Hollywood plans to make a film about Khmer Empire


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Lol i was just about to post this on my facebook and scrolled down and saw your link I think it'll be great but i hope john cena isn't a king that would be stupid .


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Angelina Jolie To Feature In A Movie With Cambodian Backdrop

We are not sure whether this one is again a rumor like the one where Angelina Jolie was said to be playing the role of legendary actress Marilyn Monroe. But the buzz is that a movie is being planned to be produced in Cambodia. The announcement was made on Wednesday in Phnom Pehn, by proposed the movie’s project manager Thomas Magyar and the project co-coordinator Tony Schiena. The title of the film is ‘Great Khmer Empire”.
The duo announced that it will be a massive and exhausting project as they will have to consult the Cambodian government and historians to gather accurate history. The film will take almost three years for making and it will cost approximately U.S. $ 70 million.
Schiena and Magyar stated that apart from Jolie they are looking into other famous stars those who can be part of the project. They have in mind the Chinese action hero Jet Li, John Cena of the World Wrestling entertainment and Song Hye Kyo a famous South Korean movie actress. It is likely to be a historical film focusing on the history of Cambodia during the reign of King Jayavarman the VII at 11th and 12th century. It is during this time the Angkor Wat Temple of Cambodia was built.
Angelina Jolie has previously shot her film ‘Lara Croft: The Tomb Raider’ at the Siem Reap province that also has the famous Angkor Wat Temple. She also adopted her eldest son Maddox from Cambodia and was also given Cambodian citizenship for her conservation work there. (ENSNN)



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We're rolling

A NEW production company has begun pre-production on a feature film to be shot in Cambodia with an estimated budget of US$70 million.

Thomas Magyar, the film’s executive producer, said yesterday that the movie, The Great Khmer Empire, would be set in the Angkorian period and aim to rival historic epics such as Hollywood films Troy and Alexander.

“This is a big movie. The estimated budget is $70 million,” he said.

Producers planned to approach Angelina Jolie to play the female lead, and John Cena, a seven-time World
Wrestling Entertainment champion and actor, to play the male lead.

Magyar, who is also CEO of the International Bodyguard and Security Services' Association in South East Asia, said the film would be produced by the company Parable Studio Green Asia, a collaboration among filmmakers from Cambodia, Hungaria and Hollywood.

He said that although the company had not yet secured all of the necessary funding for the project, he expected the film to be completed within the next three years.

“We have already started the storyboard and the script,” he said, and added that Hungarian director Gabor Forgacs and Cambodian director Thourn Sinan had already “come aboard” the project.

Som Sokun, secretary of state at the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, said yesterday that the ministry had not yet given official permission for the film, but that its general policy was to encourage foreign productions.

“We are happy to welcome the Hollywood film production,” he said.

Magyar said he planned to meet with officials at the ministry on Monday to discuss the project further.

The announcement came at a press conference held at the Ministry of Information and attended by American actor and world karate champion Tony Schiena.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Schiena is known as “the bad boy of karate” due to “his unorthodox training methods and aggressive fighting style”.

It was unclear exactly what role Schiena would play in the production of The Great Khmer Empire, but he said that he intended to “help in whatever way I can”.

Schiena said he also planned to work on environmental, anti-human trafficking and other projects during his stay in the Kingdom..



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The movie probably takes place around 11th or 12th century.

John Cena plays this character King Jayavarman VII

This is King Jayavarman VII. He is one of the greatest Khmer king. He designs many stone temples than any other khmer king. He also the first king that built a wall city(Angkor Thom) to protect khmer people from enemies.

Angelina Jolie plays this character Queen Jayarajadevi

She is JV VII's wife. She also the most important queen during Angkor period. She built hundred of hospital for Khmer people and spread Buddhism to Khmer people.


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Yeah! Hollywood, make Cambodian known to the world and to proved to many that Prasat Preash Vehear belong to Khmer.....God well bless this production group and may this movie be success in their filming.