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Discussion in 'Hmong' started by Falada, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. Falada

    Falada sarNie Adult

    Okay, I need help with a drama name. It's about 2 people, 1 guy 1 girl. I think that they accidentally slept with each other, and the girl gets pregnant, and their parents knew about it, and forced them to marry. But they hated each other, and will always fight. When the child was finally born, they still fight, and up to til she was 5. She got really sick because of her parents fighting. She died one time, but heard her mom calling for her, so she returned back home. Her parents then, stop their fights. I watched the Hmong dubbed version, but forgot title. The little girl was named Nkauj Hunb Ham in the dubbed version. 
    I think that it's either a Korean, Taiwanese, or Japanese drama. Sorry I forgot.
    It would be really nice if  any one could tell me both titles, drama title and Hmong dubbed. 
  2. Mahalo

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    Could it be "Wonderful Life"? It's a Korean drama. I never finished it, but it's about two people who had a one night stand and ended up with a baby girl. She eventually gets really sick, but I never found out what happened because I don't like sad endings. Haha. 
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  3. Falada

    Falada sarNie Adult

    Thanks! And yes it it. 
    Now, I just need Hmong dubbed. 
  4. fantastic_27

    fantastic_27 ''SMTown'

    omg wonderful life. I wanna watch it.

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