Guess who I saw in SF?


sarNie OldFart on tuesday, my family and I went to San older sister and her kids wanted to go to Chinatown so we we were shopping, my brother noticed a guy that look like he asked me...I didn't have my glasses on so I crossed the street to go asked him...and as soon as he turned around, I knew it was him...OMG...I was hella excited and shaking too...and out of the blues, I started talking in gibberish Thai to him, but then he understood me...haha...I was like "P'Mos chai mai?"...and blah blah blah...I forgot the rest...

we took pictures too...I never thought I would bumped into a star like this...but then it happened....

Pictures will be up soon!!!


sarNie OldFart
He said he was on a trip...he was with a big group too...they said they're going to LA that later night then back to Thailand...


oh how kooool! i wish i was that lucky haha. show us pix soon, ok! lol


sarNie Hatchling
lucky u lol... i would be really really excited too if i see any famous star... i want to see the pciture...


sarNie Fansubber
Oh wow how exciting!!! You met a star without meaning too and a Thai star in San Francisco!! lol. Lucky you.


lol yah that's rare eh heheeh. i was in thai and i only saw like 4-5 but didn't take pic of them lmao... i should've, maybe this summer.


sarNie OldFart
It was like a "dream come true"...haha...I couldn't get over it! I can upload it from my phone so I'll have to wait for my sister to sent them to me...I think he just came back from the monk thingy so he had very little hair...he got thin too...


sarNie Adult
Hey not fair.. SF is rite across where I live grrrrr go there very often just to eat at chinatown, why don't i bump into these celebs ...


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you lucky person that is so cool...was he alone then or with other people? post the pix up soon ok... :yahoo:


sarNie Egg
darn it, i came all the way here to Thailand to find him, and now i find out he's it America?!? grrr...but please do put up pictures soon, so i can be even more jealous. :)


sarNie Egg
Ahh I'm so jealous! If I met Mos, I'd probably utter something jibberish and act so stupid. lol I want to meet him! :lmao: