Good Samaritan Being Sued For Helping


sarNie Oldmaid
I think it's called duty of rescue or something, it's been awhile and I don't know what states but Massachusetts for sure is one, very rare though. Other than that you're only obligated to help if you're a doctor, emergency personnel or someone certified in medical care. If you're not, run the other opposite direction unless you want to get sued! However I don't think doctors are always covered under the Good Samaritan law so they're screwed too.
In WA, if we're nurses...we can get sued for moving somebody in a car crash. Unless the car was burning. Once again..that lady is full of herself. The person saved her life, she would've died burning to death in her car.


sarNie Hatchling
Thanks for sharing..yes this women is just f**k up..I've recently learned from this news due to my recent C.P.R. told by the instructor that man had 3rd degree burns himself from his head to his lower waist.


well this is one of the main reasons ppl sees ppl that's been hit by a car and blood shooting outta their mouth rolling on the street and not do anything.

americans are known to not involve themselves into any act that they feel will eventually turn around and bite them in the ass...

i've seen many caught on camera shows where ppl are getting beaten up and everyone around them just stands and looks away, acts like nothing is happening because they don't want to risk involving themselves and having to be the person being harmed.

very sad.