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  1. zienan09

    zienan09 sarNie Hatchling

    im sorry if a topic like this has been posted..
    but i was just suddenly curious..what are some hmong superstitions? do you kno any of the particular last names?

    some superstitions i kno:

    --don't point at the moon, or ur ear will get cut (i've heard both ways that it can be true/ dad's ear got cut, but mine's havent, so i guess it works both ways..)
    --Vangs and Vues can't date
    --Yangs can't eat heart (i heard its only certain clans..but then again, i heard its every yang. and i think its beef/cow heart?)
    --some Thaos and Mouas can't marry
    --if you're walking by urself, and someone calls your name, but you find no one there, don't answer or a pog ntxoo will follow u home​

    yea..thats all at the top of my head. please share ^-^ thank you!!
  2. YM_gurl

    YM_gurl sarNie Oldmaid

    -When you eat, don't shake your spoon to even out your food before eating it. If you do, you will lose money/become poor.
    I believe in this one, i have an auntie who does this. She has gotten her purse stolen 3 times!!

    -Don't open a umbrella in the house (common one we all know)

    That's all i can remember, if i remember more i will come back. hehe
  3. mokka

    mokka sarNie Adult

    I'm a vang and my parents never said anything that we can't date's just recommended that we don't date vue

    can't comb your hair at night (but who really follows it these days)
    Vang can't eat fruits with foods
  4. lakorndemon

    lakorndemon sarNie Hatchling

    yeah, it's true cause my mom just said that and of course you can't comb your hair at night or eat food with fruits (exception for banana my friend said---don't ask me why)

    also there's a supersition that the married brother's brother can't go into the married bother's room as it'll bring bad luck to the marriage...
  5. zienan09

    zienan09 sarNie Hatchling

    do you <or anyone here> know the stories why vangs and vues are recommended to not date?

    and im curious about the fruits with foods too and the story behind that.

    sorries. lol. im a curious one >.<"

    i heard this superstition with Vangs. Something about a story how a young boy was married to this girl..but they were too young to have sex, so the boy's father did it for him from then on, Father-in-laws and Brothers-in-laws cant enter the bedroom chambers.
  6. Napat01

    Napat01 sarNie Juvenile

    I've heard my grandma them tell the story, it goes like there were two poor siblings, a sister and brother, the sister got married to a rich guy. When the poor brother went to visit his sister, he thought maybe she will love him since he is a poor and she was once poor that she will sympathize with him. On the way home, usually you pack food for others who visit your house who travels, the sister gave him some poop and sprinkle some seasoning on it. While walking back the brother smelled it and opened it to find the poop, he threw it away and kneeled down saying, If one day a Vang girl marries a Vue guy, if they have money they will not have children, if they have children they will not have money, and also that they are rich but die sooner. I also heard that they also only make marriage half way and divorce. So basically he cursed (the clan)his sister (probably a Vang) and his brother-in-law (probably a Vue) because they disrespected him.
  7. Napat01

    Napat01 sarNie Juvenile

    I didn't know this one, no wonder my money keeps disappering. Not going to even my food anymore.
  8. naasej

    naasej sarNie Egg

    Referring to combing your hair at night, not so sure about that, but cutting your hair at night is bad luck, as they say.
  9. YM_gurl

    YM_gurl sarNie Oldmaid

    The combing hair at night, i heard if you comb your hair at night.
    When it is your parent's time to go, you won't see them go. that's what i heard. idk.

    This is not a Superstition, i think but just had to share this. lol
    Some Vang people. The father n law & daughter n law are not allowed to sit across from each other on the dinner table, nor can she fold the father n law's clothes and go into the father n law's bedroom. Because long long long time ago, a father n law & daughter n law secretly dated so that is why these days, it is not allowed. i find it stupid. lol
  10. mokka

    mokka sarNie Adult

    what I was told: a long time ago, there was this one young man/woman who wanted to eat a sour fruit during one of the meal. Outside their house was a sour fruit tree so what he did was went outside and pick it. On the way down, something scared him and he choked on the fruit. after that they were not allowed to eat fruit with food.

    Another version that I heard was that, long long time ago, when a son marry a wife into the family, the father in law usually sleeps with her first and then the son sleeps with her. There is this one girl who killed herself after her father in law slept with. Her brother came to the funeral and cursed it that the father in law/ brother in law and daughter in law cannot enter each other's bedroom or eat together...
  11. lakorndemon

    lakorndemon sarNie Hatchling, i think the girl deserves the curse but all vangs and vues...that just sucks... =( ...not right for the guy to curse his own kind...
  12. zienan09

    zienan09 sarNie Hatchling

    i've noticed..theres alot of cursing in our culture.. =/
  13. tikluver

    tikluver sarNie Egg

    I never heard that us Vang can not eat fruits with our foods.... My mom and grandma always said that we can not dated or marry any Xiong also....who knows why????
  14. fwekles

    fwekles sarNie Egg

    Another version, my mom tells me that if you eat fruits with your food, something really bad will happen to you. As extreme as death. I'm a vang, and also my parents warn us about dating Vues.

    Another superstition:
    If you buy or rent a house, don't buy a house with it's front door directly aligned in front of the back door; therefore, if you were to bring any fortune/wealth in, it would leave the household as fast as it came in. Like the saying, comes in one way, out the other.
  15. lakorndemon

    lakorndemon sarNie Hatchling reminded me of a creepy superstition (well, i don't really know if it's one) that if a person died in your house, you have to tie his hands and feet for like three days i think cause the body will try to come back into the house...and usually when you tied his hands and feet, it'll take all night for it to untie it... :unsure: ...and usually if you don't tie it good enough...then the corpse will end up on your front door... <_< ...and if you don't tie it at'll come knocking on your door at night... :eek: ...creepy...yeah... if you did tie it good for three nights...then the body will give up and stay in where he/she was...CREEPY!!!!...just thought that i should share it...don't mean to scare or creep anyone out... ^_^ ...
  16. akawhat

    akawhat sarNie Hatchling

    don't know if this is a superstition but my auntie once told me that whenever you're walking alone on a straight road and see someone walking faraway in front of you, but once you turn corners you realize that they're gone and then you see them again once you get on a straight road, you have to be careful because that means that they're just right behind you and what you see in front is not them but just their shadows. Careful cuz they're gonna follow you home.
  17. zienan09

    zienan09 sarNie Hatchling

    my mom always said that if a chicken poops on u, its good luck. <has anyone had this happen and came out with good luck? o_O>

    no pepper at weddings or bad luck <anyone kno the story behind this?>
  18. cecilia

    cecilia .: KHANG :. Staff Member

    Don't eat them chicken feet or you'll scratch away all the good guys/girls away.

    Don't eat chicken wing or your hand will shake like crazy when trying to sew with a needle & threat
  19. angelxtasy

    angelxtasy sarNie Hatchling

    If your dream your teeth falls out then someone uknow or related
    to you will die soon. Kinda freaky but it's come truth 3 tyms to me already.
    SO sad. it's scary. *runs and hide*
  20. angelxtasy

    angelxtasy sarNie Hatchling

    OKas now i'm totally freaked out * looks around * :unsure:

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