Hmong Remixs


sarNie Hatchling
My friend is hosting a Hmong Fashion Show and I am responsible for finding songs to match up with her show. She requested REMIX of some original old AND modern Hmong songs. I cannot find ANYTHING... if anyone has suggestions of songs and where i can get them, please let me know.
ALSO, if you have some songs to share for the fashion show, please do upload.
I would appreciate it!! THANKS! smile.gif

and YES i know that i should post in the request HMONG song forum (which i did do), but i realize that i might catch more attention here... so IF POSSIBLE, please anyone who owns any sort of beaty type music, or slow-yet kind of fast (don't know if you guys know what i mean :s) type of music, please upload... THANKS again!! :)


sarNie Egg
go to Imeem and check out, "Hmong Women Beat", "Mam Hlub Lwm Tiam Remix", "Ntuj No Tuaj Lawm remix"
The leej muam song by Lue Yang... That is if the famous show is boy-girl... hehe...

there are a few hmong songs that i know of... I used to help my sisters and them find songs... haha... is there a theme or like wat???


sarNie Hatchling
Thanks Nero for the suggestion...

but answering yingerbug, i'm not sure if there is a theme (?) because typically, from all the hmong fashion shows i've been to, down the aisle, the people would just play the music, and at the same time, have the host state what kind of clothing the models wear and from what tribe it will be from...

and with that being said, my friend ask me to find beaty-type HMONG songs, and yet kind of slow-like so it would go with the flow... She even suggested the modern ones too, if there is any....

i have until next week tuesday April 28, 2009 to find out the song..

so if there is anyone out there that is willing to suggest or even post up the download link for me, i would really appreciate it!! THANKS!
much love,