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sarNie Hatchling
Ok NYers, I am self confessed Mk fan girl but am also very much love my NY too..i just want to share my opinion of  these two people and their relationship that i really know nothing about. These opinions are from a sincere curious fan not someone who wants to bash NY.
I always see NY out and about events, dinner etc but they are hardly ever alone except for that one valentines dinner..are they chaperoned everywhere together?? how do you form an adult relationship when your always surrounded by others even if they are your family?? I love that thier families get along so well but would love to see them just hanging out ..just the two of them.
They just seem like to high school kids who hold hands and have a giggle...they are 20 plus and have finished university would love to see a more grown up side to them and some maturity in the relationship that they are choosing to project to the world. Or is it just me?


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Hi :hiya: @ Pueng_B, I don't think they are chaperoned everywhere together. I am sure they do spend time together just the 2 of them, just that there are no photos or clips of their private meet ups. NY have some good friends & fans who respect their privacy so even if NY spent time together with friends or alone together without being chaperoned & got caught, there would not be photos/clips of it because their friends & fans would not post anything & even if a few photos got posted, these photos will be taken down later, this kind of incident happened last year.

I personally like the relationship they have now, not many actor & actress pairs in the entertainment industry have the bond that they have. The entertainment industry has its glamour & darkness with the paparazzi, coworkers & etc so for them to be where they are at right now, I think they must have worked hard, helped each other tremendously & understood each other very well to be where they are now.

They have unique ways of showing their relationship in public. I have fun just seeing their unique ways & would wonder what other unique ways they will show next. I think they reserve their grown up side or maturity of their relationship to themselves in private. I think eventually they may show this side of their relationship when they think the time is appropriate/right.


. : Lady Yue : .
A short translation from NY's Kullastree mag June 2015. Hahaha Na would be a very fit or skinny guy if he would not eat too much :loool:. I do hope they will be happy & are parents when they are 45 years old. I guess the magazine picks 45 because this question is asked in their 45th anniversary issue :scratchchin:.

-Q: What will another party become, when s/he is 45 years old?
-Nadech: Yaya would have a good care of herself. Her body and her beauty should be the same like nowadays. And she would have her own business too.
-Yaya: P Nadech would be a man who never stay still like the way he is right now. He is hyperactive man. He would be a very fit guy or a skinny guy. I believe that in the future he won't eat much anymore! (laugh).

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sarNie Adult
I really like what you said zoey<3 I also adore and appreciate the unique ways naya show their love, they give me the impression of holding back affection, a really strong vibe of sincerity and genuity and deep grandma/grandpa love. You can get a glimpse of this through their 3zaap show credit to nayalovehouse and lovefia



Pueng, like zoey mentioned, ny does hang around without their family, and there are evidences too eg. Pottery, rockclimbing, doghouse, wakeboarding etc even with each other's close friends out of the et, it's just many evidences are protected and not publicised. And it's known that this yr's valentines was not their first, they've been seen before, just not caught like this yr hehe


. : Lady Yue : .
I like how you describe NY's affection for each other @bubbles8 :dance2:. The kind that I like for myself too, for me it's not the boring & never get old kind of type of affection. I love this 3Zaaap show of NY most, they gave so much info & details about themselves & each other to viewers. What I love most is N's one of a kind gesture of saying sorry to Ya or asking for her forgiveness :loool:. Imagine an old man making this gesture or move on his old lady :pervie:, it would be so sweet :lol: Oh yeah, Na did scared me with his facial expression before he touched Y :whahuh: lol.


sarNie Adult
There were so many things abt their 3zaap that shows how deep and special their relationship is, shall discuss laters kekek

Time for some music, i liked how Pitta chose the song for MV cos na was singing to it, it's the ost to one of ken and janie's lakorn. Notice how na was the first to offer his chair to ya, and with ur observing eyes zoey do u see him blowing a kiss near her neck?? Heh



. : Lady Yue : .
bubbles8, I see lots of other actions from Na besides offering Ya his chair. I am not sure if he blew a kiss near her neck though I wanted him to ;), it seems more like he wanted to whisper something to her but aiming at her neck :loool:. He was aiming for her neck like 2 times before, 1st time was when Ya's hair touched his face because the fan was blowing, he seemed to like it :lol: & was looking back at the fan or something to see if Ya would be comfortable with the fan blowing; 2nd time was right afterward when he wanted to say something to her. He also looked at her many times like crazy :coverlaf: & getting her attention by drawing a line on her writing/drawing, naughty boy. Ya was nice, she did not hit him even if she did, it would be like a tap on the arm, instead she just drew lines on his arm & yes he enjoyed it. She may hit him hard behind the scene who knows, I know I would if some guy messes with my works  :coverlaf:.
Did you see the way she said "HI" to Na? It was cute, she bounced as she did it :lol:.


. : Lady Yue : .
bubbles8, you are not fond of Na's chest? ;)
At first when I knew Na has a hairy chest, I was "oh no why" but it was only for a few minutes then I was over it & made Na's hairy chest an exception & reserved a place for it on my Exceptional list :coverlaf:. My dad probably would not agree , have to not let him know about Na :lol: :hide:, he does not like hairy chest though he is a man himself & hairy on his arms & legs and have thick bushy eyebrows. I guess light skinned men with thick bushy eyebrows are hairy :lol:. It is genetics, unchangeable, good characteristics & personalities are favored. I think Na wanted some air for his chest hair :lol:.


. : Lady Yue : .
Lol...with him showing off his chest, it tells me that he is confident with his body, but I have no idea why he would show it off when it seemed like the other guys were all covered up :coverlaf:. His face is so young & sweet but his chest is so mature & manly :loool:.
Athit's & Darunee's adopted son...If TNNKK ended with them taking their newborn baby to see Grandma then it would be so awesome but then again we would not be able to see Athit's greediness in wanting to have lots of children with Darunee :loool:.
Lovely photo of NY <3, they look so perfect in white.
P.s. I edit the introduction for this home, check it out ;).


sarNie Adult
Haha he and ya's intentions scaring girls away at the party with his chest hair lol

Yeah i wanted athit and nee to have a dozem kids, he said he could do it hahaha

And i read your new intro, that first pic of them is one of my fav <3

Watching Mos and Aom replicating naya's performance gave me goosbumps, they even left a strong impression on the veterans of the industry, super proud of them! With dara daily's caption as 'It's not easy to be nadech yaya'




sarNie Juvenile
Hello Zoe,  love your new intro too .
I want to share the very old interview of NY from OHO Magazine in 2011, lol "All I did was look/stare at her", who on earth can resist his look?
Translated by Thip | YADECH ( yadech.com)

Eventhough he has a full schedule, Nadech was willing enough to come and have a talk with me. And as we were talking, I can feel that not only he has the good looks and body but he has more than that. And what made me decided to say that out loud, please read the following interview below and as for the unanswered question whether Nadech likes Yaya Urassaya Sperbund or not, ladies prepare to scream
Hoy: Come to think of it, you’re pretty handsome up close. Honestly, were you this good looking before you entered the industry?
Nadech: “Oho…!!!Whoever thinks that they look good when they were young is crazy.”
Hoy: I do. I think I look good all the time. [Nadech laughs]. At least we have to be confident and think we look okay.
Nadech “I’m confident too but not because of my looks but what I should do to look good and how I should let people see. It doesn’t have to be your looks, it can be your personality, your manners, the way you talk, your smile, those can make you look good without even being handsome.”
Hoy: “That’s good thinking, handsome because of your manners. By the way, you’ve been handsome because of mannerism for a long time now?
Nadech: “Yes. You can even ask my friends. I like making people laugh. I have p’Tuk Boriboon as my idol. I think he’s awesome and a funny guy. He likes to make people laugh.”
Hoy: “Oh…you have a strange idol. So how did you get into this industry?”
Nadech: “P’Ae Supachai took me in but before that, I didn’t know who he was.”
Hoy: “And at that time, what did he discuss with your mom?”
Nadech: “He said he’s Aum Patcharapa Chaicheua’s manager. He would like me to go work with him. But my mom didn’t really believe him so he brought p’Vier’s mother along so my mom was okay with it. Truthfully, my mom wanted me to finish high school first before I start working but I couldn’t wait, the opportunity is here so I gave it a try.”
Hoy: “What was the first job p’Ae had you do?”
Nadech: “It was a fashion show at Bang Rai.”
Hoy: “Oho….walking in a fashion show in a different province. Seems like p’Ae was trying to create media gossip for you in Putorn?” (I didn’t really get this question)
Nadech: “No, it was at Central World. It was a charity event and p’Ae took his kids under his agency to go walk. I walked with p’Mario Maurer.”
Hoy: “When you first walked in, did the junior/senior actor asked who you were?”
Nadech: “They didn’t ask. They probably thought I was a celebrity [laughs], I’m kidding. At that time, my head was shaved off and I didn’t know what I was doing so p’Mario had to help me Evert time.”
Hoy: “Your first paycheck, what did you do with it?
Nadech: “I saved it. I told my mom to put it in the bank.”
Hoy: “You saved that 200 bahts. You had to keep it so secretive (I’m teasing)”
Nadech: “[laughs] I 1500 bahts from it. I was excited because I’m from out of town, I always had to ask my mom for money. Now, I can find money for myself on my own and for my mom.”
Hoy: “After the fashion show then came lakorn. And the one that made you really popular was Duang Jai Akkanee. Did you ever think that you would be this famous.? Could you feel the change?”
Nadech: “I never thought of it. I still remember the day I went to film the Tonight Show with p’Mak Prin and p’ Gupkip Sumonthip, there were only two fan clubs waiting to take pictures with me. After the lakorn aired, there were more fan clubs, I have my own web board now. I have more followers like today I have atleast 30 people.”
Hoy: “When you have a lot of people following you, do you feel irritated or uncomfortable?”
Nadech: “In the beginning I did, I didn’t get why they have to follow me so much, why do they want to wait to take pictures with me. You know after work, I do want to be by myself but in return if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here right now so I’m always willing to talk and take pictures with them.”
Hoy: “You being a hot commodity hasn’t ended yet. With commercials, I heard you have 16 waiting for you to do. I think if pads were invented for boys, they would probably call you to do one for them.”
Nadech: “That’ll be good…geesh ….p’Hoy, you’re over thinking it now. Honestly it’s not up to 16 but I do want to thank them for giving me this opportunity.”
Hoy: “Can you believe this, the commercial that girls are going crazy for is the body wash crème.When I saw it, I couldn’t help but think….”
Nadech: “Think what?”
Hoy: “Think whether that’s a breast or a child’s head?”
Nadech: “[laughs] Things like this depends on the pressure you put into it. Like when I was hitting the drum, you have to tilt you body a little and put tension into it so the muscle would pop up. The director told me these technique so the pictures came out pretty good.”
Hoy: “You have so many work, do you consider yourself rich now?”
Nadech: “Let’s just say I’m stable right now.”
Hoy: “I’ve been hearing gossip that you’re stingy. You wouldn’t buy your own clothes because you have fans buying it for you. Is that true?”
Nadech: “I’m not stingy, like with clothes, I’m whatever. Whatever I have, I’ll wear it. But if I have to go out to a formal event, that’s another story. But I think it’s best to save money now because I don’t know if I’ll still be in this industry the next day, I don’t know what the future is going to be like. So right now, I want to do everything for my family. All the money I get I give it to my mom. I would ask how much I have in the account. It’s little happiness.”
Hoy: “What was the most expensive thing you bought for yourself recently?”
Nadech: “It was a Canon 5D Mark II camera. The price was a little over 100,000 baht but I use it for school. I use it when I go into site. Other than my camera, it’s my house that I bought in Krung Thep but the money, me and my dad split it because I didn’t have money saved up that time [smiles].”
Hoy: “What about a car? Did you buy one yet? A handsome guy like you I would think you would buy a sports car with an open hood.”
Nadech: “[laughs] I’m not really interested in these kind of things. Whatever I have now, I’ll just use that. But usually I don’t drive, I usually go in my manager’s car. Or when I’m going somewhere with my parents, I’ll take the Mazda 2 and I think that’s enough for me. But if you ask me what I really want, I want a Yacht because I like the beach. I can take my wife and my kids on a cruise.”
Hoy: “Oy, you’re talking about wife now. You want a wife already? (I’m teasing)”
Nadech: “[smiles] My dad taught me to always think about the future. You know, just to be prepare for it. But let’s make it simple, if in the future I get married I do want to save money for my kid’s tuition and the everyday expense. My dad likes to make plans so that makes me comfortable. He’s saved up money throughout his life. All the money he gets, he gives it to my mom. (While he was talking I notice the bracelet around Nadech’s wrist so I couldn’t help but ask)
Hoy: “That bracelet, where did you get it from?”
Nadech: (Nadech looks down before answering) “I got it from the Buddha at Kalasin.”
Hoy: “You believe in these stuff?”
Nadech: “I believe in it with my mom. She’s a religious person, she would meditate or go to the temple. I saw her doing it so I tried it out. I like learning about Dharma. The monks nowadays are very modern. They would teach us a phrase to use in your everyday life like they would ask, how would you control how you stand on your own feet without hanging on to your friend’s feet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have friends. It’s just that when your friends invite you to go places with them, you have to think first.”
Hoy: “What about the Buddha around your neck right there?”
Nadech: “It’s Pra Rahu. A monk told me that my fortune will encounter something so he told me to wear it and I did it just to make myself comfortable. Besides, in this industry, there’s a lot of demons-there’s thing calling out to you and having you feel tempted, it makes you want this and that and everything around you. The Buddha I have keeps me humble and wise. At my house, we have another Buddha in which I truly believe in and I don’t eat meat either.”
Hoy: “I didn’t know you were this religious. So honestly, do you go out like other kids?”
Nadech: “I do but I don’t like going to pubs. I like going out and listen to music, like Tawan Daeng Restaurant. I really like listening to Morlum or songs dedicated to people’s life. These two genres are my type. Usually I go out with p’Mak and p’Pol Pulapat. We’re in the same gang [laughs].”
Hoy: “Do you still keep in contact with your other friends?”
Nadech: “My friends at the university, somewhat, but I don’t usually go to class so I’m not close with anyone. But they’re nice, sometimes they would offer to do my homework for me but I don’t have time to do group projects with them. So I just do my own and send it to the professor directly. I don’t want to take advantage of them. As for my friends at Khon Kaen, I only talk to them, I haven’t seen them much.”
Hoy: “Like with your friends in Khon Kaen, do they go crazy that you’re a superstar?”
Nadech: “None of them do, actually, they would curse at me. They would ask me how did I do it because they didn’t think I was able to do it. That time, it was like catching 2 fish with both hands. I was doing bad in lakorns and that stressed me and made my grades go low in school. I was depress at that time But I held on and graduated.”
Hoy: “I asked you a lot about work already, let’s talk about your heart.”
Nadech: “My heart is doing fine. It’s not sick or hurting. [smiles]”
Hoy: “Honestly Nadech, what did you do to stop yourself from loving anyone because with me, I like everyone I see.”
Nadech: “[laughs] Working in this industry, there’s girls that would want to talk to me but they’re afraid to do it. Just like me, when I really like someone, I’ll be too scared to go talk to her. Just to ask for her numbers, my legs would shake already. All I can do is look, daydream about her. Besides love needs time and I’m not ready for this yet.”
Hoy: “Like with nong Yaya, can she be your type?”
Nadech: “Nong Yaya is cute.”
Hoy “Do you like her though?”
Hoy: “I was feeling anxious/smitten somewhat towards her when we were filming Duang Jai Akkanee because she’s a cheerful girl so I was shy when we got into scenes. But she wasn’t being shy towards me, it was just me feeling that way [laughs].”
Hoy: “At that time, did you ever thought about pursuing her?”
Nadech: “I wouldn’t dare to (Nadech’s face starts to get red) All I did was look/stare at her. She’s still young, she’s only 18, plus she’s smart. Let’s just say with love I’m not rushing. If it was to come, it’ll come on it’s own. Right now I just want to save up my money for my mom first.”


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@bubbles8 - lol, that is a good excuse for showing off his hairy chest at the party.

I just realized that in TNNKK's ending, both Athit & Darunee walk shoulder to shoulder Athit wrapping his arm around Darunee so similar to The Return of the Condor Heroes 95's ending with Yang Guo & Xiao Long Nu walking but having their backs to the viewers :lol:.

They could replicate other couple's performance but they chose Yadech's performance from Give Me 5 Concert hehe.

One of the best kisses on the cheek, he even made a big Muah sound too :coverlaf:

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@Junyukio - Hello ka, thank you for sharing ka :flowers:.

Lol...Na was the shy one & Ya was not. Bingo! "All I can do is look, daydream about her" in general then Boom! "I would not dare to. All I did was look/stare at her" when referring to Ya :rofl:. So obvious he had feelings for her way back then already :lol:.

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sarNie Adult
Thanks Jun for the share, i love reading old articles on them, it shows how much they have grown as person and how their relationship has developed <3

Their shyness back in the days

Forgotten how young and beautiful Athit and Darunee looked together

I remember seeing this in the teaser, but dont remember it in the lakorn?



sarNie Adult
I always find these teases really cute and funny, even though i dont think and dont wish for na to be those really annoying, overly possessive and jealous type. I think he's more of the caring type and both naya really give each other alot of space and respect



. : Lady Yue : .
I agree with what you said @bubbles8. Could I add in "trust" too? I think when 2 people give each other a lot of space & respect, they also trust each other too. I notice those teases tease Na more than Ya :scratchhead2:, don't you think so?