Huajai Toranong

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  1. pichpiran

    pichpiran sarNie Egg

    if anyone have the summary of this lakorn please post it thank you!!!
  2. untinnu

    untinnu sarNie Adult

    ok..i didn't watch the whole lakorn, but saw the goes:

    kong and tik gets married, and they seem ok, to be lovey dovey, but then tik gives birth, and everything changes..kong is always expecting her to watch the baby when tik herself is busy..kong expects her to watch the house and the baby with tik also have to work..and well, kong works morning, and tik works night, and that's how they began to drift apart and starts to get into arguments..

    kong then gets a new secretary, and it's kik..and he have an affair with her..when tik had enough of him, she finally move out taking her daughter with her..

    that's all i know..hope that helps..

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