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  1. kiss_me

    kiss_me sarNie Egg

    Can someone please post up the summary of this lakorn... and also.. can someone tell me if theres gonna be Hemraj 2 and if yes... does anybody have any idea what it's goin to be about?
  2. pecco

    pecco sarNie Juvenile

    i heard there was going to be a hemraj2 from the spicy patcharapa site...im not sure when itll air...maybe after her lakorn song sanaeha??? not sure :wacko:
  3. lil1

    lil1 sarNie Egg

    Hey does anyone know what happened in the end of Hemraj...do they end up together or what??? thanks in advance!!!!
  4. kiss_me

    kiss_me sarNie Egg

    aum leaves p'num in the end... its sad... he tried calling her but she doesnt pick up i think... im hoping they get together in part 2 if there is one...
  5. hakkai

    hakkai sarNie Egg

    hey taht sound cool

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