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Discussion in 'FanSub' started by yingerbug, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. yingerbug

    yingerbug Guest

    Is that wat you call it. SOFT SUB... Anywaise ima uploading HZGG in Chinese and i was wondering if anyone was willing to help translate it for me. Its like 74 vcds long. I mean it dont have to be perfect, jus as long as the people who are watching with the sub knows wats going on. In return for anyone's hard work i can burn/give something i have for them. Jus trying to be nice cause its really hard to watch a drama and not understand wat they are saying... Any takers...

    I would ask my chinese brother in law, but he's 1000 miles away from me... :lmao:
  2. oil_yui

    oil_yui sarNie Adult

    who's the cast in this series? btw, yingerbug, you have your 100 post!!!
  3. darvil

    darvil sarNie Adult

    lol yinger

    This is not going to be even remotely possible. You will need a small army.
  4. yingerbug

    yingerbug Guest

    Really.... :eek: Hmmm.... <_< I didnt know i would need an army... Gosh it seems harder then it looks then... I guess i would jus ask people who understands chinese jus summarize it then. Anywaise thanks!

    Here is the link to some pics of the 4 main characters. [Cast pics Here] Kinda slow at posting but finally i got 100.. Didnt even notice it until you mentioned it. :D

    Okay since i dont want to make this impossible, can or will anyone be willing to help summarize each disc... Its in chinese, but not sure which language. :D
  5. tang071

    tang071 sarNie Elites

    i have this in thai. and i've watched parts 1-4 so many times that i know all the parts.
    i'm so pissed that part 4 has a different group of people except er-kung.
    but if i learn how to upload from vcds then i could possibly upload it during xmas break; but it'll be in thai.
  6. yingerbug

    yingerbug Guest

    Is there really 4 series to it. I thought there was only 3...
  7. rukD2B

    rukD2B Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong

    i would soo help but the sukky thing is is dont ahve the series..and also...i dont kno the language..hope someone can help you na yingerbug..also..theres only 3 not 4...
  8. Amy

    Amy Sarnie Royalty

    Is it only the first series that you want. My chinese is not perfect but enought to understand what going on. :sweat
    Hey i thought there is only 3 part to this unless another one just come out recently. :huh:

    Edit: i take my word back cause i didn't look at the date of the post.
  9. amythao

    amythao sarNie Adult

    i though there only 3 part...I just watch all the thai one..
  10. suboshiyui

    suboshiyui sarNie Fansubber

    You can go onto and search under the BT torrents. This series is currently being translated into english by HZGG team and AS!. I believe up to episode 13 has been done ^^

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