green lady for a wedding

Discussion in 'Hmong' started by nkaujhmooblauj, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. nkaujhmooblauj

    nkaujhmooblauj sarNie Adult

    i have to go today...
    so... what do i do?
    besides following the bride around?
    i'm just a little nervous... ahaha.
    it's my nephew's wedding....
  2. myx

    myx sArNieZ

    i don't really know what they do, but for what i saw they just follow the bride around to make sure nothing happens to her. cuz u never know what could happen next. so you're kinda like her bodyguard for the day.
  3. queeny_bee

    queeny_bee sarNie Juvenile

    i've done it three times. it's like what you've said... follow the bride all day. IF she sits all day, you sit with her all day. If she helps with preparation for the dinner, you help. If she goes to pee, you have to stand by the door. If you need to pee, you have to tell her to wait for you. Of course, you also get to do some drinking... just be smart when they try to give you drinks.. always make sure you give them the drink they give you back so you won't get drunk. meaning if there are two cups, you drink one and make them drink the other one.
    It is very very very boring, but then... they do give you money too at the end of the day. Have fun!
  4. nkaujhmooblauj

    nkaujhmooblauj sarNie Adult

    my sisters have been green ladies before.. but i just never really paid attention to them
    i was still a kid at the time. lol

    goodness.. that sounds dreadful.
    i don't think they are going to give us that many drinks..
    the bride is very young.
    i think she's only 15 or 16
    and she's also prego... so yeah.
    i'll keep that in mind...

    OMG. the heat is going to kill me!
    hmong clothes in the summer?
  5. shingying

    shingying sarNie Egg

    I've done it eight times.
  6. nkaujhmooblauj

    nkaujhmooblauj sarNie Adult

    you must be really experienced.
  7. tavang

    tavang sarNie Juvenile

    if they're nice they'll just give u soda to drink instead of beer n stuff. but if she's green then goodluck cuz green ppl like to drink a lot. well from the ones i've been too.
  8. nkaujhmooblauj

    nkaujhmooblauj sarNie Adult

    good point.
    i don't even know if she is green or not..
    hopefully not..
  9. kaab nis

    kaab nis sarNie Hatchling

    LOL i did 2 times and both my experience was kinda funny.
    for my first one i was only 13 and i had to follow the bride around and luckily my uncle married a girl who goes to church so they're not that big on drinking beer but instead they sung a song and all the ladies started crying...i was like "????" what's going on why's everybody crying so i felted kinda stupid for being the only one not crying but it was funny though. (no offense to anybody though) lol

    then my second one the bride keeps on telling me that i dont have to follow her around and i was like but im suppose to...anyways i lost her a couple of times during the wedding cuz she keeps on telling me to not follow her cuz she would be with my uncle.
    but don't you think its stupid when the bride tells you not to follow them when thats exactly what the green ladies are suppose to do? well yea those were my experiences...
  10. nkaujhmooblauj

    nkaujhmooblauj sarNie Adult

    this is my first time.
    i'm 19... so old...
    i think i'm like... 4 years older than the bride..
    hopefully she's cool about me following her around
  11. myx

    myx sArNieZ

    i'm green and i've been to 1 or 2 wedding. i don't see people drinking upset the groom, the old people (i don't know what they call that dude from the girl side saying all the stuff). i only see the bride drink 2 cup.

    one of my aunt got marry a couple of years ago. she was too young to drink. so my grandma told her to drink like the chinese people. when she's going to drink hold her sleeves up so the don't see her drink, then pour the drink elsewhere (like on the floor, in her sleeves, etc.). i found that very useful.

    u might b lucky cuz since the bride is pregant she might not get to drink alcohol, so u might not get to drink too.
  12. mly

    mly sarNie Hatchling

    lol...what do you mean hopefully she's cool with you following her around? you're older than she is, just boss her around. heck, she might be the one following you around.

    anywho, i was one the year before i got married. the bride kept on running away from me. her cousin who was my friend was like, "you better keep an eye on her or they will sue (nplua) you." i was so scared most of the time. i never volunteer to do it, i bet it was my mum who offer my assistance. some tried to give me alcohol, but my aunt (the bride) told them my mum said no. i bet they hated it. i didn't have a green grandma. my hubby's sister came over incase they needed one, but we never used her.
  13. yajvaj

    yajvaj sarNie Adult

    i've never been one before and would want to experience it! =) it'll be cool...
  14. mysuper_girlfriend

    mysuper_girlfriend sarNie Juvenile

    don't be'll get a couple of shots @ the end. be HAPPY!! anyways these horny kids need to stop having's not worth it. you don't want to have a kid @ 15-17yrs old already...that will totally ruined your child-teen hood.
  15. amythao

    amythao sarNie Adult

    I hate being the Green lady, even though I didn't do my job like fellow the bride everywhere. The worst part is the last day when the bride side force you to drank not pop or juice but beer even if you are only 14, 15 or 16.
  16. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    try to avoid the drinking part. if you're lucky and the inlaw aren't fuzzy, then you're good but if you happen to land in a family that drink alots, good luck with getting away.

    the end result is the good part .. money. money ..
  17. nkaujhmooblauj

    nkaujhmooblauj sarNie Adult

    lol. when we first got there...
    and we were taking off our hmong clothes
    she kind of disappeared for a while..

    she was cool.
    she's green. =
  18. xxmiss_maixx

    xxmiss_maixx sarNie Adult

    so ur like the aunt and he's the nephew. i thought that the green lady had to be like a cousin or a sister. and the bride is hella young.
  19. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny

  20. yeexiong01

    yeexiong01 sarNie Egg

    i know..i thought so, too...because i was a green lady for my cousin...
    anyways...if you can't drink then ask some of your back up people, like the groom's friends to help you out...
    that's what happen when i was green lady. the groom's brother helped me because he was like, he don't like to see his cousin or so call sister to drink, so him and his friends kind of protected me...helped me out by drinking the beer that they gave to me...

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