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Discussion in 'Hmong' started by Aleva12, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Aleva12

    Aleva12 sarNie Egg

    what are some currently new release movie?
  2. Mommy

    Mommy sarNie Egg

    Depending on what kind of movies you like, there's a couple that just came out that i know of.

    Nthwv Cua Ntsib tsis zoo caij

    Tuag Tsis Qi Muag (Teng Xiong New dab movie)

    Tseem Tos koj Hauv Vaj Loog Tsua (Xab thoj New movie)
  3. Aleva12

    Aleva12 sarNie Egg

    Have you seen any of them?
  4. Mommy

    Mommy sarNie Egg

    I only have seen ntxhw cua
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  5. lia_vang89

    lia_vang89 sarNie Egg

    I got that movie but havent opened it to me watch it yet so idk if it's good or not.

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