Has anyone here met their favorite thai celeb?


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I've been fortunate to meet many people but none thai celebs yet. I have seen videos with Aum Atichart at fan meets and he seems like he has a good heart :) And so does many others :) I like that they take to time to talk with fans.

I'm curious if anyone here has meet any thai celebs what was it like?


Back in year 05-06..i totally loved P'Mos..
he was my favorite dara at that time.
this year I got the chance to meet him !
It was a dream come trueeee (=


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i've only met some non-thai daras.. and i also missed my chances on seeing some daras T_T..

but the only one i can really recall is seeing sek loso <3.. ahaha.. didn't get to talk to him much but.. he is pretty sweet ^_^.. got a picture with him too, but i have no clue where it went >_<


I haven't met my fav thai celebs but I've met lift, oil, cheer, and navin tar. I gotta say they all look better offscreen than on except for oil. He looks better onscreen lol.


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Isn't that funny ? Some people look much bigger on TV screen and when you see them in person they look different lol
I haven't met my fav thai celebs but I've met lift, oil, cheer, and navin tar. I gotta say they all look better offscreen than on except for oil. He looks better onscreen lol.


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Kat English is beautiful in person -- a lot more beautiful that she is on tv (to me) and she's tall too. P'Aon Sarawut is also better looking in person than in tv too . lol -- these are the only two celeb i met beside Rain -- i do want to see YADECH someday when i go back to thailand .. gotta keep my good connection online to hopefully get this chance someday lol


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I think it was in November of 2007, I met Pepper. He was very nice. He didn't look like he did on tv. A little skinnier and not as tall.
I didn't really know him back then though.


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I don't think it counts- I was told by my parents that I "met" YaYa Ying's actress mother at the temple when I was just toddler- it sucks to not remember any of it. :blahblah:

I had to say my Thai aunt-in-law sure was very lucky, she & her mother coincidently met Tik Jesadaporn at the mall and ate a short lunch together. They said he's nice, very funny, and handsome. ^_^

Man I really want to meet my faves some day... many don't come here in Southern CA often like Minnesota. :no:


Isn't that funny ? Some people look much bigger on TV screen and when you see them in person they look different lol
I so agree! The camera does add extra pounds b/c when I saw Cheer she definitely look thinner than she did onscreen and very pretty too. Navin is tall, especially now after losing all his 'freshman fifteen' weight lol. But then I think everyone is tall because I'm so short haha. Lift is very charming in person but onscreen he looks so blah to me. Oil looks good onscreen but so blah in person-but it could be due to jet lag lol.


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I met Mos and Sornram in 2009. They are in my favorite list, although not as the top. They both look good off screen and both very nice too. I also met Pim and the other ZAZA girls.


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i met a lot already, but havent meet any of favorite yet. i want to meet chompoo,janie, rita, tik, ken, and andrew. so far i met mos twice, yaya ying, dome, jennifer, bell, lift, oil, num, cheer, mike piroporn, and Ae Isariya.


I met Captain and Lift & Oil. All three are some of the sweetest and nicest people. Yes, they are quite handsome. I saw CLASH in concert in LA. I got to be right there in the front. Too bad I didn't get to go the meet&greet cause I had to fly back home to go on vacation.


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all of u r so lucky, it'll b a miracle if i get to meet bie one day n thailand. :cloud9:


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I bumped into Mos unexpectedly in Chinatown, San Francisco a few years back. It was just soooooooo unexpected, LOL!

My sister and kids were visiting from North Carolina so we went to San Francisco. We were waiting to cross the crosswalk and suddenly, my brother asked, "hey, is that Mos?" I was like "huh?" Then I took a closer look. Couldn't tell at first cuz I was used to seeing him with more hair. He had really short hair then, almost shaved (I later found out he just came out of monkhood). We chatted with him for a good 3-5 minutes and took pictures.


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I've never met a Thai celeb. when they were STILL famous lol...damn i'm so envious of you all, but the one im most envious of is crazydara for meeting Dome Pakorn, I really want to meet him because for 1, he's drop-dead gorgeous and 2nd, he seems to have a very outgoing, easygoing attitude, just seem like a cool & crazy guy. Where did you guys meet Navin Tar? Dude I was a decision away from going to UC Davis, live prettie close though.

Ken of course though I know I can't throw myself on him anymore, he's got kids Kashie restrain yourself! Would love to meet Janie, she's absolutely beautiful.

I did however meet Matthew Morrison [Mr. Schuester from Glee / & People's Magazine's Top 25 Sexiest Man Alive] during spring break this year. We were eating at the same restaurant and I didn't notice him until he got up to leave, then I sprint like crazy after him, I was so uncool, but he was cool, wasn't very conversational though, probably cuz he was already heading out the door. Got a picture.Didn't wash my hands for days!! LoL


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I meet a few too. Ploy(she was really nice), Num Sornram(very nice too) , Lift(better off screen),James, Annita, Tik (Actress)- a few times, Etc, Mai(great entertainer), Nuvo (Kong didn't really talk much looks really shy), Dunk, Oil ( was in his car SLK he looks so hot in it), Jennifer and her long time boyfriend, Bee Siwach @ the cinema and thats all i can remember for now.

Nearly forgot I meet Smart @ Chiang Mai. I got to talk to him for more then 10mins.