I Do : AFF : Milano Princess


sarNie Coma
oh my, affs coming out with new shoots non-stop.. could she get any prettier?..magificant beauty. she has such a sweet face

credit to nalin @ taksaorn.com


Lakorn Obsesser
Aff looks absolutely gorgeous no doubt about that, but she looks like a little girl's antique doll or a musical box doll.


sarNie Adult
she looks so elegant, classy, and beautiful. she has this elegant face and hi- class personalities by her looks.


sarNie Adult
She's beautiful....it's too bad bad that her boyfriend is so very ugly for her.


sarNie Hatchling
aff is very pretty in the photoshoot, what i find funny is that alot of the female stars do bridal photoshoot but when they wear a wedding dress in lakorn alot of times they have the cheap and ugly white dresses on and half of the time it don't fit right it's never a dress you see in photoshoots.


sarNie Hatchling
yeah that would be nice but than i bet it'll end on the beach with them talking together and not in the bedroom which i still prefer the bedroom. If they were to add a wedding which they could have done and then end in the bedroom that would be perfect.


SarNie Adult
since JLR aff have come out with many mags nonstop....she is so popular now....

she is so pretty in this mag....really gorgeous...