Hmong Dubbs help


sarNie Egg
I'm looking for a dubb movie, a live action one. The hmong title and the original title.

In the beginning there was a floating mountain. There are people there, a lot of monks living in a buiding. There was a battle, unite the heavenly sword and the earth sword in a battle. She died and the head monk sent here to reincarnate. She was there only hope to defeat the bad person.

Later she returns with a group of people touring the temple. He see her and says she needs to be open again. Eventually they open her mind up and she becomes aware of who she is again. He helps her train and use the Heaven Sword again. They keep trying to unite the Swords together and fail multiply times. In the end they are able to unite the swords and kil the bad guy.

The sword is like a light coming out of there hands. They can fly and live in Mid Heaven.


sarNie Hatchling
Could it be the chinese series call, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber? Not sure if it is the one you were searching for though.