How do you express your feelings


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I wish I can answer my questions but its no use. Even if I do find an answer, it'll still be the same. I would still be HURT. Yep, hurt. The one thing I'm so afraid of, its something I've been trying avoid. My fear that I have never wanted to face. But now I am, and again, I'm standing alone. The emotion that I felt is killing me again. The one I had when I found him. He gave me hope and took it away. I felt as if my heart had shattered into a million peices, but that's just how life is. At that moment when those words came out of his mouth, I swore not to turn back on love again. From then on, I kept my heart locked up. I kept myself from loving someone, I kept myself from getting hurt. I didn't want to go out and find a second chance because I don't believe in second chances. Everything is like a game I guess. And if you love someone, you have to keep their trust and try your best to keep their love. It's all different for me now. I don't trust or believe in love anymore. It hurt me once, and it's still hurting me, and yet, I'm holding on.
Well I thought that this year (2006) would be different. I was healed from the pain and I was okay with everything. I kept my options opened and I didn't fall easily but that spot was still empty. I still feel it now, my past is haunting my present. I might seem like I'm okay but the truth is, I'm not. Everytime I'm with my friends and family, I might be laughing, smiling, but that's the outter part. But deep inside, I'm dying! No one understand that I wear a fake smile everyday. I wish it was already over. I don't want to be this way. I know I'm the only one that can stop it, but I guess I still need time.The thing I'm so afraid of is getting and being HURT. I dont want to cry. I really don't. I hate liars! The one thing that pisses me off. I don't want to feel this way, being hurt is PAIN especially when I always have to slap on a fake smile everyday and cry all the time!


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People cry for many reasons, some cry for happiness, others cry saddness. I fall under the saddness catagory. The images, the conversations, they replay over and over in my head, and what does that do it causes saddness, and pain. You want to forget it all, but the more you think of it, the more effect it has on you, all those happy and sad times replaying back and forth all those wonderful memorys, that now only cause you more and more pain. To forgive and forget is a hard thing to do, most people can do that, and most cant, and for me I cant, i can forgive, but I can never forget. Never once have I cried this much, you cant even call this crying, all that is happening is tears falling with no ending.



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LaLa Tsab said:

\ To forgive and forget is a hard thing to do, most people can do that, and most cant, and for me I cant, i can forgive, but I can never forget. Never once have I cried this much, you cant even call this crying, all that is happening is tears falling with no ending.

I totally agree with you on this one. Annnee, we are soo meant to be friends!!


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I express my feelings like this,

we living in the Internet world, I figured might as well do everything via internet


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Lies Repeat themselves every time we speak..You continue to feed the angry that has already grown with more lies and painful revealations....Yet knowing they are lies I continue to believe them..Am I that gullible? Or am I just that blind? Regardless of what it is, its about time I open up my eyes and realize that nothing, no excuses, reasons, or words will ever justify the pain you put me through...

sighs =x



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yeah i love to shop too destressing comes in many forms, i shop, eat, draw, take pictures, sing, cry, dance, write... i do many other things too but i don't take agression out by fighting i guess... unless it's the last resort... but i do have road rage problems. it's my biggest flaw. :unsure:


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this is me when im mad... aT Him!


this is me when im mad at the world...


and lastly, when im REALLY mad..

"DON'T FAWKEN TALK TO ME! SHOOT! I DONT WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE YOU DUMB FAWK!" (basically, i throw it on everyone's face and i can't control my anger nor people can't control me.)


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as a women... i really suck at expressing feelings... i'm very bad at expressing it verbally...i just don't feel comfortable doing it that way and i don't think it would mean as much as my actions... to me... i can only express how i feel through my actions and sometimes they don't understand it or misinterpret it... *sighs... life is soooo hard!


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Express yourself by writing, drawing, painting, dancing, singing ,however you feel like doing it. Creative expression is an essential feature of sane human beings. Cavemen did it when they drew animals on the walls of their caves. Restless teenagers do it through graffiti,i do it through playing soccer :lmao: .
But most of all.....
This is how expression should be done. Wake up in the morning to the smell of hot coffee, dogs at your feet and a beautiful woman laying next to you. The sun shining through the window and three simple words. I love you :p


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wow...powerful poems and meanings left behind it...
If only I was a guy... I'd love to take you gals to my Paradise j.k
Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met.

I just wanna share a quote a person who was dear to me, at a point told me: "Even though the sun may disappear for a while, it never forgets to shine"

I've been in that same boat you gals were on once or twice and I understand how you guys feels...but life goes on... and so should you, just remember that with or without him/her you still have a life and that is when you will truly discover yourself...
For me, the only way for me to truly find happiness, I realize over the past years, is for me to Love Like I've Never Been Hurt Before.

Over the last 4 years i have been living in the past...and not the present and I realize how much times I've missed much time has passed, and I let it passed without even taking a second glance whatsoever and that is what I regret...


When I'm mad or sad I tend to shop.....that's one way for me to get it out...... or watch movies....or eat lots of food..... :wavecry:


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when i'm mad... i usually watch lakorns... LOL... it really helps cool me down....


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when im mad or angry i like to clean it calms me down...when im sad and about to cry i look down so no one will see my watery eyes...and when I'm happy i laugh out loud hysteriacally until tears starts dripping down my face from happiness =)


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well i do lots of things, depends on what kind of emotions im in. if im happy, i smile, sad, i cry, mad.. dont even go there. But when my sister is mad, she goes shopping. I dont know how it calms her down. I eat when i mad. I play b-ball or even sock things.


by: Lek

Many day's where I WONDERED....Wondering why I'm continually by myself. Feeling lonely and jaded........I'm ill as of myself, my life, my soul, and the energy that surrounds! Who can I turn to when everyone else has eachother...... In the end, I noticed that it was just me that transformed myself...Myself in becoming An Bigger LONER than i was before....


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Lies exceeds their limits as they are continously told...I was hoping that maybe you have changed and because it was a sincere change, but all of it was just a part of your on going games...I've given up and quit..I'll no longer be the character in your continue to play as I will watch..and maybe someday when all the cards are played and are your lives have wasted you will turn and look then realize what a great person you once were and still could be if only it wasn't to late....

Just a Little Something Random...


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I Feel Poetic tonight so I'm sitting here in sarnworld chat and thinking of all the sweethearts I've met in there and decided to come drop a few sweet lines about them :p

P'lek aka lalalek:
Her beauty exceeds her not only from her appearance, but also from within her.. her grace is felt as soon as she has made her presence visible... Always with a smile and never so much as angry, her hype and happiness touches everyone as she swiftly passes into our lives

Ben aka Asianstyle:
Funny yet intriging his sweetness is felt every day as he spends his last final hours brightning up a room full of chatters who have retreated there to relax for their day.. Although he is ruthlessly taunted and teased (lol sorry had to do that) he still remains the sweetheart we know today he's ben...

Pee aka Pee :):
Sweet and gentle like an angel she moves through all the times I've caught her entertaining a room full of chatters with her cute humor and sweet personality. Although I haven't had the pleasure to spend as much time with her as much as I do with the other few she is still a sweet little friend indeed

Darvil aka Darvil:
Mysterious and Quiet With only a few sentences spoken each time I've retreated to this room.. with those few sentences he speaks he still avails you to believe that he is one of the intelligent few

Ly aka YuhoLovesLy *(sorry girl ur names to long to remember haha)* :
Beauty is what I've heard she possesses and I'm not one bit skeptical for I see her sillyness and her charming personality.. a person as she allows a person to cast no doubt at all that she is beautiful both inside and out she is Ly :p

devious yet intelligent..she seems so confident and smart.. a few times we've talked and a few times she's made me laugh.I've had the pleasure to see her photo and must I say she is truely beautiful...a sweet young woman she is a successful one to become :)

** Okies sorry thats all I can think of at the top of my head ** lol Just something I had to say randomly about all of you I've listed..I'm sure theres more, but my excuse is sleepy!! lol and yawns and for the few I havent gotten to know so well yet is cause I seen u on the chat only once or twice maybe ill have more to say as I get to know ya'll :)

Hahha I know Im a dork


when I'm mad I punch the person who made me mad.. haha you gotta get to the root of the problen and eliminate it hahah jp!! when im mad I'm quiet or I cry. But I only get mad for just a bit and then i get over it.. Bribe me with ice cream or chocolate or somtom lolz hahah uhmm Im happy most of the time.. When im said I express it by crying and watching anime to get over it lolz.. that's all I'm hungry.. all these poems.. =P