HELP! In need to find a old lakorn!!


sarNie Egg
So, I have been trying to find this old lakorn but I can't seem to remember what the name is. I'll explain briefly what it is about.

There is a goddess up in the heavens. A giant is in love with the goddess, but the goddess does not have the same feelings. The giant chases after the goddess to marry her or something like that. After that, the giant attacked her and the goddess fell down to Earth. Along trying to run away from the giant, the goddess happens to land in the main guy's mansion.(He's rich btw) So the main guy has two children, one boy and one girl and lives with his mother. The main guy's family lets the goddess live with them until they find out who she actually is and why she is there.

And then that's what I mostly remember about this old thai lakorn. I really wish to see it again. If anyone knows, please let me know in the comments! Thank you!! :D
P.S. I also remember that this old lakorn was also dubbed in Hmong, because that's how I saw this lakorn when I was younger, so if anyone knows about the Hmong dubbed version, please help!