Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!


sarNie Adult
...today we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. and some of us ponder the things we are thankful for!!!
so when i look back at all the things places and people i have met in my life’s' journey there are a few things i am thankful for...hmmmmmmm what are they and how to put perspective on the things i've done??? i have been blessed even for all the heart break i think i have endured...if i died tomorrow i can say with certainty i have live a full life already just a few things missing...but i have shared tears with my friends on four continents... i have stood on many foreign shores and watched the sunrise "i love the silence of getting up early when i travel to greet the sun in the morning as it invites me and grants me another day to see the world"... i have watched history being made in the places i have been...i have stood on the grounds of many invading armies through out history have tried to change people and all they believe in and i have found people are all the same when you just take the time to understand their needs their passions and their fears...we are all the same... i have had my moments to take from life with passion greed and all my needs… i have failed in many things but have lived to see tomorrow because i care in the end for the people i'm around... i have a passion for human emotions from many cultures i have been exposed too and i have changed the boy i used to be to the man that writes these words and know i'm not perfect "i still make mistakes,,, but i learn and have learned from my failures"... from the sum of the person my friends that know me,,, i believe people can change and all people of all races have good intentions in their hearts if we just treat them like the person we are before our pleasures and desires become our needs... so i am thankful for the life i have lived when all is put into perspective,,, i have lived!!! i am thankful!!! :)


**Happie Thanksgiving to Everyone**

what am i thankful for? thankful for my wonderful parents.."loving & trustworthy" family members who has always been there for me..they know who they are=] thankful for good friends who has been through ups and downs with me throughout..also...thankful that we have "saRnworld" to make our days more enjoyable with all the things that this forum has to offer to us=] last but not least....thankful for my one special person who has shown me so much of everything in a relationship and loves me for me :wub: as of right now..just happy and thankful for what i have in my life..might not be much..but as long as im happy..its all that matters=]​


I am thankful for the love that I get from the ppl I am around, thankful for living in America, thankful for a blessed life and thankful for everything in my life, even the smallest little things that don't really mean much but in the end makes a huge difference! :D


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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! May you all have a wonderful thanksgiving dinner or day.
This year i am thankful for my life, my future, the opportunity to learn and meet new people, a new year that is filled with adventure, and thankful for a wonderfu forum like sarnworld! :yahoo: :yahoo:


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happy thanksgiving to my lovely sarnworld peeps have a wonderful time with your family and enjoy the yummy food cause i did so full and going blast off soon! LOL to much food and walking to the store in the morning man was crazy cousin coming over but fun though happy family time together on thanksgiving day one of the best holiday in november and only one lol