Would you date a guy with earrings?

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  • maybe- depending on how many earrings he has

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sarNie Elites
i'm just curious what everyone in sarnworld thinks of guys with earrings.... cuz i'm seeing extreme hotties wearing them..
omgosh. guys w/earring = HOTNESS!! :wub: hehe.
i usually find them attractive. :blush:
it show that they have a bad boy in them that is wanting to get out or wanted to be tame. hahaha.
sorry i don't know what im typing about atm. lmfao. >.<"


sarNie Granny
i dont' know about westernize culture is about guy w/earring except dat it consider a hot fashion tend but i know for a fact cuz i got this from my vacation last year to visit my homeland . Anywho , my mom side of the family are farmer living in the countryside and i have a cousin who really in to Thai stars and she was telling me about dis star and so and so and den she mention why this one thai actor have to wear earring and i ask her is there a problem cuz it a fashion tend for guys now a day . My cousin den say over here in the countryside guy with one ear ring on his ear mean he have only 1 Ball . LOLLLLL!!!! If he wear both earring dat mean he have no ball . It kind like a belief or a traditional medical treatment for guy dat lost one of his ball or born with 1 ball he have to wear a earring for the side he doesn't have a ball so dat it will "complete" him ... like to balance him so he won't tip over or something. I thought dat was the hilarious thing ever !


sarNie Adult
i think it's hot.
on some men. not everyone.
but i dont think it's too bad.
LOL! dont know why, just funny.


sarNie Adult
the little kids at ma skool in primary skool they have their ears done aww its sooo cute the like lil mini i unno they just cute 555
ning - me naughty?? haha. i guess i can't help being naughty once in a while right? haha.
reagan - your still ghay no matter what. so ugh!
sarn - omgosh that is funny. i should tell my two older brothers this since they both have their ears . haha.
lady sati - you see. if they don't look right with it then you just tell them straight out that they look ugly and stupid with it on. lmao.
ice - yeah, i notice little kids these days are getting their ear pierce too. but gosh their sooo adorable. lmao.


Sarnie Clown!
You guys must be talking about my profile picture. That's sweet. :lol:

Actually, I haven't worn an earring in a while because of job interviews and stuff so I think it might've closed up. I should look for my earring and see...


Natty's #1 FAN!
Sarn.... :eek: :eek: really....are you lying to us?

you know Marduk doesn't like it when you let out his secret like that....HAHAHA!!!


Sarnie Clown!
Sarn.... :eek: :eek: really....are you lying to us?

you know Marduk doesn't like it when you let out his secret like that....HAHAHA!!!
You know Lance Armstrong has one ball and he dated Shania Twain. If only I was so lucky....


sarNie Adult
---arrr pirates wear them don't they and no i never date guys---lmao

---honestly they seem so fetish so i never even thought about one besides i have more respect in uniform then to stand out less then altruistic in character by nature...


sarNie Oldmaid
Yes, I would date a guy with earrings but depend how many he have, too much is NO NO NO.