Happy birthday to Tono. Tangmo repeatedly post a clip, because she miss a past


sarNie Adult
After both of Tangmp Pattarathida and Tono Phakin broke up for a while. Both of them was kept focus on their movement.
Later on 29th August that is birthday of Tono. Tangmo don't forgot to post picture on her instagram that is @Melony_forfan
for wishing her ex-boyfriend. She post 8 videos for missing a past with her mind, and sorry her ex-boyfriend. 
Cr. Thairath
This week of last year, I remember that is happy moment. I secretly practice to play music (I never did it before 5555),
and practice saying Northeast language, and practice shooting clip video. A friend in church help me to do it for present to Tono in birthday.
When Tono invite to go province for shooting lakorn. I will secretly take a ukulele, and hide it under a chair. When No go out to shoot lakorn.
I will practice to play it. 5555 That so funny, but I'm so excited and happy very much. I need to be his birthday quickly. I need to know how is he ??
when he saw this, but I'm so painful in this year.I nee to do anything for his happiness, but I can't, because I'm not his happiness anymore.
I miss him so much. I really miss him  







That so long to not see your happy smiling like this. It don't has Armour, wall, and you looks joyfully. You can sit down without worry like this.
This not evil which not be headdress that you're strong. In your leader and strong, sometimes I can touch your sensitive and weakness.
I always see a cry-baby boy, but that person gone at now.  


I'm sorry about everything that make you leave, and be reason for everything that make you sad. I'm so sorry you, your family,
and your every beloved fan. I don't be honest for you, and selfish. I'm so sorry that let you take all bash, even I should get all bash.
Thank you or your gentle that protect me till last minutes. Now, everyone will know why P' No pretend like be cruel. Actually, he is not be like that.
About my mistake, if I will try to switch it with your mistake. I will do anything wrong like you. I will take it till you will be fine, and that sadness over.
I will wait in same place in god way till I will sure that you don't come back anymore.


After that, we will don't have it anymore. Take care yourself, and you have to eat a lot of good food. 
I wish god protect you and your family, and bless about your working and everything you do. I will take care a cat,
and myself. I will mean to work more and more. I will live in my place that is our old place, and don't make you feel cramped anymore.
I wish you're happy so much. Today is 29 August 2015. Tono is 29 years old 


sarNie Oldmaid
Lol, I'm sure To no mumbles the phrase "go away" every single time lol. I'm going to feel so bad for his future girlfriend.


sarNie OldFart
I think it's normal. Lol. The only difference is that she's famous so everything she does is under the microscope. So many average girls do the exact same thing. Going through a bad break up turns people into these kind of embarrassing human beings. I hope she gets pass this and finds someone new real soon so that they all can move on. Lesson number one for dating, NEVER get a tattoo of your bf/gf's name. It's stupid. Tono walked into this himself. I hope he can finally shake her off one day. 


sarNie Adult
Looking at those pics and clips, they did have some nice and happy moments together, kinda sad to see that so often the honeymoon stage is so shortlived. Both fell into love too deep too quickly, those are the types of relationships i never envy, i like the ones who love little but love for longer.

If Tono has a gf any time soon, i do fear for his gf, Tangmo is too unpredictable. But as crazy as Tangmo is, a guy like Tono who can disregard his family and close friends so quickly for love esp someone who he hasnt met for that long, is not someone i sympathise towards either.

On a different note, I remember Tangmo as really pretty in this lakorn with Pong


sarNie Adult
Later, it has leaking line chat about Tono complaining Tangmo 
I keep a ring,
but I pay by installment a (bmw) car that make me tire. I think I take a money for paying by installment a house,
and take it to my mother and sister better.
Why do you said that what do you want
Did I take, or ask you for something ?
About a car, we will pay it around 30,000 per month, and I have to buy for a house.
I will use a old car as before. It will relieve for family

But it has drama when Tono told Tangmo that he don't need to pay for a BMW car anymore. He need to save a money,
but he buy a new car that is white convertible car. It expect that car may have expensive price like BMW that Tono and Tangmo was buy sharing



Mrs James Ma
I think Tangmo is deperate, crazy who can go to any level just to bring down her ex husband LOL. She said she still loves him and wants to change herself. Is this how she is changing herself? Is this how you make the one you love feel?? Now men will be scared to even go near her :coverlaf:


sarNie Oldmaid
He said he still wants to just use what they have but his mom wanted him to buy a new car because she's worried. He said the new one is a used car and that was what his mom likes and wanted. He admit the the conversation was indeed his and it was a long time ago. Personally I think Tangmo was jealous that he would buy it for his mom but when it comes to her, he didn't want to be wasteful.

His mom and Tangmo probably had a lot of problems throughout their marriage. Remember his sister said that his mom ended up in the hospital every time there were bad news about them and To no always had to come out and defend which caused a lot of work problems? I'm thinking that is probably the main reason for the divorce, he got tired of it and chose his mom over her.


Mrs James Ma
Good for Tono. He once chose Tangmo over his family and friends. The result was awful so its time he be with his family back :thumbup: 


sarNie Adult
Tono's interview about leaking chat line
Don' be aware of ex-wife post Ig that she not honest, Tono admit that line chat is real, and get a car back to Tangmo for fairness and comfort
Tono admit that he drive a car back to Tangmo, and told that he know own behavior. Don't care about gossip that he drive second hand car. He don't care that his ex post Ig that she don't honest,
and sustain that it's useless for repeating who wrong, because he open about everthing since the day of press. He tell his fan that please stand, and don't replay anything.
He reveal that always realize, and don't know how it is in future, and confirm that he use a heart for working. He don't need to be in same circle with same news anymore.
Who need to express something?? Let do it! And end up with this word that is don’t worry about me. I'm strong, because I'm Tono
Someone leak line chat that is message of Tono talking with his ex like Tangmo Pattaratida that he need back a car, because he don't need to have responsibility for paying by installment.
“I saw that in Facebook. In nowadays is so fast now. When it post on Facebook, and then it can be news in a minutes. I think it’s clear in that post, and I don’t have to respond. It has nothing. I buy a new car that is second hand, so it has a news. (You drive a car to Tangmo house??) I have to back it, and should back it. I won’t talk about a detail. I will do a thing what fairness and comfortableness of my mother. I can drive whatever car no matter what it expensive. My mother and I love this car. I buy her a car. Actually, I will use old car at house, but my mother worry about that”
“Actually, I need to talk about this. I don’t make it to be issue, because all the news in many month ago has useless for audience. If you talk about my working that what I do? How can I improvement? I think we talk like that. I think it will make other people who have a dream that will inspire for them. It better than how line chat leaked? I live in this social. I’m not good about this”
“I get many supporting from my fan. Honestly, when whatever happen. I don’t need my fan bashing anyone. Please stand, and hard work. That fine, someone will think who the kind person of mine is. I know who I am. I know how my parent teach me, that enough. I will work hard. At now, I can live with you. Do you know that I always think do I have working in future? I don’t know that how long can I live with them? Because I know what I choose, my behavior, and what kind I am.”
“I use a heart for spending life. At now, I still have energy, and still have a chance to do anything for them. No matter how line chat leaked? or a news insult me that I use second hand car. I need you know that I proud what I do. I do it for someone I love, and I still need to do. They don’t need to hold neon sign. Everyone don’t need to know what my name? what’s name of my brand? What’s lakorn I play for? When I live in this social. I do everything as much as I do”
Admit that leaking line chat that belong to him. He don’t care where it from, and talk that If he don’t trick other one that nothing to fear.
Yes, that mine. (Someone think that it private ig that take face to face) That alright. It has many leaking line chat. About me, how I can say? I knew it. Whatever happen to me? Anything can happen that matter what I do more. If I don’t trick anyone, or steal money. I will afraid, but I know what I do. Nowadays, I do everything when I have energy to do it for them.
“My mother like a new car so much. She is so happy. This is first car that I buy by own money. My mother choose it. Actually, I told my mom that I can drive whatever car. I have old car at my house, but my mom worry. She tell that let me can buy cheap car, so I will do. I don’t this car is second hand or third hands, but my mom like it and it’s beautiful, and I can look a car. I have feel when I’m good about this. I can look which a car good or bad. My father buy second car too. I take thing that my father teach to use. I’m not stuck with label or price. It’s like clothing. Do you know that I’m not stuck with popular brand or import brand? I choose a car what I like only, and not involve with a price. Now, I still drive my motorcycle. That not matter, I do what I like, and comfortableness”
Don’t be aware of Tangmo posting Ig that sorry to not be honest
I play my Ig, and live on my Ig only. I rarely look at other Ig. I follow not many person. How can I say? Many people post anything to me. I also look at her post which she tag me. I don’t know. I don’t know why I answer about this. Everyone have right to post. If we post anything through our thinking. What we think that not hit other one. Everyone can do anything. About me, if someone need to post anything, so they do it. Whoever need to explain it. Do it!! Because I’m Tono, I still strong. Don’t worry about me.
When someone send me about line, car and Ig. I will laugh first, and type it that fine! My friend know that I don’t have problem with that. I take my time for serious about this kind of issue that is useless for a young people. Do you know? When I saw a young follow me. Their parent worry about them. They take time for following me. What they get from this? If I must worry about this. I think they should crazy about k-pop singer better.
I don’t need my life being in trend like this. I need to make my life, my ability, and what I do that make them happy, and make them proud on myself. We are Thai people, and have working like this. I need them happy. I don’t need they follow me that what whoever post anything on my Ig. That not be useful for anyone. I don’t follow anyone that not be aware of anything. About my life and my love, I talk all of thing in that press day. I don’t need to talk like this again for making a trend. I don’t need to have trend like this in my life. That issue is about manliness. I will talk it in one time. I don’t need someone turn to thinking that who is wrong person. That is no need for me. (She sorry that not honest) No! So I don’t be aware of that thing, and it cleared. About line chat is so long, not few day ago. That happening is so long. About me, I will have only good moment.
Cr. http://manager.co.th/Entertainment/ViewNews.aspx?NewsID=9580000101531


Mrs James Ma
Z Star magazine. I think Tangmo's pic is her first press after coming out of hospital lol she looked very healthy and raeng  :coverlaf:


sarNie Oldmaid
byebye said:
I thinking a man that gets caught up with her will pay dearly.
They all did. Her first one ruined his career with rs. The second one went to be a monk, he's not anymore. And you have Tono.