Good news for JJ fans


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Spring 2016 , James Jirayu Tangsrisuk , a Thai rising star , will make his debut in Japan as a new singer of Universal Music Japan

James Jirayu Tangsrisuk , a Thai rising star, has been famous and popular from channel 3 tv series of Supapburut Juthatep , acting as KhunChai Putthipat. He was hit popularity from his first drama and continued following acting for Thong Nuea Koa , Ruk Sood Rit and NeungNaiSuang. He also acted for some movies; First Love and Timeline.

One of his dream is to be a musician and a singer. He already had his 2 own concerts for his big fans.

The chance Universal Music Japan gave him is a big challenge. He has to try his best to do for his dream. Moreover, he want to make his fans and people more happy with everything he intends to deliver.

Let's follow his new role in international platform



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James Jirayu 1st Showcase in Japan (Let me introduce myself) , November 9, 2015

A guita man :

P.D.A. :

Sakura Zaka :

Loving you too much :

Step :

NeungDiawKueThur (or Only you) :

Cr. Sitra Tong and Jirayuhome


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I think I saw news that says that he was sick/feverish the day before the presentation in Japan. Good for him, he didn't look sick at all. Good Job James Ji!! Makes me love him even more. 


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040156, arrr yess You know about him very well, in the true or in the pass untill present he often sick because his habits not like to sleeps. haha It same in the pass,concert magic James before the shows one day he slept just 4 hours. His very concentrated and worry about it and hard works, I think it a bad for him but he does to these for his fanclubs, so I love him very much.