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New hmong Movie 2013-2014 by Cha Her/ Txhahj Hawj
So as you all know I'm really picky in watching Hmong movies...since I saw Cha/Txhaj at the New Year, I wanted to take picture with him and get his autograph, since I saw his old movie with Dawb Thoj, Ntsuag Plis, and liked it. So I bought this movie not knowing if it was really good or not. And after watching it, I gotta say...........IT WAS WORTH BUYING!!!!
lol Seriously worth buying. I'm not going to spoil it for you, but if you looking for a good sad love story, HERE IT IS! This movie actually has a good storyline and a good plot and also not to mention the good cinematography. Man, almost brought me to tears. This isn't no romeo and juliet love story where your parents won't let me marry you and lets run away and die together...nope. Watch it to find out yourselves. 
I like this guys movie better than other comedy or pointless movies now days. Trust me this one is worth watching. I'm not sure if there's any other movie out there with the same title, but this one was good!!
Txhaj Hawj/Cha Her
As for the main actress, I think she is the girl Npaum/Bao in Xab Thoj's Tsov & Tsuv cause I recognize her voice. Then there's also Fav Maiv & the others who I don't know their names. XD Sorry. 


sarNie Adult
Lol, I got this movie and saw him at new year too. This movie is ok and sad especially the end. But they made heaven/ afterlife so wrong after life
Do shaman things to.


sarNie Adult
Yup still a good movie but his other new movie was so was so boring especially the one called Vim Tsis Txawj Hlub. It's go off weird the story was slow.