How many times have u rewatched a lakorn

How Many Times? U'd watch the lakorn?

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sarNie Adult
I've got to say at least five times. I will watch it over again because of the actors and the storyline.

The movies I would rewatch over again would be

ka neung ha -starring ning & patson. One of my favorite couples. I just love those two together. I love the movie and storyline. It's funny and romantic at the same time. And the music is also great!

Hua jai mee ngao-starring ning & patson. Again my favorite couples. The storyline is great and very different. I also love the music!

daoprasook-starring num & kob. One of my all-time favorite movie. Also one of my favorite couples. The storyline is very good so is the music. I like the grudge that kob held against her mother. She's so stubborn but I would of done the same thing if I was her. I also like the jealousy between kob and num and all the romantic scenes.

Luad hong-starring bee & I don't know the guy's name. I thought this movie was good and very different. Kind of suspenseful. Somehow I just don't like the p'ek acting. I just don't think his acting were real especially his face expressions. However, I love the storyline and the music!

Ngao asoke-starring issariya & ekgarat. also one of my favorite couples. I love the storyline and the music! It's alwesome!

Doy raeng a-thit-tarn-starring kob & sarunyu. Although sarunyu is a lot older than kob I think he fits perfectly for his role. I think he's still handsome just like when he was younger. Anyways, though storyline is good and different. And I love kob's character. I like her powerful character than the weak one. And the music is just too good. Goes so well with the movie.

leh ratee-starring pepper & ann. One of my most recent movie that I watched and just fell in love with it. Pepper is so hot! And ann is just cute! The storyline is great and so is the music.

That's all the I can think of for now. I'll add more later if I can think of any more. But yeah, those are some movies that I would definitely watch over and over again from beginning to end!


sarNie Elites
i didn't vote it since it's random lakorns that i sometime re-watch it like over 15...mostly i always watch it all over again like ruk tem roy. :D


sarNie Adult
i rewtch the whole lakorn benja keeta kwarm ruk all the time everyday well at least 2 or 3 episode a everyday ^_^ love it so much!!!


i want to see Ngao Asoke so bad but no one has it.. booo..

hmm let see:

Dang Sawan Saab- i think like 4x?
Sao Noi 2- 3x?
Plerng Payu-2x
Fah Pieng Din-4x?
Muang Dala and Kep pan din- 2x
Fly Me to Love-4x
Jone Plone Jai 2x

and the list go on lol.. i only keep a copy if i really really like it


I really LOVE 'cheevit puer ka huajai puer tuer' with Captain and Pin! I'm not one to record lakorns for some reason, and I'm sure I could save a lot of money if I would! Well, I RENTED the whole lakorn maybe 4+ times now, and each tape is $1 each...LoL. Next time I have a BIG urge to watch the lakorn again...I need to search online to see if any stores are selling it! :lol:


sarNie Elites
OMG...this is like a trick question for me, because there was, like, a period of years where i didn't have any new lakorns to watch, so i had to watch some of my old favorites...over and over again...NONSTOP...SERIOUSLY, with NO SLEEP. LOL

i guess, what i'm saying is, i've LOST COUNT! HAHA


sarNie Hatchling
probably 30..cuz i'll get sick of it...4 some can only rewatch older lakorns...the new ones that i find good i can't rewatch....well mayb after 4 months...


sarNie Oldmaid
Omigosh!!! i rewatch la korns so many times. i keep rewinding to the part i like.
right now: the la korn i keep watching everyday is "Ping" Puri+Pim they are soooo cute!

before in the pass the la korns i keep watching a lot are:
Thep sarm rue do(phone+yam)
Likasit hua jai(Pat+Por)
Gumma thep luang(Jib+Kaid)
Kep pan din(Aom+Captain)
Hoi An chun ruk tur(Dan+Janie)
The one that i really lost count watching would be Bahnsaithong cause so many people watch it and it is usually when i am around. I would say i watched the whole lakorn maybe 3 times or 4. But if you say i skip around and watch the romantic parts/sad parts and blah blah i lost count so long ago... kekeke...


Lakorn Obsesser
If I really like the lakorn, at least 10 times. If I'm super in love... Who knows.


sarNie Juvenile
The lakorn that I rewatched the most was Ruk Prakasit starring Num and Ning. When I first bought it I watched it like two three times a day for a long time and then I would watch it once in a while. I could watch this lakorn over and over!!!!! The second one that I also watch a lot is Ban Sai Tong.


sarNie Granny
i like to rewatch lakorn late late at night *shrug* and i don't like starting from the begin haha so i start in the middle after the "R" scene or so or when the n'k is pregnant till end . I don’t remember all the lakorn off the top of head but I like rewatching dramtic lakorn. There two lakorn dat I always rewatch the most though …Sawan Bieng and Nung fa kub satan but mostly Nung fa kub satan just cuz it got me laughing so much .


sarNie Adult
umm. I've watched Dao Pra Sook 2 times. that's about it LOL. & I watch Nam Jai Mae (boran) a million times. I think that's the only one I don't get sick of.