hmong black magic?!.

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  1. pretty_gurl

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    okay..this is weird...i recently hear that hmong have some kinds of black magic that can kill people? is this true? lol. from what i heard from a hmong girl from my school, she told me that one of her friend was cast a spell on that's why he cheated on his wife and treated his wife bad...And another story that i heard is that a men and a woman have an affair, the woman husband found out, so he cast a spell on his wife and her boyfriend and later his wife and her boyfriend died.
  2. pretty_gurl

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    Some other things that i found on the net....Don't know if it's true or not.

    if u see a snake crossing your path in front of you, then dont go further, bad luck is foreseen before you get to your destination, should walk back and go another time or day.

    If you dream of a loved one with circling numbers or he/she is talking about numbers, you should go and buy a lotto ticket, you may get lucky.

    if your arm hairs or hairs on the back of your head raises up, just know that something/someone unnatural is right beside you, or very near.

    If you keep on dreaming of a past(dead) relative, usually it means that they are out of money or hungry and need you to send them money/food spiritually.

    Sometimes when you know that you are doing something really wrong, and you suddenly see bugs or insects that you know shouldn't really be where you are at, usually it means someone is trying to warn you beforehand to not do the bad deed you're about to do.

    if at nite you look at a corner of your room and notice something dark or a dark figure there, dont panic, it's just someone whom you have made a promise to and they are hoping that your part of the promise will be kept.

    If you cannot ingest leftover food or sharing of any meal or/and also ingesting fresh beef at funerals, then 90%, you might have the hand me downs of being a shaman/shawoman in the future or very near future.

    Don't drink blood from a prick of your lovers hand/finger cause when your lover dies he or she will come back to take you with them unless you go first then you will get him/her. Even if you two are no longer dating or together before one of you part. ON the good side, if you two end up together for this lifetime, at least you won't regret waiting for him/her to hurry up and come take you.

    dont give a lock of your hair to your bf/gf, if they are to bury it, it can kill you or make you so sick and vulnerable.

    You shouldn't let others that you don't know, read your palms, for if they know black magic, voodoo spells, etc....they can alter your future and presence.

    If a shaman/shawoman tend to look or view your face very tentively, try smirking or look away, it is not good, they might end up telling you your past especially if you don't want to know what happened or who you are in the lifetimes before this lifetime.

    Dont ever talk to yourself in 3rd person form, you might be inviting unwanted guest to go along with you, especially if you're driving a lot without any company on business/personal trips...late in the evenings.

    Don't eat any animals that you've captured that has a deformity, you might gain that deformity....slowly over time or all at once.

    dont call or say a newborn is handsome,pretty,cute,adorable,gorgeous,etc.....spiritually, the spirit world will come in any form/shape or find any way to get that baby. Always say you got an ugly or horrific baby or any other way to not offend the parents too much but also dont dramatically say the baby is too pretty of such nature.

    If you're pregnant, dont go near water(lakes,ponds,rivers,over bridges=try avoid bridges over water as much as possible).

    Pregnant ladies can rub/massage people who has broken bones or twisted joints, etc...and make it all better by just rubbing/massaging it.

    guys always make sure that when you go meet a girl, bring a buddy or sibling to be near or with you so she cant harm you if she is already dead. kinda like the nkauj nyab movie, not sure if you men are still trained by your parents about not dating girls whom you're unsure about their whereabouts.

    If while driving and a bird or animal of any sort hits/smashes into your window, that usually means turn around and drive back or stop and dont go any further for there is very bad luck coming at you.

    If you're pregnant, don't walk into a funeral home, for if you trip, something bad, very bad can happen with your pregnancy or you/your family sooner or later.

    If whenever a little kid says that he/she sees the presence of a ghost/dead relative, believe them, it is usually true if you're strong enough to withhold that scared stiff position and ask them to describe that person or it. usually true even if they never ever even saw that person or being before and you have in reality.
  3. ugh245

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    wow..all of these is soo true..i also heard alot more too..
    Heres one mine!!

    If you dreamed that you got bit by a snake or got cut by a hmong knife or you found a ring that meant you are pregnant..
  4. ugh245

    ugh245 sarNie Egg

    it is true that there are also deadly hmong black magic too..
    cause one of my cuzin died of a demon cursed..its more like you
    cant see them cause they can transfer into a fly, ant, anthing that
    can come close to you..the reason why some hmong people
    has black magic is because they had sacrifice one of there member
    in there family..its kind of sad getting kill by your own
    blooded mom or dad..=[
  5. Vamkim

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    It really is true! Thats all I have to say. Ask me and I will tell you! I know its true and I know that other have seen it in reality!
  6. pretty_gurl

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    since there is all kinds of black magic like this, is there such things as love spell that you can cast on people to make them misses you and love you?

    i know this one person, she's very successful in everything that she do, she never let any one let her down, until she mets this one guy. that guy is a lazy bums, he doesn't work or anything....from what i heard, people said that he cast a spell on her to make her love him very much, when he got all her money he left her....right now, she'll cry and tell other people that she misses him a lot and and she'll died if she don't see him. is there really such things like this?

    or what about this, when i was still in high school, i have this one friend who is marry. their marriage life was good. then her husband started to treat her bad and so on. so they went to see this one shaman or whatever it was call, and they said that the reason why her husband is treating her like that is because another woman gave her husband some water to drink (those water, she was her thingy with and gave it to him to drink) that's why my friend husband is treating her so bad.
  7. SweetAngel21

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    when I was still girl around 16-20 year old...I have a dream about snake...I was trying to get past it....then it bite my figure....

    for me I have to many dream.......I have no clue why I dream so much....I will never stop dreaming....I have all kind of dream.....
  8. myx

    myx sArNieZ

    17 years ago, when my younger sister was 3 months old. she had a very bad stomachache. my grandpa did something to block the magic and a rock came out of my sis stomach. my gramp say someone use black magic to hurt my sis. apparently they want to hurt her on purpose. my gramp burnt the rock (to kill the black magic).
  9. stephanie

    stephanie sarNie Adult

    theres a few sites where your dreams can be explain... its pretty cool... like if u dream of zombies then tht means u have a grudge... why? because the zombies are undead and u are not willing to let tht grudge go...
  10. sulad

    sulad sarNie Adult

    I wouldn't really call those dreams or put them into the black magic category, because it's more a belief of the Shamanism world.
    Black magic is whole different thing, it's more consider "voodoo" or"casting spell" on a person and is either trying to destroy it or keep it. As I know black magic is originally not started by the Hmong people, but one of the Southeast Asian group. It was just a practice that was use for goods, but then later on turn to a practice that people use to do bad's and it can cause death because of the powerful spells or that person didn't seek for help and destroy the spell.

    ugh245: For your case, as I know and heard many stories similar to that. It's more base on a family curse or something involving with the Shamanism world to cause death. They're out to come back and to get something and wasn't stratify with it or something happen in the past and was curse so that's why it causes death.
  11. YM_gurl

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    I don't know if this thing works in the United States but i know that Black magic, voodoo or casting spell works in Laos and Thailand 100%.
    Because when i went to Laos, people will brag about how this person and that person died because someone did voodoo on them. Sadly, i approached a little girl whose parents both died because of voodoo so i guess it is real. I also heard it doesn't work in the United States as much as in Laos and Thailand because there is too much of electricity in the United States. IDK.
  12. ugh245

    ugh245 sarNie Egg

    i hate black magic..well i have a cuzin that live somewhere in California..
    and she was already married..and have like probably 4 or 3 kids and they were still very
    young..and the dad dont really like that they got onto an divorce
    and since the dad and hes parent didnt want to pay the child support thingy
    so he and his parent did a black magic on her on the first day of Sacramento New Year
    she died right after she got there and died with a very loud noise that she made..
    it was very sad that they wont make a funeral for her was hella sad..
    so General Vang Pao had to make a funeral for her and made a speech to the hmong people..
  13. stephanie

    stephanie sarNie Adult

    before my grandpa and his family became christian my great grandpa use to know how to do black magic voo doo stuff... he taught his youngest daughter (my great aunt) how to do it before they were christianized... and so (two years ago) she did some black magic on her old boyfriend with a ring so he'll like her again (or something like tht) and so my great uncle had this HUGE talk about it and all... it was an interesting ordeal... just a little something i wanted to share...
  14. ugh245

    ugh245 sarNie Egg happen?..they lasted forever?...did he take off the ring?..
  15. stephanie

    stephanie sarNie Adult

    she had him take off the ring... my mom use to joke with me to ask my great aunt to teach me black magic so i could make this one boy i had a crush on like me (when i was younger ofcourse)... haha... i use to think it would of been so cool... and now i just find tht creepy... lol
  16. ugh245

    ugh245 sarNie Egg use to always want to knoe alot of spells..but my mom
    told me thats not good..cause something you can even make it worst then
    you ever think..soo what my parents want me to learn is to heal
    something that hurts or is havent been
    and i dont want black karma too..=]
  17. komictwin

    komictwin sarNie Egg

    I think anyone who actually knows how to do black magic can cast black magic on people. I've heard from my sister-in-law when her sister divorce her husband he did some black magic on her to love him or just think of him. (creepy!)
  18. nkaujhmoob08

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    Black magic is scary! I don't go near them.
  19. mainhiathao

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    totally agree with those things u found on the net...
  20. nkaujhmoob08

    nkaujhmoob08 sarNie Adult

    Do you have more? And where is the site to go read all?? I like this and is very interesting. That made my day!
    No wonder shamanism are gay and stuck with stupid spell and voo doo..if you stick with god, that will break the spell and that makes better / easier for you in life. (i think) -show me the link! to what you have instructed above. I mostly believe on some part and some is bullshit.

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