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I enjoy watching it a lot ka, I have watched it several times lol. It is so sweet, I like how you put all their sweet & memorable photos together, excellent song choice ka :thumbsup:. Thank you for sharing ka :grouphug:.

P.s. You are always on time with your creations, I am not lol :lol:.


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There are lots of fin moments in your mv @Junyukio na ka. Yup! I did noticed it when I first saw your mv for the first time ka, here it is:
Athit was nervous than Darunee :loool:.

I specifically captured it focusing on NY only with the heart :whahuh:.

This moment is super fin too. NY were very close, almost like they were going to kiss each other :pervie: :lol:.


I love this photo ka, another TNNKK moment yay!...I captured it with the words "You're the only girl in the world" :coverlaf:.

Junyukio said:
There's was a super fin part . Did you notice Zoe?  :dance1:  :dance1:  :pervie:
@bubbles8, I really like this magazine photoshoot of NY too that I bought the magazine :lol: & it was expensive :yes:.
bubbles8 said:
Another beautiful mv Jun <3

This is prob not the super fin monent u're talking abt hehe but i really liked this photoshoot from ur mv, both looked really classy



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I have a good story to share lol. Yesterday I went to my local Asian supermarket, as I was walking along the aisles, I caught a glimpse of this cute guy, I had to stop to see who he is....turned out he is the one of a kind Nadech but on boxes of if brand fruit drinks :loool:. Here are the photos I took:

A closer look at the cute guy lol

Here he is again, hiding lol

Here are the drinks, 4 different flavors. I bought all 4 of them lol.

I had tried all of them except the grape flavor...the mango flavor is the best then even score on lemonade & summer punch flavors.
Cr to Ms.Zoe


. : Lady Yue : .
@bubbles8, here is the magazine I bought (I like this cover more) with if fruit drink bottles lol.

I bought these Lays potato chip bags back in May at the same Asian supermarket. I like Asian flavored foods & these bags reminded me of NY so I bought them lol. Both were good but I liked the flavor of the bag on the right side more. I liked it a lot that I bought a few bags of it on different trips to the supermarket lol. 

Cr to Ms.Zoe


sarNie Adult
Thank you so much for sharing zoey, joob joob <3 i never thought of trying to see if they have naya's products at asian stores, im gona try now lol there's a thai grocery near my house kakak

Re-listening to tnnkk's ost, but the japanese version, it's alot smoother than the thai version, but i like both :p



sarNie Juvenile
Ms.Zoe said:
There are lots of fin moments in your mv @Junyukio na ka. Yup! I did noticed it when I first saw your mv for the first time ka, here it is:Athit was nervous than Darunee .I specifically captured it focusing on NY only with the heart .

  :bravo:  Zoe, i just want to adjust a bit... they' re both nervous, they forgot the present of other staff :secret: Only kept silent & made super intense eyes contact .They lost in each other eyes and also forget that they're acting in lakorn lol
The part with pink heart is BTS of Thoranee ka. You will see their acting in Lakorn i combined here, when i  watched the moment Nee measured for Athit at first time, i kinda said woah woah, so Sweet, you both are the best in eye acting
Then after i found out BTS, i was on C9, i kept watching many times ka, pls check their reactions: Ya startled, Na looked sheepish and Kaew aunt smiled teasingly..
BTS is more real than a real .lol. Real life is more fin than lakorn.
@ bubbles8, those parts from pics you captured are also my loved ones. 


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@ bubbles8, you are very welcome ka :). I had tried to look for the noodle brand that NaYa are the presenters for since I know the supermarkets sell different kinds of noodles but no luck. They probably do not carry this noodle brand yet. The chips and drinks were coincidences (I did not think the supermarket will sell them), I happened to be at the right places in the supermarket lol.

Which version of TNNKK's ost is the original? Both versions are good.

@ Junyukio, I saw ka...the producer should edit the bts scene into lakorn, it is more real & fin :lol:. Thank you for the clip ka. I think we have became analyzing experts ka lol.

What aspect of Na's face do you like most? I like his eyes & bubbles8 likes his dimples lol.


Mrs James Ma
Lol I feel sorry for Yaya   :whaha:   :whaha:   :whaha:

Yaya said I think I got it... Ohh! This is the reaction of the person who feels jealous when her friends posted sweet pics at the same time!
These were the pics Kim and Margie uploaded



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Step said:
Lol I feel sorry for Yaya   :whaha:   :whaha:   :whaha:

Yaya said I think I got it... Ohh! This is the reaction of the person who feels jealous when her friends posted sweet pics at the same time!
I believe that nong will not get pissy anymore after seeing the pic post by her pe Chai, you know his style right? There's a hint from Barry's pic i am sure lol

First, i really wonder why mae Keaw / Barry posted a pic like above and write" Buenos Dias" means " Good morning" about 16:00 at Thai zone...
1) The good morning is Yaya like Eros / Aurora = ) lol?

2) Winged horse
- Horse: Yaya's favourite
- Winged horse  = Pegasus ( is a ultimate gift for Hercules)

Look and check the connection ka, if you're fan of NY, you will  know that Ya once regarded Barry as Hercules because of his strength and his fix body.
3) Funny YenYen said: " this pic is more fin & jin than theirs" P' Yaya, even though there is "NO US" in the pic
4) The balloons => check my salmon pillow theory hahah
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sarNie Adult
Aww i love hercules, baby herscules was so adorable, one of my fav cartoon

Zoey, his dimples enhances really his smiles hhehe and back during dja days, ppl were going crazy over fai's lips also!

I force her to go with me hhaha

Reporter: you want to be the groom?
Na: Ha? *smiles*
Reporter: the musical u watched was abt the gro
Na: Not yet, not yet, wait first wait first *flaunts his dimples*



. : Lady Yue : .
:highfive: ....Great analyses @Junyukio ka. I will contribute more to your analyses below (I think my analyses will be nitty gritty & delusional, oh well  :coverlaf: ).
1. I took a closer look at the Pegasus & I think it is a girl (big round eye with eyelashes, rainbow colored tail & mane). So connecting the dots Aurora with wings with Pegasus = Yaya....Nadech = Hercules. From video, I could see the instant attraction & adoration between Hercules & Pegasus..*notice the heart :coverlaf:. 
- The rainbow reminds me that in the past (I could not pinpoint where/when) Nadech jokingly said that he wanted 7 kids :coverlaf:...7 kids = 7 colors of the rainbow.
- Aurora, Hercules & Pegasus are all in Greek mythology....both Nadech & Yaya like Greece (there was a translated article about this)
In spoiler tab is Yaya's mention about Nadech being like Hercules, including photos & translation:
Here is Yaya's foreword in "Nadech in My Heart" Pocket Book, The pocket book from Nadech's mom.

Translation by Ilada Le
N'Yaya also contributed a paragraph to define Nadech:

"As for Me, P'Nadech is like Hercules for two reasons

(1) Because he has tons of energy (power) for his work, ever since I've been working with him I've never heard the words Can't do it, Can't handle it, Don't want to do it ~ instead I always hear Yes, and Yes ~ and I always see great determination in his eyes, he's very concentrated and very focused in everything he does to the max

2) And he can't be Hercules if he does not have the body, the look (facial features) and personality which I would describe as PERFECT!"

Cover photo of the pocket book

Cr to MrsChum for photos & post of translation and Ilada Le for translation

2. I think there is US in the photo through YeNYen :coverlaf: :
a. the princess crown, if I remembered correctly during filming of RFTD, Nadech teased Yaya as "Why Princess" because she asked questions a lot :coverlaf:.
b. the eyes & eyeglasses, Nadech mostly wears eyeglasses when he is not working or at home. Either the eyes are enlarging due to excitement or they have redness due to allergy (Nadech has allergy problems) ^___^.

3. OHHH, one more analysis on why Spanish...I think it is because Ya could speak Spanish lol.

Anyone else who would like to share their analyses too? :lol:.

P.s. speaking of Spanish, I thought this song really match with NY


Cr to uploader Naturlighet


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Lol...I did not know about the popularity of Fai's lips. I understand why, without those lips, its shape Na would not have his charming smiles :lol:. I find men with broad smiles & not so thin lips attractive :lol:.

His smiles alone are charming already to view, his dimples are for people to view his smiles longer :loool:.
I could be delusional :crazy: but I think there are reasons for the different types of smiles he makes :loool:...I will post about this when I have time :lol:.


. : Lady Yue : .
Awww...this photo is too cute...Na's & baby's facial impressions are funny...so many funny captions could be made by this photo :lol:

The baby won in getting Ya's attention, Na is smiling in defeat by the baby :lol:

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