How many songs do you have on your iPod (or mp3 player)?


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yep, you can never have too many songs. i have 32 gb and if i were to add all my videos and apps, it might not be enough lmfao


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i get bore of songs easily so i only put 166 at the most .. and change them as the week go by. Sometime, i hate searching for the song I want to hear .. in the past, i used to have tons and sometime, i'd end up spending time searching for a certain song .. it beats the whole purpose of a playlist lmao


sarNie Juvenile
Dang yall! Like kiabialover, MORE THAN half of my songs are Thai. The majority are English and I also have a handful of Korean (mostly 2PM and Se7en), handful of Chinese, and some Japanese. Music is my life too!


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the most i ever have 300. i delete and add every two to three month. on the computer there is over 1000 songs. but every since my laptop broke i had to start all over. been lazy though and no megaupload and other upload site. hard to find songs now to dl. i buy 2-3 albums once every 4-10 months but i don't ever rip them. i still dl them off the internet lol

anyone mind sharing their Thai music list torrent works best for me but if not mediafire works for me too. i dnt have a 4shared account so i can't dl. don't want to risk creating an account bc i heard u coul


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I have 623 songs in my iPod. Some of them are Thai (mostly from lakorns) and Chinese (Canto) and the rest are Korean.


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i have 1234 songs on my itouch..
i don't dare to update them since my laptop crashed..
would suck to find all songs again.. sigh.. im still sad after my other crash.. boohoo.. :(