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Okay, I just started to be a fan of GM. Now I have found a site that has GM stuff but they didn't put the date! I was wondering if you can tell me what's the exact date of each shows.... I really hope you guys know because I hate putting no date on my files. It would make things go confusing. -_-

Here's goes:

[V] 4Play Fave Song - Rak Tae Doo Lae Mai Dai by POTATO - 2005.??.??
OIC Aloha Concert - 2005.09.17 or 2006.09.17? (I wasn't sure because I found it in 2006 folder but the file said 2005. :unsure: )
Mo Chit - 2006.??.??
[V] Hour Special - 2006.??.??
Nang Yang Show - 2006.??.??

Oh yeah, does anyone know where can I get this show Jan Pan Dao (HQ / FULL version)? I don't know the date... I found it from clubbox but it's not existed anymore. :(

Pretty please help! thanks!

By the way, any of you who's a GM fan... check my archive thread for their stuff including their new concert, too! ^_^


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^ i can't help you with the shows dates..but Jun Pun that the show that Kob and Por are the host? if so..i've got it..


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^that's alright. i will figure it out the dates myself.. like the year might be easier than none, right?

omg you do have jun pun dao? yes por and kob were the hosts. would you mind uploading it for me? pretty please... but is it HQ? because the one i saw at site stating it's about 445ishMB. i was hoping for that version... if not, it's okay. importantly i wanna see it! XD

thanks in advance. <333


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naw~ thanks. i will try to ask regina who uploaded it at clubbox but i don't know where to contact her, though. =/

at least, i got to see the video, right? XD; once again, thanks!