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    Yes sad mv & sad song. It was a misunderstanding on her part (any person would tbh) & it was a "can't explain situation" on his part since he is participating in some kind of secret underground group or he doesn't want to explain to her so she wouldn't be involved, less burden for her...sigh* the outcomes could have been different though.
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    Another sad mv & song. Below is the official mv of the song from the singer's YT account, it has English translations, hopefully these translations help you to understand what the song is about. The mv is really good, it tells a story for the song. The scene when the singer starts singing is the ending. The singer is the spirit girl who is trapped under the pond by the magical purple flower in a far away cave. She is longing to be reunited with the outside world but she doesn't know that the outside world isn't a happy place & there is this 4 letters word called L O V E that is out of her control to have. The mv isn't in chronological order which made me a little confused at first too. We have a young fully in love couple. One day they discover a cave, within that cave there is a pond with clear water and a purple flower. The human girl touches the flower, falls into the pond & dies (beautiful but deadly flower). The spirit girl takes this as an opportunity for her to become human so she uses the human girl's dead body. She lives with the human guy & falls in love with him. As time goes by the human guy gets suspicious, he starts to have weird dreams & the spirit girl acts strange, different from how the human girl acted around him. He follows the spirit girl to the cave one day, from behind he touches her shoulder, when she turns around she reveals her true identity/face causing him to be shocked, thinking who he was living with for all these past times, he pushed her. This is when the spirit girl's spirit jumps out from the human girl's dead body. He strangled the spirit girl & she tells him how everything happened. He wanted to kill her so bad but he remembers all the good times they shared so he stabs & kills himself (his true love was dead for quiet some time and he has no clue, he feels bad for unconsciously cheating on his true love with the spirit girl so with sorrow and repentance, killing himself is the best action he could think of, what is there for him to live, he doesn't love the spirit girl). The spirit girl loves him though, she holds his dead body close to her (the beginning when the singer starts singing)...just sad written all over the song & mv.

    Okay enough with the sadness....I wonder why there is the word "babe" in the lyrics lol. The human guy is really cute, probably why this singer also have another mv for one of her songs with him too :p.

    Cr to Bao Anh
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    Hi aikoden, didn't know you listen to Vietnamese songs :). Do share some of your favorites :).
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    This is one of my favorites. It is an old song, I can't find the male version of it that I like so I get the female version instead. I tend to remember & listen to it during this time of the year since it is a fall winter kind of love song lol.

    Cr to uploader Thanh Tuyen
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    I like the scenery , remind me of that Chinese snake story tho lol. I lisent to Viet music alot when I was oversea , I was so annoyed by it lol but it's all cool , after a while I got use to it.
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    The mountain scenery is magestic, bringing you into an ancient magical land. The nature scenes were shot in Mai Chau (Northern Vietnam), a very beautiful place.

    The spirit girl character is inspired by Xiao Wei from the Painted Skin film from 2008.
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    I've been listening to the JRODTWINS these past weeks and came across their cover of your obsessed song :p

    I'm addicted to this one ... so sad :(

    The original is found here (p'ek is the same guy from that My Tam's "Don't Ask Me Why" song -- I think)
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    @cecilia :p I know the JRODTWINS & watched their covers of both songs. I was going to post Em Gai Mua original mv up but you did before me lol. Yes, same p'ek in both original mvs, his name is Mai Tai Phen.
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    Like the JRODTWINS --- was rooting for them to get in that superstar k show in Korea ..

    I really like original Vietnamese songs like these. Appreciate the ARTISTS a lot more than those who use other countries' music scores to write their own lyric and claim it as their own; I support cover artists, at least they don't claim the song they cover as their art.
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    @cecilia I agree.

    Here is another sad mv, the song is Trai Tim Em Cung Biet Dau (My Heart also Hurts). These 3 main people including the singer are also in her other sad mv for the song Song Xa Anh Chang De Dang.

    I feel sorry for the lady in this mv more. She is in love with a guy who is deceiving her because he is a married man. The young lady in Em Gai Mua mv, she likes/is in love with the young professor but I don't think he likes her, he is being nice to her which I think causes her to have feelings for him.

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    Hey Stranger...I like the singing of the girl; I don't like the guy's part, his accent isn't my cup of tea lol. It is about a guy who needs L O V E :icon12: :D...English sub is available.

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