I cannot upload pictures on asianfuse, please help :)

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  1. nklue1

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    Hi everyone
    I have been trying to upload pictures onto this forum and reading comments that many have asked about uploading pictures, I have sign in onto photobucket.com and uploads my pictures there and clicked on copied on IMG and put it on the url in here but it seems to not work, it comes up with a cross image instead like I have done something wrong.
    May you please help me, I have created posters for a new fanfic I have got in mind and would like to share with everyone :)
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    VILLNAN ♥ Adore ToomVill Only♥

    After I copied the IMG, I put/paste in the Reply Box and clicked BBcode Mood twice. This was how I posts my pics :)  I don't put in IMG URL
    Hope you understand my English :)
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  3. aymieluvsyu637

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    right click on the mouse pointing at the picture then select "copy image"
    go to where you want to load your image then right click on the mouse again selecting "paste"
    If it doesn't work you may want to consider uploading the image on a different website. I use Pinterest.
    hope this helps.
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  4. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    For me, I upload to photobucket as well. I copy the image then come onto AF. In the reply box on the top row, there's three clipboards, paste, paste as plain text, and paste from word. Pick the first one, a box will appear and you paste the picture there and press okay. That's how I do mine. :)
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  5. nklue1

    nklue1 sarNie Adult

  6. nklue1

    nklue1 sarNie Adult

    Thank you all so much I appreciate it <3

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