! IT BUGS ME!!!! specially when i'm behind them! use the damn signal lights Beezies! <_<

    i'm all cozy in my bed, ready to sleep but then suddenly i gotta pee but i don't wanna get up! arrghhh soo annoying!

    the kids in my neighborhood play in my deng yard! I mean... come one... go to your own house!

    my friend chris plans to do something but flakes at the very last minute.

    my friends always ask me "Hey Noy, when are you gonna make me some shrimp fried rice??"

    people who talk & drive!!! OMFB. it just arrrghhhh!! Specially when they talk & drive slowww.....!

    the remote control goes missing! arghh!

    I procrastinate! :lmao:

    people throw trash out of their cars! specially cigarette buds!

    there's nothing to watch on TV.

    it's that time of the month <_<

    parents cannot control their deng children in the store! SHUT THEM UP!

    a song is stuck in your head & you can't get it out... specially if it's the song you don't like!

    my family don't open the window after they take a hot shower. Gosh, i hate going in there after it's all steamy.
  13. *Ice*

    *Ice* sarNie Adult

    i hate it wen:

    ppl ignore u wen u talk to them

    ppl who take the piss for no reason ''guan''

    ppl who never text back wen u text them

    ppl who dont talk back fast on msn

    ppl who use u

    ppl who think u should live the way they think life should be lived

    ppl who tell u wat to do and how to live ur life

    small minded ppl

    control freaks

    ppl who cant take a joke

    someone who tell u they love u but its not true....

    wen someone looks at u with the death stare for no reason

    deffo wen ppl dnt use the blinkers

    wen other road users dazzle u with their lights no damn respect

    hate it wen younger kids/teenage give no respect to elders


    boys in ma skool

    i have loaddds more
  14. luvgolf

    luvgolf sarNie Hatchling

    i hate it when I couldn't find anything to do on friday night..(it freakin FIRDAY NIGHT...i'm suppose to be having fun..but none to do)
  15. amikrazie

    amikrazie sarNie Oldmaid

    LOL quarter ...i had a good laugh this morning...when i read your comment! i guess my sister is the same way..and her other fav one is tailgating...

    awww, poor noy i have some milk if you still want some?! ^_^ but that is the reason why i let my mom buy the good cereal that even if theres no milk you can still enjoy the cereal like a snack lol..like corn pop and cinnamon toast crunch mmmm...

    i hate tailgaters...my lil sister is one..and omg i just have to tell you guys this one time..when she was driving i dont know where the heck we were going..but anyhow the light was red and there was this one car ahead of us on the right lane bout to turn..but then i guess they brake too fast that she also brake..she wasnt really paying attn..or whatever..and she suddenly brake but after she ALREADY braked...she release her foot off the pedal and slammed on it again.. SCARED the crap out of me and man if only looks can kill ...she would be my first victim. <_< (i tell her this all the time..dont get too close to ppls arse...speaking of cars) lol you might brake in time but what bout the cars behind ya...

    she is also one of those folks that doesnt use them blinkers too lol...gosh it drives me nutz...cause now we have to guess if they are gonna turn left, right or just changing lanes.. :huh:

    oh heres one too...i hate it whenever i get to use the bathroom and does my business whether its No 1 or No 2 lol yea (..shiat happens) :p while on the toilet ...glance down and noticed theres no more damn toilet paper. (at this point i really wanna choke the last person that was in the bathroom..and doesnt fill it back up)

    i hecka hate ppl who drives and talk on the phone doesnt pay attn to the road and when they are bout to hit ya they have the face to give ya a dirty look...WTF!

    i hate ppl who stops in the middle of the damn road to talk to somone that is walking on the sidewalk or in a two way lane to chit chat.. (freaking pull over if the convo is that damn important)

    i hate waking up with all kinds of pain...neck pain, bodyache ..you name it i got em...arthiritis too..wth.

    i hate it when you dont need something you see it lying around almost everywhere...and when you really need it you cant seem to find it anywhere...

    i hate it when im cooking and my mom tells me...make sure you turn off the stove properly after youre done..come on now..im like old enough to know better..(i only forgot to turn it completely off ONE time) i am not like my sister where she burned the wai wai noodle that was cooking on the stove..cause she forgot to turn it off after she took her share. -_- (i guess that is the last time i will let her cook something for me to eat!)

    oh i also agree on the pimple/zits stuff...actually i hate it when i get them as one of my symptoms before my monthly comes to visit <_< (everytime too and in the same area..its very annoying..esp at my age and all not normal or is it?)

    i hate it when i get one of those cramps in my leg (calves to be exact) in the middle of the night...

    that is all of the i hate that i can think of for today..i know there are lots more.

    noy its not us having problem with the world ...its the world that has a problem with us... :lol:

    i have a lot more hates..but sometime i cant put it into words..and i hate that lol
  16. ohitsnoyyy

    ohitsnoyyy VIP ♥

    LMAO Ami... I gotta agree with you on the TP & the cooking. :lol: my mama's the same. She's always checking up on me when I cook like i'm gonna burn something... i mean i know i'm clumsy but i won't burn the house down! LOL.

    I hate it when I'm falling asleep, & my phone goes off! arrghhh it bugs me! It's like any other day you don't wanna ring but why when i wanna see you wanna ring!?

    I hate it when you're at the movie theater & people text or talk on the phone!!! WHAT THE BLEEP! TURN OFF YOUR PHONE YOU'RE IN THE MOVIE!!!! Specially my friend Chris... gosh... it bugs me so much...

    I hate it when random guys at the club call me "baby" or "Baby girl" uh... i'm not your baby girl...

    I hate it when people text me & ask me what I'm doing & when i text them back with nothing, they're gonna go oh... just wondering... what the hell?! if you're bored tell me! don't waste my time texting!
  17. nikki1786

    nikki1786 LizQuen

    i hate it when i talk/text to someone with telling him/her in complete sentence.... and in the end he/she'll just reply me "K" short for 'OK'. i mean what the hell~!

    i hate when someone promise and dont keep her/his promise. a great example... would be my mother -___-"

    i hate it when my younger brother dares to argue with me over little things. like using the bathroom, arguing over the tv... argues with me when cooking and says im suck in cooking XD...

    i hate it when im almost getting done with my major plates... then in the end i dont feel any satisfaction.
  18. Quarter

    Quarter Tell me about it.

    :ph34r: you guys can stop pointing the blinking thing in my face now lol i will try to remember to use the blinks from now on.

    lmfao dangerous chic..
  19. Liberty

    Liberty sarNie Adult

    Let's see....
    Lane hoggers (you know the people who can't decide which lane to go on so they take up to and slow everyone else down).
    Bastard drivers who can't decide if they want to let you pass or not. Bitch! Either slow down so I can pass or speed up a little so I can get through. Don't make me ram your ass. <_< Sorry...where was I?

    People who don't signal when trying to get through and nearly causes an accident, or worse almost hits my car. Punk asses.
    People who are too busy yapping away on their cell phone and don't pay attention to the road.
    People who blast their music while driving by a quiet neighborhood at 4 in the morning! Or those A**holes that blast their music in an apartment complex when they finally get back from partying at 2-5 am! ***They shouldn't be surprised if they come out the next morning to find their tires slashed, windows bashed in or car keyed. <_<

    I think that's it. Nothing bothers me much, it's usually car or driving related.

    Oh, I almost forgot. I don't can't stand it when people litter. I mean seriously, don't throw your crap out the window act like a civilized human being and take it to a trash can.

    And Hummers...I just hate them, what a waste of space (not to mention how much parking space they take up). I just don't understand the purpose of having Hummers in the city, it's just not practical.
  20. amikrazie

    amikrazie sarNie Oldmaid

    lol liberty...i totally agree bout the dang hummers..what a waste of space..oh speaking of space..

    i hate ppl who have to take up two damn parking spaces...

    i hate driving in sf (i love the city and all but geez)...the traffic and the street lights are so annoying..i dont know where to stop or which light to look at...wth!

    hmm i seem to really have a lot of hate huh...and i said i get along with everyone hmmm! :lol:

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