Help with old chinese movie


sarNie Egg
This movie is really bothering me. I can't remember much and what I do remember is very blurry, but sence of the movie keeps showing up in my head.

From what I can remember:

It is a old chinese movie dubbed in Hmong. I saw it about tens years ago. They wear ancient style clothing but not the elegent one only the simple one. Their movement isn't very face pace, instead it is very peaceful. There seem to be lot of fog as in magical/fanstay yet real.

The movie start with this royal family and the princess was put in a basket and wash down river. She was found and raised. Once she is all grown up she met the hero in a forest like place. I think he had a fight between bear (sent by the magic guy?) In between it was discover that she was the princess so she returned to the palace. In the palace there is a guy who knows magic. The princess then was control by the magic guys for a moment or something of the sort because he wants the kindom. So the other guy have to come help her.

This is the basic of what I can remember. I know this isn't much but any help is appreciated.

Thank you!